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Parabolic Flights – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 4/4/17

Simone joins us this week to talk about her D-I-Y astronaut training and compares notes with Adam about their experiences with parabolic flights simulating weightlessness. Plus, Norm recaps his Hamilton experience and shares some of the things he saw at WonderCon.

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12 thoughts on “Parabolic Flights – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 4/4/17

  1. I enjoyed this episode since Will wasn’t in it. I grow weary of his constant interruptions and narcissistic, self-aggrandizing anecdotes.

  2. I hope you can pass some information along to Adam.

    Adam if you are going through Nevada near Las Vegas you should visit Nelson, NV. Nelson has very old mines, a mine you can tour, old buildings everywhere, and there are two airplane bone yards. The one I personally like is The Older Plane Bone Yard. Here is the gps if you want to google it (35.708163, -114.79910)

  3. I almost forgot there is also a large old plane that looks almost exploded. It is left from the movie, 3000 miles to graceland where the gas station and plane blow up.

  4. Right on, Adam you highlighted every single shortcoming that bothers me with the Apple/iTunes/iCloud BS. Every update makes it worse. Almost impossible to play your downloaded content without looking around in the interface, never knows were you left off. If you try to stream video content you already own, only few episodes are listed and you are bounced to the shop again to get episode there. They want to drive you to the streaming service but I rather use spotify for music and stream video through hulu and Netflix as it is much easier and more convenient. I do not want iCloud except for sharing files but that what dropbox is doing well already. Now when you go to music you get an offer to sign up for apple music first. Marketing took over the interface – it is truly horrible.

  5. Adam,

    As much as you hate Android phones there is a audiophile app called Poweramp , store your music on a micro SD card and listen to anything you want in any file type you want. Screw Apple!!!

  6. Adam is “that” friend that’s done everything. But he’s actually done it, and tells you about it to share it with you and encourage you to do stuff, not to brag. One of the reasons I love this podcast, everyone has great experiences but doesn’t brag.

  7. Adam can’t figure out how to get music from iTunes to an iPhone? Really? I don’t actually put music on my iPhone, preferring to use a big old iPod Classic, but the interface for the two devices looks basically identical – drag songs from iTunes to the phone. How hard is that?

    Also, am I the only person on the planet who has absolutely zero interest in Hamilton? I keep thinking the Tested crew will get past it at some point, but nope, it keeps coming up.

  8. I tried using iTunes over fifteen years ago on my first laptop, so I removed it. I had just ripped most of our CD collection, which I had organized in folders with genre, artist and album. I had taken possession of a child’s older mp3 player, and found it was just easier to use a USB cable to select, copy, and paste from computer to mp3 player.

    I don’t listen on my phone because because I prefer a player that clips into my shirt, because I mostly listen to spoken word and sometimes I have to rewind to hear something I may missed (ah, I need to download my daily dose of CBS Mystery Theater.
    Also I don’t stream because I live in a valley with spotty 4G (1 bar at the most) and the house wi-fi is wonky.

  9. Couple of things: first, OK, I’m not trying to convert anyone. I don’t have an iPhone or iTunes but I actually love that Apple maintains their own extensive documentation. If you’ve already tried this, sorry.


    Second, more than a year ago Adam devoted much of the show to talking about Minnesota Fats. It piqued my interest because a local newspaper (those still exist!) had just done a story on him because he lived in a little town in southern Illinois for years. There are only about 400 people there today. As an aside, John Malkovich’s sister Becky (R.I.P.) worked for that paper.


  10. I agree that iTunes is a bloated POS and it should be re-written from the ground up. However, one thing it has forced me to do is to be very disciplined and consistent with editing the metatags on my music collection, because playing music on an Apple device can be very frustrating if the tags are messy (and that may be the case with Adam’s music). Keeping the metatags updated and clean also improves the listening experiences on other devices.

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