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Travel Decompression – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/1/16

This week, we’re joined by none other than Tested’s lead producer, Joey Fameli! Joey and Adam talk about their recent trip to Hungary’s capital, airport anxiety, and how each of them decompresses after long travel. We also recap our latest live show and hear about Adam’s Totoro upgrades.

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45 thoughts on “Travel Decompression – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/1/16

  1. What did wonders for me to beat jetlag was exercise, wherever I go, I go for a run in the daylight (for those less athletically inclined I am sure a walk would also work). Besides that drink lots of water.. the temptation is there to eat, but a sugar high only gets you so far.

  2. In defence of European airports, the thing that they don’t announce gates until shortly before the flight is a rare thing that only some airports do, at least in my experience (or if flights are cancelled or delayed). Maybe it’s a UK thing – I remember being annoyed about it in London airports. The UK and France also do that with trains – you find out about the platform 10 minutes before the train leaves, leading to ridiculous clumps of people waiting at the main information board, and occasional stampedes when the platform is announced. In contrast, e.g. Switzerland and Germany announce the platforms at the beginning of each year with the train schedule, so if you look up your trip beforehand you already know exactly where to go, and when to go there.

    Btw. I remember you saying once on the podcast that you found Australian trains amazing. I’ve lived in Australia, and you should really try out the Swiss train system once for reference. Look up your journey beforehand though (there’s an app for that) to know which platforms you have to go to, because you get about 3-5 minutes for changing trains, and they arrive and leave on time, sharp… But it’s really cool, you can really go places by public transports (including most mountain tops) without spending much time waiting around. Also, for trains, Japan…

  3. To be fair, with the recent terror attacks in Europe, security measures got tightened again. I mean it has been 7 months since the Brussels airport attack, I mean do you remember how things were after 9/11. I get the annoyance but we’re still on edge…

  4. Airport security: I always prepare my travel clothes and gear to be able to get through as easy as possible, but I am always behind someone who seem to be on their first flight ever, bringing shampoo, soup and laptops on to the plane.

    And I don´t find Heathrow that bad,. but when I lived in the UK I always preferred Gatwick.

    I once had a bunch of camera gear as hand luggage and the security guy gave me a strict question “have you travelled with this before?”, I looked him over and just said, “no, never”., and he became instantly friendly “ok, fine. On your way…”

    Also in europe they ask if they can frisk you. In the US they asked and had a lengthy explanation on how he was going to frisk me, I was just thinking yeah yeah, get on with it..

    But my absolute works experience was when my flight was overbooked and I couldn´t check in using the machine and had to que up for 40 minutes to be able to run to the gate, and then plane was still full, but I got paid more than the ticket to wait 4 hours and got on the plane I actually wanted but was sold out when I tried to book it. So confused..

  5. Great episode.

    But I am sick of hear everyone saying I have to vote. That is my choice to decide upon, and not yours. I will not be voting for either presidential candidate this election. Because I can not vote for either of them without going against everything I believe in, and demoralizing myself. No one should ever vote for someone they don’t believe in, and by voting for someone just because they are the lesser of two evils, by doing so, you have given them the power to put in place whomever they want. So please stop telling me that I have to vote, because I don’t!

    Good luck on your move Joey! 🙂

  6. BMX True, you don’t have to vote. I get your distaste for the two primary candidates.

    To me it goes against everything I believe in to not vote. I don’t think in my lifetime though there has ever been a candidate I wholly believed in. That’s life.

    Don’t vote, but enjoy who the rest of us put in office. :-/

  7. Re: Jet-lag strategies- Some newly announced research (on mice not humans) in the journal Cell Metabolism found that decreasing oxygen levels for a short period of time helped mice recover from jet lag faster. http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2016/10/20/498567073/breathing-less-oxygen-reduces-jet-lag-at-least-in-mice

    Sounded like something easy to experiment with using low-cost tools (i.e. paper/plastic bag) on my next long-distance trip but I’m not a frequent traveler so it’ll be a while before I can try it. Maybe one of the Tested readers here might want to try and play around with this idea and report back. Happy travels!

  8. My favourite jet-lag strategy for really long flights (e.g. Europe <-> Australia) is to plan two 10-12h flights instead of one 23h flight, and have a 3-4 day stopover in Tokyo, or Singapore, or Hong Kong 🙂 …at least if I have time. But I don’t suffer that much from jet lag generally, for me it’s more the exhaustion of 23 hours on a plane (can’t sleep very well in economy seats). Another thing that helps me is when I arrive, I force myself to stay awake until nightfall at the destination before going to sleep. I’m usually tired enough by then to get a good night’s sleep, and the body clock seems to adjust fairly quickly to the new rhythm.

  9. Adam and TESTED crowd. I handle jet lag by playing music as it tends to help me not feel disoriented after long flights. An hour of sight reading classical works great for me.

