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A Wide-Ranging Discussion – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/12/17

Extra-long episode this week, as Adam makes his return to the cave after a month of touring! We catch up by talking about favorite Christmas films, making gifts for friends, Adam’s unique headphones, and new revelations about glitter. Plus, disagreements about Die Hard films!

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25 thoughts on “A Wide-Ranging Discussion – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/12/17

  1. When I first started watching Still Untitled a year ago, I was wondering who these 2 guys were with Adam on the show. I came across a show on youtube and watched it. At first I was annoyed with Will and Norm, they kept talking and I lost sagely advice from Adam when they did! After watching all of the Still Untitled Episodes in a few months, Norm and Will became not only an accepted accompaniment, they became essential for the show. Now, when Norm or Will are not on the show, I have to remind myself that it is a GUEST APPEARANCE. I’m very happy that the three have continued for so long and that they continue for many years to come. Thanks for sharing each week! I do have a premium member suggestion, there should be a premium member guest appearance! Just Saying……….

  2. For a brief segment you guys mentioned those laser projectors Christmas light things for the lazy. Fun fact about those, my father in law is the manager for PDX and every year around December the number of laser strikes on incoming (sometimes outgoing) aircraft jumps ten fold because of those projectors being placed in the flight line.
    Anywhoo love the show. Take care.

  3. Adam – I am going to prod you about this as you get closer to your Brain Candy Seattle show but maybe you can write it down as a reminder if you read this. There is a Hardware store in Seattle called Hardwick’s. It is a 5th generation hardware store.

    They have EVERYTHING. Easy to hard to find, saws, hammers, chissles, drill bits. They have every Japanese saw you can imagine. Ever bit for your router you can imagine. And it is all on display so you can look at it and touch it out of the package before you buy. They have new old stock. You can buy part for your liquid gas and oil lanterns. They have replacement parts for your old school Thermos and lunch pail supplies. It is everything I remember from a mom and pop hardware store time 1000. This is honestly the best hardware store I have ever been too. Besides the old and the well known they also have Festool the newer German made powertools that are like the Ferrari of power tools.

    It is a must go to in Seattle.

  4. Lots of great maker gifts this year. Getting this https://www.buildpiper.com/ build-ur-own Minecraft computer for my 8 year old niece.

    On the rural broadband… 65MBs is the fastest cable internet I’ve ever had available in Wyoming. Some of my friends have 2- 12 MBs … that’s it.

  5. A favourite Christmas movie for me, except some of the obvious ones (Die Hard, Batman Returns etc) mentioned in the podcast, is Eyes Wide Shut by Kubrick.

    OT: Why haven’t I heard you guys mention Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which I really loved?

  6. Seeing… Reading your post kinda makes me twitch a little. I see that you found this podcast just “a year ago” and while there is nothing wrong with that and we welcome you with open arms I wonder if you understand that Tested as a website was around long before Adam Savage was a part of it. The producers of Tested were the same as Mythbusters which is how the guys all met. Tested started having Adam and Jamie do shoots with them, Adam more then Jamie for lots of reasons.

    While currently the top of this website says “Adam Savage’s Tested” it was not always that way. Norm and Will have been with the Tested team since the beginning so looking at them as “an accepted accompaniment” seems a bit harsh as they along with a handful of other hosts have been the backbone of Tested for more then 10 years. If nothing else Adam is an “accompaniment” to them.

    I love having Adam as part of the Tested Team don’t get me wrong here, but we would not have this Podcast without Will and Norm.

  7. huh, i’m kinda between will and adam on die hard 2 vs 3 – i like the setting in 2 and the twist with the military support turning out to be enemy reinforcements. the tension of planes circling on emptying fuel while some lardass is quoting bureaucratic procedure. but the performances of all the villains fell flat to me. wiliam sadler is great at cold and menacing, but doesn’t get any space to let that radiate. his and john amos’ characters feel about as present as a cardboard standee of yet another Very Special Forces Murrica Arms Shootybang Military Man Yes Sir. yawn. and how franco nero managed to feel like a darling grandpa while supposedly being a military junta dictator is beyond me. he’s just a weightless nobody who the script says is important.

    on the other hand, the plot in die hard 3 is indeed much more absurd, but man, does jeremy irons carry it. hans gruber’s brother sets up a city-wide elaborate fake treasure hunt to keep mcclane from interfering (and kill him for extra vengeance points), while robbing the federal reserve to fake-disrupt the market ONLY TO secretly run away with the money? that’s super harebrained. but irons feels just like that kind of obsessive plus deranged to believably pull it off.

    but then, i might be biased on this. i could listen to jeremy irons read the phone book and get quality entertainment out of it.

