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From Frank’s Shop – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/8/17

A first for Still Untitled–we record remotely from Frank Ippolito’s workshop! Adam dials in to give an update on the tour, share his discovery of a wonderful photography museum, and discuss two recent movies: John Wick 2 and Get Out. Frank also gives some insight into the thought process for this year’s Academy Awards makeup winner, and teases an upcoming project!

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23 thoughts on “From Frank’s Shop – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/8/17

  1. I agree with Adam that John Wick was not perfect, but I honestly enjoyed it SOOO much. I have problems with it, but I can look past them.

    Also saw Brand Candy in Chicago! Great show, sad he didnt talk about it.

  2. Saw Brain Candy Live in Baltimore, great show, great energy, even when things didn’t go to plan, it was a lot of fun 🙂

  3. Unbelievable show – one of the best experiences! My son was on stage in Chicago(nitrogen)- Adam, you took a picture of him dancing – I’d love to get a copy! Glad you enjoyed the R2 patches.

  4. The “hidden” photography museum story reminds me of Logan Hardware in Chicago – a record store with a arcade game collection in the back! I never got to visit but it looks awesome.

  5. Adam always seems to have the most unique quotes from people he knows. I wanted to submit one to you all that I’ve remembered for years. This was said by a mentor of mine years ago.

    If common sense is so common, why don’t more people have it?
    -Chef Corky Clark

  6. Didn’t know you could visit a vinyl pressing factory. Cool.

    Imagine my excitement when, visiting my oldest aunt, she gave to me a suitcase she pulled out from under the bed in the spare bedroom — it was full of family photos going back over 100 years. Including two tin-types from the 1800’s.

  7. Agree with Adam on JW2 I felt like that they didn’t do enough to develop interesting mythology, or do it in an interesting way. The director just isn’t as good a ‘story teller’ how they organize and lead up to events wasn’t as interesting and involving. It was much more a stuntman’s indulgence, get to the action too quick without recognizing how to tell a story or that the story and how it moves matters as much as the fighting.

    Also felt the LED use was a little over the top, if not a bit lo-fi solution, and over used.

    I didn’t hate the movie, but didn’t think it lived up to the first or made progress in creating a mythic almost supernatural character.

  8. Looking forward to the Peter Cushing make-up, Frank. Y’know, you could just forgo the Tarkin uniform altogether and just go as Cushing’s Dr. Who or Professor Van Helsing…

  9. I hope that Frank is planning on having Tarkin walk around in slippers like he did on set. Nice nod to Peter Cushing behind the character.

  10. Another museum in a hardware store is E. Hayes and Sons in Invercargill, New Zealand. It has lots of vintage motorcycles, cars, and other machinery, including Burt Munro’s record-setting Indian “Special” and a replica aerodynamic shell that (I think) was made for the movie “The World’s Fastest Indian.”

  11. As an avid photographer myself, and being about the same age as your sons, where can I find your son’s stuff? I’m really curious as to see what he does!

  12. Just saw Brain Candy last night in Hartford CT, after it being sold out in Worcester MA I had to travel a bit further to see it. I had the ceremonial poster hanging today in my office. Awesome experience, many laughs, and fun for everyone! I would see it again. Hopefully the fall tour comes back around the northeast.

  13. Does anyone know how to get a meet and greet with Adam on the Brain Candy tour? I’m going to the New Orleans show and I cannot find any tickets or anything that offer that option.

  14. I’ve got an Anovos standard line imperial officer costume in OG. It’s a little bit the wrong side of the world but happy to loan it out if you guys can’t find one closer to home.

  15. Well, it’s official. The world is indeed a strange place. I thought the first John Wick was pretty dull (so much so that I have no interest in seeing the second) but I loved The Accountant.

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