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Mandela Effect – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/11/17

It’s Jeremy Williams’ first time as a guest on Still Untitled! Or is it? We discuss the Mandela Effect, the electronics in Adam’s Captain’s chair, the movie The Great Wall, and which James Bond film to introduce to your children. One week to Comic-Con!

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25 thoughts on “Mandela Effect – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/11/17

  1. Aww I guess I’m just listening to this… I’ll come back later when I’m not slaving away in the kitchen and the video is live to watch it.

  2. 1) his name is ken adam (no s), and he also designed dr no. the stark briefing room where the geologist receives the spider, with the circular roof window’s shadow and a chair being the only decorations in the set is pure adam. but i agree, he was amazing! in my opinion, his style is a big contributor to what makes the bond films stand out.

    2) introducing kids that age to bond, in a way largely compatible with the world of today, isn’t a simple task. you know, i guess i would indeed start more or less at the beginning (from russia with love maybe?) but put a bit more focus on the pre-briefing and debriefing, just to give some historical context. i mean, there’s more than the change in what we consider proper behaviour between men and women that requires a bit of explanation. bond requires the cold war background with its arms race, for example, at least in very coarse strokes.

  3. I haven’t watched a Still Untitled episode in a while, but this shot has a crazy/interesting focal length & effect. Everyone really pops, but the background (which couldn’t be more than 3′-5′ behind them) has a soft/blurred effect like a Tilt Shift. How was this accomplished? Joey?

    Regardless, it looks great. Well done!

  4. Some in the youtube comments are saying that they are in front of a green screen. Does everything have to be a conspiracy with those guys?

  5. Adam, there is no such thing as a Royal Straight Flush, it is just ‘Royal Flush’, it wouldn’t be ‘Royal’ if it wasn’t a straight… 🙂

  6. Seeing another Captain’s chair build would be great.

    The Mandela Effect is probably something to do with human psychological commonalities, but space-time continuum frailty and multierse theories are fun too.

    I liked The Great Wall. I heard that there was upset, found out that the upset was completely unjustified, and I told myself I would watch this movie. It was not great, but it was a story I hadn’t seen before that was done well cinematically.

    Buster Keaton-esque Jackie Chan reminds me of The Forbidden Kingdom with Chan, Jet Li, and Michael Angarano. The other great unsung one in my mind is the TV movie Son of the Dragon. I like those; they’re not good… but I like them.

  7. With James Bond and introducing kids to it, your best bet is to step slightly away from the normal and, even if some might consider it to be heresy, go with the James Bond Jr cartoon series. While it isn’t quite the same as the movies, the series is still a relatively good step into things without much of the issues some of the movies do.

    As a side note, for the longest time I hated the Starship Troopers movies.

    I came into the universe from the original novel, and was hoping for a movie that included the power armor and everything else like the talking bombs. The movie comes off as something that should have been its own property rather than one basing itself off of a classic scifi novel.

    But it is an amusing parody of the genre.

    Currently, if you want something closer to the book, the old anime is actually pretty close, and the 3D animated series (Roughneck Chronicles) is a good match thematically even if the tech of it is different.

  8. Mandela Effect question: Is it Looney Tunes or Looney Toons? Merrie Melodies or Merry Melodies?

    It’s definitely Tiny Toons and that’s where I got confused.

  9. Had a sleep over at the age of ten and watched “Alien” with my friend….Have my boys so terrified of the experience that even at 14 an 11 they refuse to watch it….

  10. There’s an interesting chat on a site called cardschat.com about that poker hand. Apparently the odds were 158,551,976 to 1 of that combination occurring.

  11. It’s such an incredibly nice surprise to hear something I worked on a million years ago (the effects in House of Flying Daggers) being spoken of positively by you guys. Thanks!! My day is officially cheered.

  12. I “remember” watching Adam push Norm’s camera into the band saw the first time. I went back and found the Still Untitled episode where they talked about it. They described the scene in great detail AND used hand props to recreate the scene several times. So I did, kind of, watch him do it. If I’d listened to the podcast and not watched the video I would have remembered it differently.


    And, “fifty thou’ clearance”, “eighty thou’ aluminum.” So much for metric.

  13. Norm, it kills me to hear you say that the Starship Troopers “heroes are fascist”. This is well-trod ground, but I will fight this fight until the day I die. The book wasn’t fascist. Verhoeven himself, famously, never read the book. Everything he knew about it was from the script and from what other people told him. Verhoeven’s movie is hard satire for sure, it’s just not satire of that particular book.

    The book’s system of franchise is different and intentionally-challenging, for sure, but to say the book depicted or advocated fascism just isn’t merited by the text. I think a lot of people read the book once when they were young, then read other people’s interpretations of what it “meant”, and those colors stuck. Many of the people I’ve talked to about this seem to only remember the stuff the movie focused on and don’t remember all the subtler details from the book. (For example, many seem to forget that franchise was granted for any public service, not just military. And almost EVERYONE seems to forget that active soldiers were specifically NOT allowed to vote, denying franchise to the active military)

  14. If I was introducing my kid to JB, I would hand them the books by Fleming…

    Speaking of Books…I wish we could get a spoilercast on the last 2 3rd Body Problem books. HINT HINT lol

    Also if folks liked those books, i suggest a good read of Richard Phillips books the Rho Agenda. They would make great movies and then I guess there are a few prequel books to go with them. Really good sci fi.

  15. RFID readers are pretty easy to come by and cheap. They would probably solve your captains chair data card reader problem.

  16. Several other franchises in the same vain as James Bond might be worth checking out. The Matt Helm movies with Dean Martin and Our Man Flint with James Coburn.

  17. Bond is fun, cheesy action. Don’t take it too seriously, and Roger Moore is underrated. Best Bond for kids is Moonraker!

  18. Bond is definitely misogynistic– In Goldfinger he swats a babe on the butt and says see you later– “Man Talk.” And most of the Sean Connery are in that vein.

    That said, I think “Diamonds Are Forever” is a great movie– Cast, gadgets, unnecessarily long chase scenes (moon buggy ride; destroy-the-cop-cars-in-a-parking-lot), Jimmy Dean and Thumper and Bambi…

    Roger Moore was a Bond that didn’t take himself quite so seriously. “Live and Let Die” had a great title song (Paul McCartney &co). Lots of action (boat chases, voo-doo).

    The early James Bond flicks (Connery, Moore, Lazenby, Connery (Never Say Never Again (aka Thunderball 2)) were generally light-hearted romps, without a lot of gruesomeness. Starting with Dalton, and continuing with Brosnan and Craig, James Bond movies became darker– more serious than before. So start with the earlier flicks until the kids are older.

    Problem with introducing kids to Bond is like Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies– created at a time when the ethnic and politically incorrect bits weren’t recognized for the politically incorrect bits they were. If you can debrief the kids after watching the movies and review those bits and why they are incorrect… I mean, even the early Sesame Street videos are marked “Not For Kids!”

    –Paul E Musselman

  19. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (also written by Ian Fleming) is a great kids stepping stone to Bond movies. It’s a little long in tooth, especially if your kids aren’t into musical numbers, but it’s got some cool contraptions to make up for it. Its also got a creepy villain, the heroes sneaking into a secret underground lair (no hollowed out volcano unfortunately) and some perfectly innocent romance. My 6 year old watched it last year and loved it.

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