  8. I am sorry that my true intent of this post did not come through. I will admit, I was drawn to the tested site through the one day builds with Adam. After watching all of them, I wanted more and went to Still untitled. Adam was my gateway drug into Tested. Growing with the podcast opened my eyes to what Tested truly was. I have since became a premium member and have devoured everything that has come out on the site. My favorite was Norms trip to the Arctic and the gangs LEGO build of the Saturn 5. The phrase “accepted accompaniment” shows my growth to what they are now. I now listen to Norm’s and Will’s podcasts as well as This is Only a Test. Thank you for pointing out that the post seemed a narrow hero worship and less of an appreciation of what I have grown to love, Tested and it’s amazing crew.

  9. Norm said hes not watched Godless yet…

    Jeff Daniels gives an absolute Master Class performance in Godless. Anthony Hopkins level good. Even when you try and see Jeff Daniels you just keep forgetting……highly recommended…

  10. The Billy Bob Thornton radio interview mentioned in the episode is a part of Canadian radio lore now. Jian Ghomeshi, then the host of the show “Q” (and subsequently accused of multiple cases of “rough sex” assault), was having a really tough time getting anything from Billy Bob for the first half of the interview. It starts going downhill around the 7 minute mark. It’s not some kind of diva-like explosion, but BBT sleepwalks through the first half of the interview, only waking up to take offense to the context the interviewer tries to give the audience about Thornton’s career arc.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it, one of the most awkwardly uncomfortable radio interviews ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJWS6qyy7bw

  11. I feel compelled to jump to the defense of Love Actually.

    It isn’t a perfect film, but neither is it “the film where everyone falls in love with their servant”. Its a holiday fairy tale, just as “realistic” as It’s a Wonderful Life or many others.

    The two “people who fall in love with their servants” are PM Hugh Grant and Writer Jaime. Those I’ll grant (though it’s a bit of a stretch to apply too much of a power-dynamic to a writer on holiday and his short-term house-keeper who communicate only through pantomime), and you touched on the tragedy of Karen and Harry, but there’s also:

    • The “office romance” between Porn stand-Ins John and Just-Judy (who despite their profession don’t even shag by the end of the movie)
    • The complicated love “triangle” of Peter, Juliet, and Mark
    • The complicated and painful not-coupling of Sarah and Karl (virtual triangle with Michael her brother)
    • Daniel and Sam bonding (for the first time) as step-father and son through dealing with the death of Joanna (the elder), not to mention:
    • Sam and Joanna (the younger)
    • Renewal of a deep and abiding friendship between Billy and Joe
    • The Christmas Miracle of “Colin goes to Minnesota”

    Adam complains that only Karen (Emma Thompson) is fully fleshed out as a character, but looking at the sheer number of relationships listed, it’s obvious that it was a necessary concession – these are meant to be overlapping slices. (And rather artfully overlapped, I must say)

    Again, it’s a Fairy Tale. That Rowan Atkinson plays Rufus as “an Angel” is not an accident. Remember that he shows up at the end of the film too and facilitates Sam sneaking past security (post-9/11, mind you) to say a proper goodbye to Joanna. The deleted scenes also show a bit more depth and flesh out some characters that weren’t really even in the film: Karen’s “awful son” Bernard gets into trouble at school for a project on Christmas-wishes that involves visible fart-clouds. Mother and son have a heart-to-heart that shows his real bond to her (and reveals that her later references to him as “awful” are good-natured). More importantly, the administrator who’d chastised him is shown at home with her female partner, shown very ill (implied late-stage Cancer or HIV/AIDS) and they have a laugh and bond over Bernard’s whimsical wish.

    I simply adore the film. Yes, it can be occasionally trite or superficial, but the manner in which the lives of all these characters are woven together is deft, to say the least. (I could say a lot more about the web of relationship overlap alone.) Were it a plain “quirky British comedy”, you might get to call it unrealistic, even. But it’s a freaking Christmas movie. It’s fantasy, and it’s mostly warm and squishy, even if it’s a little bit complicated. Which is a string of adjectives that also describes my family life at Christmas. So there’s that.

  12. My all-time favorite Christmas movie is “Holiday Affair” (The 1949 B&W) it has Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh. It is a great movie that didn’t go over originally it didn’t go over at all, it was to scandalise! LOL

  13. “Is this the one by the woman” Really, ?

    There’s more than one woman in the world of literary translation. You get that, right?

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