  10. Screw the movies/TV shows – We want Dark Forest/Death’s end spoilercasts.

    Kidding kinda. But seriously. Just finished Death’s end and would love to hear Y’all’s thoughts.

    Contraction-ception there lol. Sorry, Texas thing.

  11. BMX i get the feeling of distaste for having to choose a lesser evil. however, as i learned the hard way, and thankfully only on a very local scale: not voting will still leave you with one of the evils, and when you’re unlucky, not with the lesser of them either.

    from someone who’s currently suffering one such greater evil as a mayor, my earlier stance of ‘oh they’re all rubbish, i can’t possibly vote for either’ has taken on a distinct tinge of ‘who gives a shit about consequences, i must have a convenient story to make me feel validated and above these shitty aternatives’ in hindsight.

    yes, i am wording this a bit crass. but i’m doing so deliberately, because pre-election me would’ve needed that language. post-election me is now stuck with the shittiest outcome of a decision i didn’t even try influencing for the less bad. and just for the convenience of having that fake feel-good story to tell myself. much good it did me, and me not trying to get the less bad candidate into office did just as much for the idiot we have now than every moron who voted for him.

  12. Heathrow is on my connection avoid list for many years as is Charles de Gaulle and Frankfurt (Munich and Zurich are so much nicer). Keflavik is my favored entry to Europe.

  13. After watching the Totoro one day build, I came away thinking that had to be the happiest I have ever seen Adam on a build, and he’s been happy on quite a few builds.

  14. Completely agree. In the past, I have held my nose as I voted for some candidates, voting for the other would have induced vomiting.

    The election is more than choosing the new president. Early voted yesterday and my ballot included candidates for US Senator, US Rep, Judges, and Referendums. Not voting at all means that fewer votes determines the outcomes of the elections of local reps and where tax money/bonds will go.

    My vote for bad European airport – Charles de Gaulle, for bad US airport, Hartsfield (Atlanta). For good airports SeaTac (Seatle) and Schiphol (Amsterdam). I really try to avoid flights with connections. When I can’t do this, I give myself at least an hour layover so I can get something to eat and walk around.

    Good podcast, will try out some of the suggestions to deal with jet lag.

  15. If you think European airports are bad, try coming into the states as a non-citizen.

    There are some horrible airports in Europe, no doubt (I detest both Gatwick and Heathrow, and Frankfurt can definitely be a pain at peak times). However, most of the ones I’ve been to (a lot) are better designed, and all of them more pleasant environments, than any of the US ones I’ve visited.

  16. If you don’t vote, don’t bitch.

    One vote -can- make a difference. One election years ago there was a position on the ballot with no names. None. It was for some county board of some sort. Usually the position is filled by appointment if no one is elected. I wrote in my father’s name.

    Later that night he got a phone call. He won!

    Now, I can’t say 100% that my one vote got him elected… but I think it did.

    So if you feel your one vote can’t make a difference…

    –Paul E Musselman

  17. you don’t have to vote for a president; you are allowed to leave that blank if you really do wish.

    But 88% of congress and the senate are up for reelection, and that’s where most of the heinous decisions have come from that affect policy on a national level. The obstructionism and infighting are at the expense of US citizens, but if you don’t vote you only ensure more of the same.

    In terms of direct impact on you, your local elections are vitally important. It takes some research to educate yourself on the issues in your neck of the woods but it behooves you to do so and to vote on them because this is the place where you’ll really feel the decisions of your local policymakers.

  18. While in San Francisco for the Tested live show last weekend, I went to the Kubrick exhibit and Tom Sachs back to back. Both were incredible but Space Program: Europa was one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in a long time. I couldn’t believe the scale and scope of it. It really inspired me to be less of a perfectionist and just make.

    I was also lucky enough to be in Los Angeles a few weeks back and caught the Guillermo Del Toro exhibit. It’s incredible. You guys won’t be disappointed. In case you didn’t know, there is a Hellboy mecha hand in the exhibit. Presuming Adam didn’t build it, it’d be pretty rad to compare the two.

  19. I have always voted before, and have never been 100% behind any candidate.

    I know the election will go on with or without me, but I want have blood on my hands. I know everything will work out no matter what happens it will be all right. 🙂

  20. In Australia we have the right to vote, that means everybody, it’s a good thing, i must admit that there is a occasional informal vote (a blank), but overall the system works well.

    Great show BTW…

  21. Complain about Heathrow? try one of the smaller airports in the UK like Luton.

    My shittest aiport experince ever was J.F..K International Airport,

    As a European we get as much shit getting into the US..

