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Simone’s Surprise – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/6/16

As promised, Simone returns to reveal the time she appeared on Mythbusters, without Adam knowing about it! Will also tag teams in to start an old debate, talk about houseboat living, and talk about the process of starting a Kickstarter project.

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28 thoughts on “Simone’s Surprise – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/6/16

  1. I’ve kept a keen eye on the volunteers when watching Mythbuster reruns ever since spotting Phil Broughton in the ginger myths episode.

  2. Volunteering for the Mythbusters was one of my favourite things about living in SF, I got to wait in line for two days in order to sit down for ten minutes every hour or so (Airplane Boarding), wait in line to wash my hands repeatedly (Air-drier vs. Paper Towels), and wait in line to have my hand photographed (Know It Like The Back Of My Hand) 😀

  3. I was in that episode! I was one of the cashiers. So my part in the episode was more fun. And I got a Mythbusters shirt. There is a picture of all the volunteers on the Mythbusters Facebook page if you feel like searching. I’m pretty sure it was taken the second day.

  4. I wish Adam were doing a public appearance here in DC! Idunno if you’ve heard, but since this election thing my whole town has been gloomy and stressed out. And last weekend some asshole took a gun into my favorite pizza joint over an internet conspiracy. I can’t think of a better pick-me-up than seeing one of my heroes in a live appearance.

    Adam, next time you’re in town maybe you can give your DC fans some love?

    I agree. Given that we’ll probably have to wait until the touring show to see Adam you are welcome in my shop. Building something has been my pick-me-up.

    I hope the insanity at our beloved pizza shop passes quickly.

  6. I have a story that mimics Simone’s story. I travelled over from here in the UK to SDCC. I was doing my walk of the floor to see what was about and I found myself standing next too two Astronauts in the same suits as in 2001. I didn’t take a picture, and thought that is was such an awesome cosplay. Only to find when I logged onto Tested to find it was ADAM SAVAGE!!! DAMN IT!!

  7. I thought “balls to the walls” is from WWII plane throttles. The top of the throttle is ball shaped and when you pushed them forward to the firewall you’d reach max speed.

  8. I don’t care what the creator of the Graphics Interchange Formula, nor Will, nor the other Will call it, it’s GIF with a hard “G”. As an acronym, the G represents a word that begins with a hard G. So it’s GIF

    JIF is a peanut butter!

    Besides, unless you pronounce it GIF, you can’t say “Beware of Geeks sharing Gifs!”

    And, Adam, it looks like you need to make another trip to IKEA– your bookshelves are getting crammed!

    –Paul E Musselman

  9. If I may get in on this hot ball action…

    As I understand it, going “balls out” does refer to the centrifugal limiter on old steam engines. These balls are typically adjustable and can be used to control the speed of the output flywheel, in-turn, controlling the speed of whatever do-dad its being driven by said flywheel.

    The term “balls to the wall”, as someone pointed out in the comments, is referring to the balls of airplane throttles being pushed all the way forward to the firewall or instrument panel of the airplane.

    The term “balls deep” is an old fly-fishing term whereas one has gone so far out into the river he’s overflowed his waders…. right guys? ಠ_ಠ

  10. Ok this was a good kooky episode. The kind that is fun to watch because all personalities come to play. So, I’ll focus on Simone.

    1. She’s just adorable. Just ready to laugh and make jokes anytime (good jokes). And it is commendable that she understands and can create Western-style humor. That isn’t easy for most Europeans. Kudos!

    2. The fact that she is European and asks for clarification on “American” things like what the hell Tennessee is and wildfires. It makes for really fun dialog.

    3. A Simone mannerism reminds me of the movie JFK where Kevin Costner is describing JFK’s movement over and over. “back, and to the left….. back, and to the left”. Ok, so look at Simone when she really laughs at a comment, Simone swishes her body and head either “Up, and to the left” or “Down, and to the left”, with strong, genuine laughter. I trained in public speaking in college, and an exercise was always to look for repetitive words, sounds, affects or movements so I am not being negative here. I just wonder if Simone does that unconsciously or consciously. If conscious, is she turning away from Adam? Is she turning away from the mic? Is she turning toward the camera?

    Don’t get me wrong, Simone’s humor and laughter is a true plus. It’s just something I’ve noticed. Take a look. Maybe a dozen instances of it here.

    So, a fun episode! 🙂

  11. I think it’s pretty silly that Will keeps trying to push his pronunciation of GIF, but if he really feels the need, he needs to find another reason other than, “You don’t say ‘Grraffe'” (with a hard g in giraffe). No, most people don’t, but they also don’t use the ‘Juh’ sound when they say game, gimble, gutter, graphic (like used in ‘Graphics Interchange Format’), or gift (which if the ‘t’ was left off would be… ‘gif’!).

    Say it how you want, but apply Wheaton’s Law where other people are concerned.

    Love the show.


  12. Love the show… But going crazy…

    Will said there is no debate on the Oxford Comma, without declaring his opinion… Then he said use the AP style guide which seems to say not to use the comma…

    The Oxford Comma makes sense to me… If there is a plainly obvious answer.. what is it?

  13. During the half second that the video fades into Norm’s 2nd ad, Adam pulls out what looks like a Hobbit’s sword!

    Prepare for battle!

  14. “Balls Out” came from steam engines (as pointed out by another commenter here), but “Balls To The Wall” comes from test pilots/ WWII era war pilots, because of the throttle levers inside the cockpit having balls on their tops, so going “Balls To The Wall” is opening your throttle to the max, by pushing those levers toward the outer wall of the cockpit. and “Balls Deep”… well, we’ll just let Simone google that phrase herself….

  15. I’ve had this debate with almost every teacher I know which only goes to prove that English doesn’t have any hard rules,is mostly made up of personal preference, and is complete snuffbumble 🙂
    However the simple explanation is:

    “the strippers, Will and Adam” – refers to Will and Adam as strippers

    “the strippers, Will, and Adam” – (oxford comma) refers to Will and Adam along with the strippers.

    More fun on the English language history here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7W7UgFxri8

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