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Mars Attacks! – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/6/17

While Norm is on vacation, Adam and Will are joined by 99% Invisible’s Roman Mars to discuss podcasting, design, and parenthood.

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15 thoughts on “Mars Attacks! – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/6/17

  1. I love me some Roman Mars, after he did the flag episode on Tested The Show I went through the entire back-catalogue in about a week. The episodes also frequently fit right on top of my morning commute.

    Regarding the rules thing, there is a similar thing happening in Chess.

    Ever since computers overtook humans and opening theory went through a revolution, there has been a fairly big section of the chess world trying to find ways of tweaking the rules. Especially with regards to reducing the number of draws in top tournaments (unless the tournament rules prohibit it, players can offer draws at any time). Suggestions range from the sensible, such as banning draw offers (either entirely or until after the first time-control/after move 30 etc), including more phases to tournaments that include fast chess time controls (Rapid and Blitz) etc., to the rather crazy… such as switching all tournaments to a variation on the game called Chess960 (aka Fischer Random) which involves randomizing the pieces’ starting positions which would nullify opening theory altogether.

    The tournament directors have had some success with tweaking tournament formats, but every once in a while, you still get an entire top-20-level tournament with 85% draws. Perhaps the most effective way to solve the problem is to invite one or two lower-ranked players, who might qualify from a local tournament cycle, because these will statistically bump the number of decisive games (in their disfavor). This then means that if you have to take more risks because the winning score in the overall table goes up accordingly.

  2. Fantastic show! Frequently listen to it during commutes. Completely unrelated to the episode; I usually play the podcasts via Youtube, which is fine if you can put the phone down somewhere and concentrate on whatever it is you’re doing while listening. I just noticed that the podcasts are also available via iTunes, but as I’m an android man I don’t get much out of (nor want anything to do with) iTunes. A thought occurred to me that if the episodes were available for instance in Spotify, they would be more easily accessible through a wider variety of devices. Not to mention Spotify doesn’t cut playback if you switch the screen off and put your phone to your pocket for a walk.. Would this be something that Tested.com could consider?

  3. If you download a podcast app (I use Podkicker Pro, for instance), it should allow you to subscribe to iTunes and RSS podcast feeds.

  4. Brilliant episode! I laughed at the buying a round thing, and it’s not just the Irish and it’s not just that one night. I’m a Brit who moved to America and I have a standing obligation to buy the next round when I next return to the UK – from TEN YEARS ago. That stuff is never forgotten.

    Also, cricket, THE best game in the world. A game that lasts five days that can end in a tie or a draw (which are different things…) and still be great to watch!

  5. Love the podcast, but I really miss the days when you would do the promos live before the show. I can’t listen to Norm’s promos. I want to support the podcast by giving the sponsors their due, but the effects/environment on Norm’s voice make it too difficult.

    I know it is a petty critique, if the levels and audio style could match the rest of the podcast I’d be much happier and the sponsor will get one more listener.

  6. Thank you for bringing back A Bunch of Dads. I miss that podcast. I am not a dad nor do I ever want to be but it was a nice cast to listen to.

  7. This episode meant a lot to me. I’m a single dad with a 10 year old and
    sometimes I get anxious over the responsibility of raising a good little man. What have I got to offer him anyway? (etc.) It sounds kind of sappy but Tested has helped
    me realize that being a “maker” is a legacy that I received from my dad and is
    something I can pass down to my son. My
    dad was the oldest of five kids and his father (an inventor) died when he was
    young and it was on him to help keep the house and family going by
    fixing and making everything they needed with next to no money. I grew up watching him keep our home together
    the same way. I never knew you could
    hire someone else to do something for you. You did it all yourself. So I’m
    trying to show my son that you fix the stuff you’ve got and make the stuff you
    want. We enjoy Tested together and get
    inspired to try new things. Thanks
    for the episode.

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