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Westworld SPOILERCAST – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/8/16

You asked for it, and here it is: our spoilercast of HBO’s Westworld series (circa middle of season 1). Adam, Norm, and Will discuss the original 1973 film, the acting in the new series, and the numerous fan theories. Plus, we get excited about a just-released LEGO set!

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24 thoughts on “Westworld SPOILERCAST – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/8/16

  1. Am I the only one that finds it kinda sad that that efter the fantastic first episode of “Westworld” we have been served mystery upon mystery to the point where the story is lost? Pun intended. Was it a totally different writing team that did the the first episode, like a pilot or something?

  2. To support the visitors become hosts through DNA donation, James Marsden when he first came in on the train was invited to start a quest by the hosts. Later he is a host and is killed by the black hat man.

  3. The logos are definitely a major signifier as to the period of the scene you’re watching in the basements all the logos are the same as the one seen in episode 2.

    The Man in Black mentions helping to save the park after Arnold is killed when he talks to Ford in the saloon. If that was 35 years ago then either William got the company’s stake bumped, or he died and his sister took over the company allowing her husband William to do so and be the Man in Black.

    DOLOS is a bit on the nose if he had fallen in love with Dolores, unless DOLOS was named by Arnold because she was the first.

    I think it likely from the conversation Ford had with Dolores that she killed Arnold at his behest (IROBOTy), that’s why he says they are definitely not friends. Partner is used to describe Arnold a lot but never business partner.

    Armistice/Snake and Theresa look similar, like Hector and Logan so maybe it’s not just guests who are doubled, although she was a guest when she was much younger.

  4. I find tongue-twisters easier to recite if I imagine the words in front of me. I then ‘read’ the words and find I can get more repetitions before I mangle things up.

    I heard it as “The sixth sheik’s sixth sheep’s dead.”

    –Paul E Musselman

  5. Did I miss the full Expanse spoilercast? Or Dark Forest? You were growing a list of them for a while; I’m disappointed to get this one (with no notice) before spoilercasts for others that I went out and read/watched on your recommendation(s) – even though the recommendations were good and the shows/books were worth watching/reading in their own right.

  6. Awesome video, loving this show and loving the theories! I went and watched the video breaking down Anthony Hopkins acting and its mind blowing to watch!

  7. Great podcast/video! Finally getting back into the swing of Still Untitled. You lost me for a bit.

    It’s been fun to see 1973 Westworld easter eggs in the new show. Pretty sure I saw an out-of-focus Yul Brynner behind Jeffrey Wright when he was seeking answers down in the depths in S1E6. Did anyone else see this? It’s around the 9:29 mark.

    (Sorry, I can’t seem to post a pic of it… I’ll try to send it via Twitter at my AT 1stage account and tag Adam and Norm.)

    I love stuff like that!

  8. Somebody asked me what I thought after Episode 1, and my comment was that it is a masterclass of acting. Each episode my jaw drops at what they have done.

  9. I thought so as he walks into the basement with the old system, I wasn’t sure if it was him or one of the other 2 guys from the original.

  10. The way the hosts are treated is almost certainly a call back to footage of WWII concentration camps and death camps, always naked, piled up like they’re nothing, incinerated when they malfunction.

  11. This show has a real “Battlestar Galactica” feel to it.

    I seriously doubt that all the characters are what they appear… human… robot… don’t be so certain of what you think is true. I am starting to think Ed Harris isn’t packing double helix’s if you know what I mean. They can put in whatever memories they want… I keep thinking about BSG and Blade Runner AI/robot tech… put in fake or “real” memories, those robots look 100% real, human.

    I know that the movie “Future World” was not part of the original West World movie story line but I wonder why they couldn’t have some of that as part of this new expanded story?

    I was a tiny bit disappointed this was on HBO as a series. Was kind of hoping for a movie remake of the original movie, but…. not disappointed any more. 🙂

  12. Another twist is that there are THREE different timelines going on.

    1) “Present Day” with the Man In Black character searching for the Maze.

    2) In the “Origin Story”, which is set 30 years ago, William meets Delores and begins his path towards becoming the Man In Black.

    3) 35 Years Ago. Bernard is actually an android copy of Arnold, the co-creator of the park. The scenes where we see him talking to Delores in an old secluded office, for instance, when he tells her about the Maze, are actually ARNOLD talking to Delores almost 35 years earlier. In fact, those are the meetings Delores refers to, in present day, when she is asked by Dr. Ford when was the last time she had spoken to Arnold.

    Finally, there is solid evidence that Delores is once again retracing her path towards the Maze in present day!

  13. Really enjoyed this spoiler cast. Westworld is such a delight as a show, it’s something so layered and compelling that I’m rewatching episodes as the series progresses as I don’t think there is a wasted line in any episode and you have to pay very close attention. All the actors are spot on and working at the top of their game but for me Hopkins is giving a masterclass. This is without doubt the best show of 2017.

  14. I enjoy the spoilercasts but I hope in the future the meta can be ignored. This comes awfully close to Carice Van Houten revealing on Dutch TV she had signed a seven year deal with Game of Thrones, so everybody who saw that interview knew she wasn’t going to die… So when there are reshoots don’t use them to build theories please.

  15. Wow, way to go Norm. After seeing the show and catching this podcast after season 1 finished. I can’t believe you nailed it a 36:30 even after only a handful of episodes!

    I also can’t imagine how much effort someone would have to go through to pick the timeline twist after only two episodes. I really need to pay more attention when I watch TV 🙂

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