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Supertroopers, Part Deux – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/17/17

Adam raves about a screening of Pixar’s Coco, giving his spoiler-free review. Plus, we hear about Adam’s Star Trek: The Experience auction adventure, a recommendation for a Eyvind Earle art exhibit, and teases for Adam’s upcoming London trip to MC Michael Giacchino’s concert bash! Thanks to Tested’s Ryan Kiser for joining us this week in Will’s absense!

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4 thoughts on “Supertroopers, Part Deux – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/17/17

  1. Norm, the Star Trek Experience bridge sets have actually been taken and restored by the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum. I believe they took pieces from both and cobbled them together into a single set, due to some parts being lost/broken/etc.


  2. ah yes! that’s right–i’ve seen parts of that at conventions. completely forgot that they sourced their restoration from the ST:E sets!

  3. I saw a picture of Adam’s updated ping pong ball cannon. It looked epic. Any chance we can get a follow up video to that original build? I love to see projects as they progress through iterations.

  4. I actually went to the Star Trek Experience after a tour in Iraq in 2004 and had a blast with a good friend. The actors did a great job “selling” the immersion.It was silly but a blast.

    I am glad that Adam’s memories are that he was recognized for being famous and being pulled out of the line for special attention.

    Because. That’s Adam. That is literally all he discussed.

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