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Napkin Ring Problem – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/15/17

Adam, Will, and Norm talk about Adam’s recent visit to Jack White’s Third Man Records, analog music recordings compared to digital, stories from a space show at our local science museum, and the most recent One Day Build with VSauce’s Michael Stevens. Plus, Adam tries to explain the Napkin Ring problem.

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22 thoughts on “Napkin Ring Problem – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/15/17

  1. I had to model this in CAD so I could wrap my head around it. 3ft and 3in diameter sphere. 1.5″ band left on each after cutting a cylinder through the center. Same volume and therefore same mass, but a 12.85X surface area difference.

  2. It occurs to me that the Napkin Ring Problem is actually a perfect opportunity to demonstrate Archimedes’ Principle. EDIT: I wrote this before Adam actually said that.

  3. “Brain Candy is touring all over the US and some of Canada”

    Except you guys are NOT coming to the NW part of the US again 🙁

    During the last tour you guys got a ton of feed back that you missed the Pacific Northwest and said you would resolve this on the next tour. I checked the tour bill and again, yup, not coming to the Pacific Northwest. I’d love to see Brain Candy. Please add more tour dates and come to Oregon or Washington.

    I drive 14 hours to see Tested Live each year but would be super interested in seeing you guys in my home state.

  4. Will……..(slowly shaking my head in disbelief). Noone stopped making records. The machines were still being made. Have you been to a concert or record store in the last decade? Record sales have been slightly increasing over other physical media the last few years, which has enabled Third Man to do what they are doing.

  5. For the napkin ring problem, I think it’s important to state that this only works with solid spheres. That’s why Will was caught up with material thickness. Maybe it would work better if you chose solid examples of spheres, instead of a tennis ball and beach ball, which are hollow spheres.

  6. I think the part that threw Will for a loop was that it was not made clear that the tennis ball/beach ball were just size representations and that no matter what size of sphere you start with the key is that the sphere is a solid. He was hung up on the balls being hollow with different wall thicknesses.

  7. I sooo enjoy videos with Adam and Michael!
    Its so fun to watch and its not just two guys making a video its two friends hanging out and learn from each other.

    I hope Brain Candy comes to europe (Germany or Austria)!

  8. Analog Vinyl Disks… First play is fine. Then you start the growth of the *skritchy-skratch* >click< >pop< and other defects. And don't *vrrrrooooooooop* scratch the record! Then you get a LOT of >click< >pop<, one set 33 times a minute!

    Analog Radio… Now, I am adamant that analog -radio- is much better than digital! Main reason– if you’re driving in a car, and you go into an area between some hills and signal strength fails, the digital signal will stop. But the analog will degrade more-or-less gracefully until eventually the noise level is higher than the program material. But, until then, you can still follow the music without interruption.

    Norm looks taller today.

    –Paul E Musselman

  9. Just checked something as well with the Napkin Ring Problem – a 1.5″ diameter sphere has the same volume as any 1.5″ tall napkin ring made from a sphere. Random sorry.

  10. . Will,

    You’re my favorite part of Still Untitled. So please take this as constructive criticism, not a troll.
    I can hardly understand your speech. You almost sound like John Moschitta. Please: less coffee, speak (way) slower, and attempt to enunciate.

    I know this will be seen as trite by some, but the ONLY goal of a podcast is to be understood.

    Keep up the good work / good fight guys.

  11. This sounds a lot like a paradox we were shown in calculus.
    Given the formula y^2+z^2 = (1/x)^2; x=>1 (if I wrote that correctly, it’s a hyperbolic profiled trumpet shape).
    If you integrate this object for surface area, it goes to infinity. But if you integrate it for volume, it approaches (IIRC) about 3.4.
    So, although it would take an infinite amount of paint to cover the surface, it would only take 3.4 cubic units of paint to fill it, and thus effectively cover the entire surface from inside…

  12. I agree. The analogy doesn’t entirely work because a tennis ball and a beach ball are hollow. The Earth is not, so while the first two would look like ( , the Earth would look like (| , thereby adding more mass.

  13. According to the internet, the formula for the volume of a napkin ring is V=(pi h^3)/6. The radius of
    the sphere is not part of the equation, so volume is independent of sphere size. I bet this paradox was discovered when someone derived this equation and was surprised when the “R” dropped out.

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