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Good Bake – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/27/17

Adam and Norm return from a long trip overseas, and catch Will up on some of the things they saw visiting friends at Aardman Animation and FBFX. We also gush over the film Hunt for the Wilderpeople and the Great British Baking Show!

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35 thoughts on “Good Bake – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/27/17

  1. Omg its so wierd (in a good way) listening you to you guys discussing so passionately about my country, my home from home st ives, our tiny roads, our roundabouts, THE BAKE OFF i love it. it must be how we sound when talking about american things.

    Im so glad you enjoyed england. You are always welcome back. If you ever need a guide or a lift then feel free to ask.

  2. If you like GBBS, check out GBBS Masterclass. It is just Mary and Paul baking the recipes from GBBS. It has the same charm and humanity as GBBS, with more instruction and less drama.

  3.   I was thinking the same thing. Would be great if something was organised for a UK meet up/show for the tested community, I’d definitely pay to go see it.

  4. Sign me up for a UK Tested meet as well. Maybe we could do a show and tell event where everyone brings something they’ve made along to show Adam 🙂

  5. British roads just go wrong once you get west of Exeter. As soon as you find yourself on the A30 (which I’m pretty sure is a Roman Road) you might as well walk. I love Bristol as a city, hope you visited Clifton for the suspension bridge and had a nose around Concorde at Filton. Also the roundabout capital of Great Britain, if not the world, is Milton Keynes although Swindon has a nice roundabout within roundabout thing.

    As for driving on the other side (there’s no right or wrong Will, just different) As the driver I just remember that I should always be in the middle of the road. If you swap between the two often enough it becomes almost second nature and only goes wrong when you start over thinking,

    Finally +1 for a UK/European Tested… whatever.

  6. Yay the Magic Roundabout in Swindon, the fourth scariest junction in Britain (according to wikipedia). They could make it even scarier by building a huge revolving clown head in the middle 😉

    Also +1 for a UK Tested meet 🙂

  7. Loved the first three minutes of video spent referencing things off camera…

    I understand you can’t turn the camera around but seriously insert a still image or something next time.

  8. This is what they were talking about at the beginning of the episode. Photo is from Adams Facebook page

  9. just to cross-check: is driving automatic that ubiquitous where you are that driving manual is something that adds brain cycles to driving? i’d imagine having to use the wrong hand to shift gears to be a bit of a pain, but then, i can count the instances where i’ve driven automatic on one hand without using all the fingers.

  10. This is what they were talking about at the beginning of the episode. Photo is from Adams Facebook page

    Thanks! that is pretty awesome.

  11. They show the extra good stuff on the GBBS Master Class. Paul and Mary bake things from the show. It’s great they tease each other incessantly

    They had it on the Oregon PBS channel last season. I hope they bring it back.

  12. yeah, that’s what i’d imagine messing me up more than anything. ingrained movement patterns don’t necessarily translate well from one hand to the other. but they made it sound as if driving manual in general was something you’d have to spend extra thought on.

  13. For most Americans yes, driving an auto car is the norm and anything to do with a stick shift is foreign. I confess I didn’t drive a stick shift car at all until I was in college, and the first manually shifted vehicle I owned was a bike – two years later.

    Even now I’m not as good with a stick shift as I would like to be – and I own/race a stick shift car! I’m very comfortable shifting on a bike though, and that does help. But driving an auto every day and having a 400+ hp car with a hi-performance clutch pack probably doesn’t help.

  14. interesting! over here (germany), i learned to drive in a stick shift car and just never drove anything else since then. we are of course aware of automatics, and when you scour the used car ads, there’s the odd one here and there, but i feel driving automatic is a bit like an acquired taste. (just checked wikipedia – manual seems more prevalent in western europe, compared to more auto-dominated markets like the US and japan.)

    ah, the little differences.

  15. Its always the little things. Interestingly last year a pro(drift) driver from the states went over and used a borrowed car in a competition in Europe. He didn’t have much trouble shifting but they ended up moving the handbrake over against the driver’s(right hand) door so he could use it just like in his US cars. Was interesting how much more comfortable he was with that setup than with everything on the left hand.

  16. Cornish roads scare most Brits who live outside of the county, Let alone any one from abroad. Its been a few years since I was last in Cornwall, the roads still give me nightmares.

    Will is quite right about our attitude and indomitable spirit. Grenfell tower is a bit different. But the recent attacks by so called terrorists are nothing compared to what we had to deal with from the Provo’s in the 70’s and 80’s this current crop of nut jobs are amatures by comparison.

    We keep calm and carry on . (in my case with building things)

  17. A fun note to enjoy over a relaxing sausage, the director of Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Taika Waititi, plays the minister, “Not the Burger Ring door, another door”. He has worked as a comedian, so I expect more “We’re friends from work” type kwerky humour in the Thor movie.

    Some sad news about Bake Off is it’s going to be the last season with the current cast, as it’s moving to Channel 4. Only Paul Hollywood will be back. It’s hard to imagine it will be the same, they hit absolute gold with that cast and format.

