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On the Road Again – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/22/17

We’re all recording remotely this week as Adam begins his nationwide tour of the Brain Candy stage show! Adam talks about the process of scripting, blocking, and rehearsing the show, working with Michael Stevens, and a big milestone for his kids. Plus, we discuss some recent films we’ve seen! (We’ll hope to have video next week!)

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10 thoughts on “On the Road Again – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/22/17

  1. Savage,

    Welcome to Richmond, Virginia, or RVA as it is affectionately known by locals. I’m sure the tour has you busy, but please take a chance to explore Richmond, it embodies everything you preach. Maker culture thrives in this city, partly because of its affordable rent.

    Richmond is home to VCU, the #1 public arts university, the Virginia Fine Art Museum, and a collection of striking murals through the city.

    VCU leverages its art student talent better than any university. In the Da Vinci Center art student are paired with engineering, science, and business majors to work on projects for corporate clients, such as Pfizer and Dupont. Many art student move on to the VCU Brandcenter, the #1 creative advertising school in the US.

    RVA’s culinary scene punches far above its weight class, 2 of the top 50 restaurants in the US are actually in Richmond. Also, since I know you’re a fan of photography, great panos of the city can be found at Jefferson Park, the new Potterfield Bridge, and Libby Park.

    If you don’t get a chance to see the city I would implore you to visit again. Sorry for the essay, but i couldn’t score a VIP ticket for tonight.

  2. Thanks for the updates. Unfortunately, Michael Stevens is an acquired taste that I have been unable to acquire, so I’ll be passing on the show until Adam finds a different partner.

    Honestly, I think Adam could go it alone or use rotating guests or something. Jamie was the perfect straight man to play off Adam’s exuberance; he’ll be missed. I’m glad my family and I caught the farewell show last year!

  3. Sorry to do this but all this talk of Luke Goss reminds me to never forgive him for this: https://youtu.be/NvQTTA9raJU

    If you were around when this was big (I guess the horror was pretty limited to here in the UK), then you’d have a very different attitude to Hellboy 2.

  4.   I think it’s Jonny Depp who said that nobody should ever be judged by their first job in show-business. Remember Marky Mark?

  5. So cool! you helped clear something up for me!
    I loved Jupiter Ascending and John Carpenter of Mars (prolly throw in sucker punch too)
    which everyone else absolutely hated.
    so it seems i coudn’t give a crap about scripts, just love the eye candy 🙂
    thanks fellas

  6. Can’t wait for the Dark Forest/ Death’s End podcast, especially since NASA has now found habitable zone rocky planets the same distance from Earth as Trisolaris. Insanity.

  7. Hey Guys! Have you ever thought of recording your podcast with a binaural mic recorder? The immersive experience you get out of it is incredible!

  8. Curious that Adam is wanting the podcast done with vision, when its generally just 3 people talking with microphones covering their faces.

  9. About those Disney live-action remakes – I admit I haven’t payed any attention to them as a whole, but I thought the Cinderella re-make was *really* good. It added a lot of humanity and depth to the characters, particularly the prince (who was really just a piece of cardboard with one line in the original). A friend also commented on the stepmother; she is both more understandable as a human and more chilling, for not being as much a stereotype villain as someone you might actually know and not realize it.

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