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Making Maker Videos – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 5/16/17

We’re joined this week by special guest Laura Kampf, a YouTuber and friend of Tested who’s visiting from Germany! Laura’s in town for Maker Faire, and warp in Simone to chat about making videos about making stuff for YouTube and other platforms.

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12 thoughts on “Making Maker Videos – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 5/16/17

  1. Scrapheap Challenge, aka Junkyard Wars, is ripe for a return, even if for online platforms only. Hosts like you guys, or others from the ex-Mythbusters build team, would be ideal for something like that.

  2. Laura your TV show is fantastic. Those kids are amazing.

    I wish I could see the flagship maker faire.
    Doesn’t look like DC will have one this year unfortunately.

  3. Great conversation between all of you makers. Part of my tuesday vibe is coffee, lesson plans and TESTED. Keep cranking out those videos boys and girls…

  4. Thank you for introducing me to Laura Kampf. I just subscribed to her channel and I look forward to watching her builds.

  5. There are still many kids shows on Saturday and Sunday mornings mostly animal related but you can see reruns of Bill Nye the Science Guy and the like. (I’m a early riser with no cable, lol).

    Maybe a PBS show Adam?

    If you can do it, make it an broadcast show.

  6. this episode really hit the spot. 🙂 today, i finally made time to get back in my shop, to continue working on a mesolithic hunting bow that has been gathering dust for weeks. and then i promptly managed to break it while testing the development of a limb’s bend.

    i managed to alleviate the bummed-out-ness a bit by trying out a graphical method of plotting out a bow design beforehand i read about just recently, but i couldn’t quite shake all of the disappointment. (side note: crawling around on a huge-ass piece of paper with a pencil, a reaaaally long straightedge and a piece of twine for a compass is fun)

    and then you come along, bathing everything in the general enthusiasm for the process and the fact of making things, and the learning while not being perfect. 🙂 thanks folks!

  7. It was so wonderful to listen to the ways a maker takes care of himself/herself. I completely relate to them and feel more myself in hearing your own understanding of these things. Thank you!

  8. Simone is correct, Laura’s videos are RELAXING. Like a tumbler of Rum and a Bob Ross video , relaxing.

    “Zen in the age of Trump” interesting concept . Difficult implementation.

    Lura’s comment about the ‘maker attitude’ as opposed to the speciality focused skill set reminded me of one of Truman’s CAN DO speeches where he used it to explain the ability of the U.S.

  9. What great interview! I am glad to hear a German accent. I’m Dutch and visiting the maker faire in San Francisco together with Australian friends. I hope you get to visit our stand in the Arduino section. Can totally relate to the video making. Tried it last week and it was a total disaster so will do a few more practices before I post mines about laser controllers and particle accelerators. Also meeting an American friend who is helping out with our stand. Met on the Internet as total strangers, how amazing.

  10. Had to go back and listen to this episode again after having binged on Laura’s videos a bit last night. She is my new woodworking superhero.

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