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A Sense of Scale – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/21/17

Will and Norm record from the cave while Adam beams in from the Phantom Zone this week! Continuing with a recap of Adam’s trip to Austin for SXSW, we discuss the scavenger hunt we organized with artist Jen Schacter, the workshops at CERN, and what it’s like to stand in NASA’s massive Vehicle Assembly Building.

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14 thoughts on “A Sense of Scale – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/21/17

  1. Thanks for the Orlando mentions. I just found out that the FamiLAB makerspace is only 5 miles away from my doorstep. Now, the only question remaining is: where is the surplus store Adam was talking about?

  2. Thanks for coming to Jacksonville. We really enjoyed the show. It was a ball….ok…a lot of balls. I wish you had the time for a brief stop in Tallahassee to visit our makerspace, Making Awesome, as you motored down I-10. We’re doing cool things, and working to help build a culture of making in our city. I think you’d dig it.

  3. My first visit at the KSC and was in the VAB in July 1969. Inside the VAB was Apollo 12 and 13 fully stacked third stage, Lunar and Command modules. My second visit was when the Atlantis was being prepared for its new home. The VAB is one of the wonders of the world on equal footing with CERN.

    See you in Dallas Adam!

  4. *A

    the only one that comes to mind:


    On West Fairbanks, just east of the highway. (not sure if the rocket is back up yet, it was taken down for repairs.)

    that place is a dream to waste an hour just browsing the shelves. To me it’s the Radioshack that never was. Packed top to bottom with stuff you always wanted but didn’t know existed.

    hope that helps.

    PS. Not sure in which direction you are 5 miles from FamLab but there is also Factur.org, closer to downtown (bonus: fun bar right next door).

  5. Hey I grew up outside of Birmingham! I hope you enjoyed your time there. You should come check out the Mobile area on your way through. Good luck with your show in New Orleans tonight! I wish I could be there.

  6. Regarding science communication, the problem is not the scientists, it is the individuals who manipulate/bastardize scientific data. You can have the best communicators out there and a portion of the folks will interpreted in their own special way.

    The wonderful Neil deGrasse Tyson took some time out to tweet comparisons of the 2017 US budget of the National Endowment for the Art (NEA) and the National Endowment for Humanities (NEH) with other things. He tweeted,

    “Cutting the NEA & NEH to save money on a $3-trillion budget is like thinking 1/4-mile is far relative to the width of the USA”.

    “Cutting the NEA & NEH to save money on a $3-trillion budget is like thinking 3 days is long relative to an 85-year lifespan. “

    There are more and they are wonderful. In an Huffington Post article of these tweets, it ends with his tweet,

    “Just an FYI: Try not to confuse accurate data with Politics. Politics is one’s reaction to data, not the data itself.”

    So true. So very true.

    In my not so little shop of (social and mathematical) scientists, we have people (yes, we have people) who are tasked with communicating our work to the masses. Most large institutions have these folks. This allows us to do what we do well, the science.

  7. I’m so glad to hear Brain Candy is going well! It would be cool to have Tested tour the ALS and the Molecular Foundry at Berkeley National Lab. They have the best view of San Francisco too.
    On science communication, it’s about more than talk shows and press releases. Every scientist needs to be involved in order to reach as many people and to actively engage the community in conversations about science.
    The Alan Alda Center is another great resource for workshops on science communication.

  8. Looking forward to seeing some pictures from your NASA visit, Adam. Must have brought back some Mythbusters memories.

    Speaking of which – what’s up with this:


    If you ask me, I feel like quoting “the highlander” – There can be only one

    There’s just no replacing the original team of hosts. Just look at what happened to Top Gear UK after Jeremy Clarkson and team got booted…

  9. Another great podcast!

    The Hutchinson Kansas Cosmosphere has some of the first space shuttles, including Russian stuff from the first spacewalks. You don’t realize how small they are until you are next to it, it is insane that you could have ever done anything with this suttles.

    Will, if you like tunnels check out these http://www.kansastravel.org/ellinwoodunderground.htm, and of course the Hutchison salt mines museum, which is still in operation and the tunnels go for hundreds of miles. They also store priceless film props, with a lot of them on display.

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