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At Hollandaise End – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/3/17

Happy New Year! Adam, Will, and Norm are back in the cave to talk about how they celebrated the holidays, what they did for New Year’s Eve, and to discuss some of the TV and movies they recently watched. Plus, we get some feedback for the podcast from Adam’s mom!

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19 thoughts on “At Hollandaise End – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/3/17

  1. They are talking about Adam’s new year’s party, so also post her passing. But they tend to film multiple episodes at once, so maybe it was covered in an upcoming one. Makes sense to put the new year party episode first.

  2. Norm requested new media I’ve enjoyed. So that for me has been the Dirk Gently TV series done by Max Landis that Adam sort of worked on.

  3. We (the kids, family) do movie marathons on New Years eve, this year it was just a bunch of random stuff — some old Twilight Zone episodes, an old Zatoichi classic, the original Star Wars (no Lucas after-edits).

    The last one was in memory of Carrie Fisher.

  4. Adam, I’ve actually built a portable espresso machine for a local coffee shop that uses it to take to events. It’s all pretty simple except the water supply portion. After experimenting with a couple options, I went with a 5 gallon water cooler bottle sitting on top of an attachment and a 2 way water supply switch that swaps between another water line to connect to a sink.

    A note, I burned out my water pump because the bottle was sitting several feet below the machine. I raised the bottle to be even with the machine and haven’t had a problem since.

  5. Still hoping for an episode where Adam shows off his lightsaber cabinet and perhaps tells the story behind all the sabers. 😉

  6. just curious if you are going to watch and talk about Netflix’s “The OA.” I’ve watched the first episode, I want to watch more, but not sure yet.

    The writers, Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij made a few interesting movies including Another Earth. Mostly psychological studies with a sci-fi bent.

  7. I binged the first season of The Expanse on the Christmas weekend and dear lord did it live up to Adam’s enthusiasm. Also, I was happy to find out that it most definitely did not feel like “Game of Thrones in space”, as some reviewers have put it. Instead, it was proper modern sci-fi, which I’ve always thought of as being somewhat screen-friendly in the first place, and for the first time ever for a sci-fi show, I felt like I’m following events in a book. It’s not just the break from the classic episodic format, but the whole pacing and progress of the story and especially the eventual merger of the narrative threads of the most obvious protagonists. I always get goosebumps when it happens in a book. Many modern shows that ditch clear episodic content end up feeling like a movie with hours worth of blanks filled with endless irrelevance. This did not.

    The biggest, most positive surprise was (insert long title here) Avasarala, who was not the archetypal evil matriarch portrayed in most clips and trailers, but instead a character with very understandable motives, even if her methods were questionable.

  8. New media I’ve enjoyed, well Dirk Gently was just fantastic, loved the way all the stories came together so well, really looking forward to the next series. I’ve also just watch Ascension (just released in the UK on Netflix) and really enjoyed it, shame it only ran for 6 episodes and there was so much left open at the end.

  9. Norm requested new media I’ve enjoyed. So that for me has been the Dirk Gently TV series done by Max Landis that Adam sort of worked on.

    I have only seen Adam’s prop. The photos he posted are great, and more than enough for someone to be able to replicate it.

  10. This message is really for Adam based on something he said but really I know you and Will could talk about it as well. Honestly I think it would be a good topic to talk about. Adam said, “we stared at that machine for 3 months” and will responded, “to be honest, that is a hard machine”.

    I wanted to talk about the point of what is hard or difficult. We often go to a new task to learn or a project to start that involves steps that we have no done before and they seem hard. The reason they seem hard is “you” do not have the knowledge base to know what you are doing. Because of this the task you are about to do is “hard”. But with knowledge gained what was hard is no easy or at lease easier then it was before. I find this struggle when it come to teaching and learning new skills. You often run across someone who will say, “I don’t know why you are having a hard time with this, the task is so easy”. And yes for the person who has the knowledge the task is easy because they know what they are doing.

    Could you guys talk about your experiences with this? I have a feeling with all your skills the three of you have run into this scenario. I would like to know your feelings and how on a professional level you go about teaching or learning.

  11. Will if you are going to talk about how movie trailers are not like they are in the actual film we see are you guys ever going to talk about how 90% of the scenes in the Rogue One trailer were not in the movie itself. While I loved Rogue One, what the trailer made the movie out to be was different from what the actual movie was.

  12. My 12 year old daughter and I were shopping for a gift for a child. We stumbled on some The Flash toys and started talking about the characters. I was astonished and asked her how she knew those things. She told me she had been watching The Flash and Arrow. I had not seen either. She wanted to start watching them with me and I have enjoyed both. We are going to our first Con at WizardCon in New Orleans this weekend. She is going as Felicity Smoak. I am looking forward to nerding out with my daughter (even though she insists she is anything but).

  13. So now you’ve talked about LaLaLand twice, and not once mentioned the paradox that it’s a film about jazz music with two very white lead actors. Adam actually said, they managed to “cast a wide net”. Well, they didn’t manage to catch any black actors.

    Adam, I say this with love: Rein in your white male privilege. This isn’t the first time you’ve let it run lose on Still Untitled”.

  14. As a homeowner I’ve experienced the “I’ve never done this but I have to now!” effect. Digging down around your well casing to replace the ‘pitless adapter.’ Soldering pipes together to stop a leak and let the heat continue.

    Less desperate, I learned how to make a cargo pocket and a ‘fake’ pocket flap for a costume that I needed to finish in less than a week.

    Sometimes it’s the desperation, the lack of funds, the unavailability of an expert that drives you to do all of the on-line research you can in about 1/2 hour, then dive in and make the fix! And, afterwards, you realize it’s not that difficult after all!!

    –Paul E Musselman

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