    Not a Kiwi, but are you talking about the one where he calls the Warriors useless, koretake?

  18. Not a Kiwi, but are you talking about the one where he calls the Warriors useless, koretake?

    Well I guess there are a lot of references that are germane to Kiwis, but the joke I think is best is the car chase. Look up Toyota Crumpy ad on YouTube.

  19. We have LOADS of shows like the Great British bake off: The Great British Sewing Bee, The great pottery throw down, the great painting challenge. Where people hug and contestants go argh I’m stuck and other contestants help them out. All the same format but they get you reaching for the sewing machine, the potters wheel or the paint box which is a little kinder on the waistline. The great British bake off has been bought by channel 4 just to warn you.

  20. i can totally see that! several years ago, my grandfather asked me to drive him somewhere in his renault kangoo. for whatever reason, they put the handbrake on the door side of the seat instead of in the middle. even for normal everyday driving, that was massively disorienting.

    quite similar to how hard it is to avoid slamming the large brake pedals in some automatic cars when the engine reaches a certain rpm while accelerating – you know in your mind it’s the wrong thing to do, but at the point you’re forming a potentially corrective thought, the deed is already well on its way.

  21. Ah French carmakers – who would we make fun of without them?

    Yeah after a weekend of racing the car I will say I try to find the clutch when starting the truck haha.

  22. Great to hear the tested guys had a great time in the UK, just to agree on some comments about Bake Off, yes sadly money seemed to raise its head and its changed over to Channel 4 here, and is actually currently filming the new season now. Leaked reports say things are a bit tense with certain presenters not getting along and others rather disinterested in the whole thing. Channel 4 paid to whack to wrench the show from the BBC, and some execs heads are on the block you would imagine, so may be a big case of ‘fixing in post’

    Anyway, perhaps make the best of re-runs of the seasons, also there are a number of one-off Christmas specials to enjoy too.

    More seriously I echo the point about earlier times and the ‘troubles’, when some kind of horrific incident was happening on a weekly to monthly basis over here in the UK.

  23. Just wanted to recommend Australian Masterchef if you run out of enjoyable reality TV to watch. It’s much more like the Junior Masterchef than the adult version. Everyone is there to learn and grow as people while competing, not bitch about each other and get put down.

  24. If you can, The Great Australian Bake-Off is almost as good as the British version. It’s clearly an authorised copy (two respected judges, two comedian hosts) and they’re just as friendly to each other.

    There’s a couple of podcast spinoffs too. The Cooling Rack talks about each week’s episode, and The Washing Up started up by reviewing about the Cooling Rack. The contestants are guests on the podcasts too, and the hosts guest on each other’s podcast, and I love them all.

  25. Will – if you’re cooking your custard for ice cream ‘for hours’ you’re doing it wrong. After you add the eggs, you’re cooking a couple of minutes at most. The descriptions used for doneness are “until thickened” or “until it coats the back of a spoon”. Until I saw a single photo of how to test this (I think in Cooks Illustrated), I also cooked the stuff forever, expecting something like refrigerated custard, and usually had poor results, and found the process hateful to the point that I usually made non-egged ice cream recipes. But once I saw the proper test – pull the spoon out of the custard, draw your finger across the back, and have a clear line left that doesn’t get drips through it – I realized that that happened within the first five minutes of cooking. All that needs to happen is for the eggs to get to 170F, after all, and the cream should be that hot already. I find ALL the cookbook and recipe authors who say “till thickened” or “till it coats the back of the spoon” without including the “1 to 2 minutes” (which Gourmet recipes sometime do include) to be negligent, and to have caused a lot of wasted time and energy and frustration. I am now angry with every recipe I see that fails in this regard.

    Try it and it’ll revolutionize your ice cream making as it has mine – with no need for sous vide – because in fact it’s extremely easy and neither time consuming nor annoying. A couple of minutes of careful stirring and monitoring is perfectly reasonable. Good fodder for a Tested episode, actually. I’d invite you over to my kitchen in Berkeley to show you, but you can’t film here or I’d die of shame at the mess.

    (This reminds me – if you believe the recipes that call for polenta to be stirred constantly for an hour, they’re wrong too. Chef Paul Canales has a much better recipe, which calls for beating it vigorously for several seconds every five to ten minutes instead.)

    These things are food for ordinary people, not for people with sous chefs (or techie gadgets) at their beck and call!

  26. Oh, God Damnit. I know where Adam went in Cornwall. (I guessed immediately, but it’s confirmed by a comment in another tested video that came out later.) I was hoping that would remain relatively unknown long enough for me to save up and go there and make what he just made. Fits everything I know and want to know and do, all my interests; now every maker will be doing it for a vacation because it’s cool, and the master will be booked up till he dies. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn. Geniuses should be recognized, and he’s a national treasure, but some things are so much better when they stay small.

  27. Being from cross the ditch I hold out hope that I too got the gag :-p but mostly I’m just looking for a door with L&P behind it, like hens teeth round these parts.

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