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SXSW and Get Out SPOILERCAST – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/16/17

Adam and Will dial in this week to talk about adventures at SXSW, muppets, testing Bluetooth headphones, and delicious deadly mushrooms. Plus, an extensive discussion on the film Get Out! Spoilers begin at the 22 minute mark! (Sorry for no video this week, we’ll be back on camera next week.)

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17 thoughts on “SXSW and Get Out SPOILERCAST – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/16/17

  1. Will and Adam, please do not eat and drink at your mic. It comes through on the audio and worse when it is only audio. As an audio engineer, it really makes the audio almost unlistenable. That plus make sure you do a level check before you start recording, as Will mic is clipping through the whole podcast.

    Otherwise it is an interesting podcast that really covers a nice range of topics.

  2. New listener here. Long time fan of Adam’s work. I need to also make a comment about the mic levels because I was interested enough to keep listening but annoyed enough to bug you about it.

  3. hahahah
    Ahhh! back woods camping….
    spend about 45 seconds trying to work out what the hell backwards camping was… taking your tent to a 4 star hotel?
    staying in your empty home because all your stuff is out camping?

  4. Yup…. last three weeks of Tested not giving a shit has convinced me to move on from this science experiment called “Tested”. If the key people don’t care about the audience, then why should the audience care about the key people? When all you have is tripe, it’s best not to release it then putting your stamp on this technologically-handicapped crap that is this. When you are a site devoted to thinks like…. um… technology and you put no effort into a well-produced podcast (and I am not even talking about content here), then just shutter things and go home, boys. Sayonara! Man that is disappointing.

  5. My nephew (now 21 years old) has learned about all of the ‘old’ stars because they appeared on The Muppet Show. And he can still quote the jokes! I usually quote Looney Tunes.

    The Muppet Show was a time capsule because it captured the old-school stars (Ethel Merman, Edgar Bergen, Milton Berle, etc.) when they were past the peak of their popularity, but still had the chops to do a good job!

    They also captured some of the ‘modern’ stars– Gilda Radner, Candice Bergen, Harvey Corman, Don Knotts.

    –Paul E Musselman

  6. I love it when people stand on the outside and judge. I’d like to see you do a better podcast with the host not being the normal host doing it from his home set up, co-hosting with another who is on a tour bus on the other side of the country with whatever wifi signal the bus is providing. It’s pretty magical that we have the technology at all to make this happen.

  7. FWIW I don’t think JFOLLET was critical, just pointing out to a new listener that the podcast usually sounds better, which it does 🙂

  8. that is what I mean it wasn’t meant to sound critical at all. It was nice to have a double length episode though. I like how they are doing teleconferencing to allow for weekly updates.

  9. that is what I mean it wasn’t meant to sound critical at all. It was nice to have a double length episode though. I like how they are doing teleconferencing to allow for weekly updates.

    I apologies I guess… This is one of my favorite podcasts on the net and it’s gets frustrating when you see people bashing them for technical reasons. If we had transporters this would not be an issue.

  10. Agreed that iTunes is a whole bunch of wrong. If you want to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack you can use Amazon Music.

  11. I loved Get Out. It’s was even more chilling when I saw it a second time and all the hints stick out once you know what to expect. There was one piece that I realized later on after talking with a friend. When they hit the deer and the cop asks for his ID, the girlfriend defends him and at first this seems like a noble act. “Nobody messes with my man…” But when you look again you realize that having the cop run his ID knowing what their plans are would give them away. That moment really gave me goosebumps.

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