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Happy New Year! – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/2/18

Happy 2018, everyone! We recap how we spent our time off during the holidays, ringing in the new year, and the difficulty of valuing your own work. Plus, we chat about some of the things we watched over the break, including The Shape of Water, Downsizing, and Godless.

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10 thoughts on “Happy New Year! – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/2/18

  1. Oooh I’m liking the new intro!

    I’m glad you mentioned the upscaling / motion smoothing thing – I am no AV aficionado by any stretch… I have an inexpensive 1080p60 projector at home, stretched out to 155″ at 16ft viewing distance, hooked up to my PC that I use for all my viewing and computer use. So it’s funny that you mentioned Walter Murch saying it made his movie look like a soap opera because that’s exactly what I’ve thought when I’ve watched certain stuff at family / friend’s houses on their higher-end TVs. It’s a bit too “in-the-room” compared to what I’m accustomed to at home.

    So I guess that’s largely down to the upscaling / smoothing, because I have to say, I recently saw some of Blue Planet II on a 4k TV and it was utterly eyegasmic. Now I just need to wait until 4k projectors become more reasonably priced lol.

    Happy new year, Tested crew!

  2. Is there a character limit on posts now or something? If I add a few more words to my previous post, I get an error when trying to post. Tried a few iterations and the only solution was to reduce the post length a little. That’s something I meant to comment on in the recent survey actually lol – Please give some attention to the comment mechanisms on here, for instance, manually tagging doesn’t ever seem to work besides replying to the post author (besides that I pretty much gave a 5* review 😉

  3. Mike Monteiro is a good egg.

    If you are a design student, recent graduate or just want a nice reminder of not taking shit when you’re putting in honest labour, get this book https://abookapart.com/products/design-is-a-job right away. I’ve been a designer for over a decade and still read it about once a year so I have the lessons fresh in my mind for when I talk to younger designers. Alongside Shel Perkins’ ‘Talent is not enough’ it is the book I recommend the most for students and recent graduates/freelancers (https://www.amazon.com/Talent-Not-Enough-Designers-Communication/dp/0321984110/).

    Actually, I recommend the audiobook because then you get the appropriate tone of voice for this type of advice https://www.audible.com/pd/Business/Design-Is-a-Job-Audiobook/B00JBKB3CE).

    His medium blog is here: https://medium.com/

    And he is also one of the contributors to https://deardesignstudent.com/

  4. omg, introvert and extrovert rooms at a party! this is so amazing that it’d make this super-introvert ask (potentially strange!) people to tell him who’s idea this was, search that person out, and offer them a hug as thanks.

  5. Please have Mike Monterio on one day. He is so fun to listen to. I have had the privilege of listening to him talk at a few events. Every time it is enjoyable.

  6. So cool to hear everyone talking about my town and so many of the places I know in this episode. Norm, if you like Kennedy Scool you should check out Edgefield during the summer.

    BTW – Tillamook cheese factory is being renovated right now so you would have been disappointed if you had stopped.

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