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Antique Malls – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/5/17

It’s Adam’s last week on tour, and we check in to hear how everyone spent their Thanksgivings, family favorites, and a visit to an antique mall. Plus, venting about the frustrations of iTunes, getting informed about the net neutrality vote, and something interesting Adam has noticed meeting fans this tour!

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15 thoughts on “Antique Malls – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/5/17

  1. In the beginning, Will mentioned last week’s podcast… was there a podcast last week? The last one I’m seeing on tested.com is 11/22/17.

  2. There’s a great place in Baltimore that makes tikka masala pizza that incredible. I was cautiously optimistic, but now I’m just so thankful to live in a world where that exists

  3. Regarding the change in show-goers camera behavior, I recently received my VIP meet and greet instructions for the Ovens Auditorium show on Dec. 9. The phrasing of the instructions to “remember your camera” and later “SELFIES are not permitted” could be causing individuals to think camera phones are not the preferred choice for photos. It seems clear to me, but admittedly could cause some doubt for some in whether camera phones are welcome at all? Idk maybe I am wrong, just a guess. I will retype verbatim part of what I received below:

    “Once in the meet and greet location, Mr. Savage and Mr. Stevens will do a 10-minute question and answer session. Immediately following, a line will form and each group will have the opportunity to take a photograph with Mr. Savage & Mr. Stevens. Please render to bring your camera–a tour representative will take your photo so that all members of your party can be in the photo. “SELFIES” are not permitted.”

    Thanks for the podcast, and can’t wait for the show!

  4. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube vloggers lately, including Ben Brown, Peter McKinnon, and especially Casey Neistat. Casey uses a huge DLSR, but frequently uses a Canon point-and-shoot in situations when lugging around a massive kit would be impossible. Maybe these vloggers with millions of subscribers are influencing the part of the electronics market that intersects with Brain Candy audiences.

    Casey, as a former assistant in Tom Sachs’ studio, would be a great Still Untitled guest. Watching Casey in his NYC workshop helped me to grasp Sachs’ art, which I didn’t when he was on Tested before. His studio is kind of the East Coast version of Adam’s cave.

    Thanks for the (iphone) pic following the Columbus show!

  5. I ended up ripping CDs and digital files of my cherished LPs and dedicating couple of Terrabyte harddrives to music. I then create my own mp3 playlists and then I push them onto my iPhone. But my problem has been when I plug the USB into my car interface. Bluetooth kills the handsfree function of the phone. So even my supposed well thought out idea fails in the car. (sigh) Braincandy rocks! Adam, I hope you finally listened to my music. Peace…

  6. Without fail, about 50% of the time, when I get in my car and plug the iPhone into USB, it will forget whatever I was listening to and start playing A.D.I.D.A.S by Korn. Before I got the 128GB iPhone I didn’t mind because I didn’t have my full iTunes library on it and it would play Aaron Burr, Sir and I would be happy listening to it. And the things that drives me crazy is I will be listening to a podcast and plug the phone in and nope, you want Korn.

  7. as great as my iPhone 6 is at taking pictures, if I’m going to an event where I plan to take pictures, I will bring my Nikon Coolpix for one very specific reason. Optical zoom.

  8. Where I currently live, they have an amazing weekend flea market off of one of the interstate highways. partially enclosed and partially out in the open, it contains everything from garage sale leftovers to crafts to old electronics. My wife fights me so I won’t buy this old golden axe cocktail table/game one vendor has (I really want it for the enclosure)

  9. Adam – it sounds like we make mashed potatoes the same way. I’ve found browning the butter made a noteworthy difference! Try it when you get a chance. Credit for the idea goes to smittenkitchen.com, but I wanted to pass it on.

    (key directions from the recipe at smitten kitchen: melt butter over medium heat and continue cooking once it has melted, stirring almost constantly, until brown bits form around edge and bottom and it smells nutty)

  10. For those of you interested, it sounds like Adam had some Fong’s Pizza when he was in Des Moines last Saturday. It’s a pizza place just a block away from the Civic Center where he performed in the Court Avenue area. Great pizza for eating while sober or drunk. Also, Alton Brown stops their when his live shows come through. He says their Crab Rangoon pizza is his favorite use of crab, ever.

  11. What was the book on the power grid that Will was referring to? I thought he was going to reference it later or maybe I missed it. Is it The Grid by Gretchen Bakke?

  12. The name of the book is “Before the Lights Go Out: Conquering the Energy Crisis Before It Conquers Us” by Maggie Koerth-Baker. Will mentions it at 7:20.

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