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Prop Restoration – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/7/17

Guest Tom Spina of Tom Spina Designs joins us this week to talk about the process of prop restoration! Tom and his team have helped restore some of the most important prop and makeup artifacts from film history, including creatures from Star Wars. Plus, we dive into a half-spoilercast of Stranger Things Season 2!

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12 thoughts on “Prop Restoration – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/7/17

  1. Haven’t caught up with Stranger Things yet. Anyone know what time the Spoiler Talk ends or is it just the rest of the podcast?

  2. It goes until the end of the podcasts, but they don’t really spoil anything. They’re talking very generally about the first 5 episodes.

  3. Re: Stranger Things, three time travel movies came out in this era, Terminator in 1984 (there was a trailer in this series), Back to the Future, 1985, and Flight Of The Navigator, 1986, so if they go that route, they’re possibly what they’ll crib from.

    Though there was an obvious Gremlins reference with Dart, I personally saw more of a similarity to Little Shop Of Horrors.

  4. “Back to the Future” would be an awesome reference for next season! I had delayed watching the first season until this October, since then have caught up on both and now cannot wait for the third season.

  5. How about making spoilercasts their own self contained episode so we don’t have to miss the good stuff, or better yet, a whole new podcast for spoilers! I end up deleting these episodes from my device when there are spoilers. I work for a living and don’t have the time to consume all of this content at this pace. I MIGHT finish Stranger Things, season 2 by Christmas.

  6. I have not seen them so who am I to judge right??? But I am so sick of hearing about stranger things. Frankly I am tired of every other one of these episodes being a “Spoiler Cast”. Hear me out real quick… Maybe there should be a new podcast of this website called, Adam Spoils Entertainment where Adam and a series of guests each week from Tested, The Cave, family, friends, and maybe even fans come on to spoil whatever is new and entertaining in our world. That we you can leave Still Untitled alone.

    Now I know in the past I have argued that this IS Adam’s podcast and it WAS created to chat with Adam about what is going in and around his life, but I’m getting really irked by all the spoilers.

    My opinion for what it is worth.

  7. Can’t believe no one pointed this out…

    Goonies! Goonies came out in 1985. They could play on the fact that Mikey “reminds” them of Bob. Alternatively they could be self-aware in a “they’re just like us” way. They certainly wouldn’t be the only group of friends who saw themselves in the goonies.

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