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Nation of Makers – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/15/16

This week, Adam announces his newest initative: Nation of Makers (http://www.nationofmakers.org), a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the maker community. We also learn about Adam’s part in Chris Hadfield’s Generator show, Will’s halloween adventures as Baymax, and Will’s just-launched Kickstarter campaign! Plus, a mystery surrounding a pair of objects in the cave.

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23 thoughts on “Nation of Makers – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/15/16

  1. Please google “anime no face little girl”…

    Also, Keep up the good work on the outreach about Nation of Makers Adam. I love the concept and am happy to be a part of it in the Indianapolis community. Our 501c3 Cyberia Maker Space was asked to attend earlier this year in the inaugural Nation of Makers meeting at the White House. It was very educational and enlightening, and we are excited to be a part of it!

  2. Congratulations on the Nation Of Makers (http://www.nationofmakers.org) project. Good luck with that.

    I’d love to see CO2 lasers in the middle or high schools (for example).

    I have my own project I’ve been formulating involving a free educational book program for school kids.

    I was able to borrow a PSVR set for the weekend and was left a little un-impressed. It was novel, to be sure, but a novelty that wore off quickly (it wore off in fact in two days). I have been skeptical about the whole VR 2.0 movement to begin with (I remember the original VR rise and fall in the 90’s) and I’m afraid the experience only confirmed my skepticism.

    Maybe VR will find a niche audience, but I don’t see the mainstream potential. At the very least there need to be a shit-ton more titles.

  3. One more kickstarter here. The improved FOOVR episode is still the interactive example people are amazed about when I introduce them to VR. Stepping outside through the door and looking inside gets them every time as well as picking things up for closer inspection. It is always noted as the best experience. All current 360 and VR video is appallingly low res. Therefore, just doing 360 video presentations and interviews you see from some studios to promote movies is stupid. They should get FOOVR to do those.

    The uninspired avatars in other apps are so annoying. Don’t have the money to spare to get an avatar through the kickstarter but may be Will can offer that as an additional revenue stream? Everyone will need one.

    The new oculus application update includes now the touch setup, but most importantly improves image clarity and the perception of focus dramatically. Much, much better even on a GTX1080. So people who were wishing for better image quality should try again.

  4. Love Best Western. Why? Because they are cheap(ish), convenient, and you can count on them being of decent quality. I’ve stayed a couple of times, I believe, at the San Luis Obispo (SLO) Best Western — if you’re referring to the one off Pismo Beach. Pricier than most BW, but a spectacular location.

  5. Really? I had a PSVR for about 2 weeks and was pretty sold on the experience. Particularly with “The Heist” totally changed my perspective on getting immersed in a game. I ended up returning the PSVR so that I can instead save up for a Vive because I was disappointed with the touch sensitivity and have done a demo of the Vive and it is a world of difference in that respect.

  6. Your leather items look like fetlock of brush protectors for a horse, a strange version, maybe specialized for something specific, like use as a utility animal pulling an implement. Curb feelers for city horses? Hard to say but this is my best guess.

  7. As far as Wi-Fi in hotels is concerned, I’ve noticed that the ‘higher-end’ hotels always seem to have the crappiest internet. For some reason, mid-range ones like Best Westerns and Holiday Inns seem to have much better internet, and they usually don’t charge extra for it (unlike the high-end ones).

  8. “London Heist” was interesting, but the “on rails” aspect put me off since I was expecting more interactivity in a “game”.

    The concept felt half-baked (Which controller should we use for this app? Do I have “hands” in this game or “drive around” via the controller?).

    I got a chance to play one game on the Vive and it was hands-down a abetter VR experience.

    In the end I guess I don’t want to shell out $1K for a novelty I will under-use or, for that matter, wear something on my face for an extended period of time.

    Time will no doubt expand the titles, improve the experience and bring the cost down. But there’s still the putting-on-face- part that I don’t know if I can get used to.

  9. i agree with darkstar7 they look like bucking rolls but the straps looks a bit odd . they mount on either side of the saddle horn to help hold ya on the saddle on older style saddles that didn’t have a wide pommel.

  10. I agree– cheap hotels have better internet! Red Roof Inns and Motel 8 usually have excellent internet! No, you don’t get a lot of amenities, and there are some locations to avoid, but if all you’re looking for is a bed and bath and skip the pool and the golf course, they can’t be beat.

    ps- re Adam’s brain automatically jumping to how to make Halloween costumes more traumatic: My brain made a similar jump– I was in the hospital for tests, and the PA started playing Brahms’ lullaby. One of the nurses said, with a motherly look on her face, “Oh, they play that whenever a baby’s born.” My brain almost had me ask, “What do they play when someone dies?” (;

    –Paul E Musselman

  11. I listened to the podcast a bit late so it is no surprise that the bucking rolls mystery is already solved. However for future questions like this, especially for those of us who don’t have a podcast with an audience of several 10000 people, I recommend /r/whatisthisthing on Reddit. It exists particularly for this purpose. People photograph things they found/saw and ask people what it is. Check it out and maybe you can help because you know that that wired thing is, that somebody found on their grandmas attic.

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