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Pong Confessions – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/29/16

Simone joins Adam and Norm this week for a wide-ranging discussion about the Thanksgiving holiday, the Guillermo Del Toro art exhibit, and among other random topics, ping pong! We learn about Simone’s recent travels to Scotland and Germany, and also the trouble with mannequins.

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24 thoughts on “Pong Confessions – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/29/16

  1. Don’t feel bad Simone. I mean sure you’re not directing movies, but you’re 26 and you get to work with Adam Savage on a regular basis, not to mention the rest of the Tested crew plus your wildly successful YouTube channel. I’m 26 and I would kill to have that job but instead I’m stuck struggling through grad school. It’s interesting work but it’s no Tested.com.

  2. Getting body parts for projects… someone should find the podcast with Will’s story about Gina picking up the box of frozen human heads.

    Also, I used to walk past that shop with the hands on Folsom, and always associated it with the episode of Mythbusters when Adam and Jamie went rubber-suit-shopping (I think it was Running in the Rain).

  3. ok, just to get this out: if there is going to be joey-centred videos on tested, like joey’s way of making pasta for example (hint hint nudge nudge), they *have* to be called ‘fameli time’, right? right?

    re brain workings made visible underpaintings are also great for this. unlike a sketch (which can be for pretty much any purpose, like just for doodling, for indulging in a bad drawing habit, or solving a specific problem), underpaintings have the specific purpose to be the foundation upon which to build what the artist considers a good/proper image.

    they show you their way of approaching imagery by showing you their idea of a picture’s skeleton.

    re age vs achievement let’s not discount the many ways to be remarkable, or profound, or important, or anything cool really, that just aren’t visible. not as visible as directing huge-ass feature films, at least.

    it’s an easy trap to fall into, but i’m not sure it’s the healthiest thought pattern. 🙂

  4. Sorry to be “that guy”, , but you absolutely can emulate pong.

    Pong had no CPU: it was all discrete circuitry. But if you emulate at the circuit level, rather than at the subsystem level (CPU, memory, graphics and audio chips), then pong is quite (and very accurately) emulatable.

    As, indeed, MAME has! Check it out: it’s quite neat (and no ROM file needed).

    Circuit level emulation is the next frontier of emulation, because it produces extremely accurate results. Unfortunately, it is also extremely slow, which is why only some simpler games have been emulated at this level. However, there are a bunch of folks, including me, who are busily collecting old chips and having them decapped and microphotographed, to recover the circuitry in programs like degate. Naturally, when I visit SF, I consequently hit Weird Stuff Warehouse.

    So far, the most complex circuit level game emulation I’m aware of is the Atari 2600 at Visual 6502.

    If you’re interested in this, check out:

    http://visual6502.org -> 6502, ARM1 and Atari 2600 circuit level emulation, plus a lot of cool pictures of chips

    http://degate.org -> A tool for taking microphotographs of chips and turning them back into circuit diagrams suitable for emulation.

  5. The Computer History Museum is awesome. (Think it’s technically in Mountain View?)

    Loved Scotland when I was there some 18 years ago. I wanted to come back and tour by bicycle. Alas, I’m in my 50’s now…. (I can still bicycle though.)

  6. Lol Simone… you’re 26, Swede working in San Francisco with one of the most inspiring people of our generation, being an inspiration yourself for many and you feel inadequate? How do you think we feel now…

  7. I was just in LA, wish I had gone to see that rain room. BTW. Either Simone or Norm are wearing their headphones backwards, and based on the sweep I would say it’s Norm.

  8. I guess I’m trivia guy today.

    Great 200th episode!

    If I remember correctly, Pong was the very first game produced on an oscilloscope – and therefore, the first ever “video game. It was later made into a “console.”

    Norm being the segue master is fitting considering he now has a Segway.

    The circumference of the Earth is 24,901 miles around the equator. Not to be confused with Jean Valjean’s prison number 24601. Lastly, that circumference only applies around the equator because Earth is not perfectly round; the spin makes the equator bulge out and the poles contract (called an oblate spheroid).

    P.S. Way to go, Simone, for insisting on being a returning member (not a guest) of the podcast.

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