  22. Schill

    In defence of European airports, the thing that they don’t announce gates until shortly before the flight is a rare thing that only some airports do, at least in my experience (or if flights are cancelled or delayed). Maybe it’s a UK thing – I remember being annoyed about it in London airports. The UK and France also do that with trains – you find out about the platform 10 minutes before the train leaves, leading to ridiculous clumps of people waiting at the main information board, and occasional stampedes when the platform is announced. In contrast, e.g. Switzerland and Germany announce the platforms at the beginning of each year with the train schedule, so if you look up your trip beforehand you already know exactly where to go, and when to go there.

    It really does depend on the country. As a Finn I’m also used to knowing the gate beforehand, so traveling to the UK for example is always a pain just because you can’t plan ahead.

    Navigating your way around airports can also vary greatly. Heathrow is definitely on the more confusing end of the spectrum, whereas the Helsinki-Vantaa airport in Finland has been chosen the best airport in the world in several occasions and for good reason, there’s no guessing game before going to your gate, you always know exactly where it is.

  23. With the jet lag I agree with what Felix earlier. For me: Organise yourself so you are a bit tired and go to sleep according to the time zone you are in. Being tired helps make sure you get a full nights sleep. Doesn’t stop jet lag but works reasonably well for me.

    As coincidence would have it I listen to 2 science podcasts by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and he asked the very same question of his listeners because he was going to England for a few days and then returning to Australia. (Adam and Jamie were on his Australian show a couple of years ago when they were touring Australia although this happened on his UK BBC version of the show) On gentleman who works with a Formula 1 team called in and said the team avoids food and alcohol on the flight and takes melatonin to avoid jet lag. It is really important for everyone in the team to be on top of their game because they can travel over multiple time zones for a weekends race and the smallest mistake from anyone in the team can result in a driver not completing the race. Dr Karl tried this and reported through his show that it worked quite well. (I can’t remember what time of the day you are meant to take the melatonin)

    He looked into it more and said that the liver has its own clock and by not eating the clock in the liver may be somewhat reset and may help. Also melatonin is the hormone that regulates our sleep so by taking it as a supplement you can change your sleep patterns.

  24. And for airports. I’ve never been to America but I have taken many flights and have to say that every flight is the luck of the draw. I have had excellent and crappy experiences at the same airport. Most experiences are good but every so often things don’t go well.

    One example was a security checkpoint with almost no queue but we had to visit the toilet just before it for our daughter. In the 5 minutes we were in there a 25 minute queue at the checkpoint appeared and we were close to missing our flight.

  25. A bit late to the party here, but I’m a frequent traveler. I think my experience is a little different than what’s described here. I travel weekly for work, but I’m home every weekend. I’m actually traveling to tested’s neck of the woods from Rhode Island next week. (Tested staff, if you’re reading, I should have enough time for a tour of Adams shop or Tested’s office! – just saying!) I might check out the Tom Sachs exhibit though.

    Typically I’m flying out on a Monday afternoon/evening and getting home late Thursday or some time on Fridays. The second I get home its to greet my wife and play with our puppy a little bit, then right to the washer to do my laundry, and then a shower when I get at home after rushing around to get through airports and all that. Joey’s process reminded me of my own. Once my laundry and shower are done; having a week of being on the road and eating junk, it’s nice to come home and make a good home cooked meal. I also like making pizzas on my baking steel, various pasta dishes, chili, stir fry, anything. I don’t do all this all the time, it depends on the day and time of day I’m getting home.

    As far as jet lag goes, I typically stay on the east coast, once in a while dropping into central time, but an hour is no big deal. I’ll actually be going back and forth from eastern to pacific twice this month (California and Vancouver), so we’ll see how that plays out. I’m pretty good at adapting with only 3 or 4 hours difference, it’s not really a big deal to me. Nice to hear an episode I could relate more to than normal!

  26. Steigenberger Airport hotel in Frankfurt? That’s the hotel we always got when using Lufthansa facilities. It’s not to bad apart from being in the middle of nowhere.

    LHR is awesome, so long as you don’t change terminals… Your mistake here was clearly changing from BA to United. Also apparently you still had enough time to buy a Go-Pro too :-p Obviously enjoying the destruction the Brexit vote has done to the exchange rate. Airport security requirements are set by the UK CAA/EASA so can hardly be blamed for that and despite travelling through Heathrow a dozen times a year have never fallen foul of the regs, basic travel advice says check before you go.

    Last minute gate allocations are a B, my latest trick for Heathrow has been following the plane on flight radar while its on the ground to try and figure out which finger its going to.

    Plane food can vary significantly, the biggest issue is its all pre-prepared. If you check out skytrax and the world airliner awards you can see where the good infligth catering is at. For jetlag I think everyone is different, I just try and get myself into a local routine as quickly as possible.

  27. I rarely travel any distance that requires any significant wind down, but when I do, I go through a mad rush to unpack and wash clothes so that I don’t put it off, then I clean house and clean shop. And depending on the weather and the yard situation, I may even do some yard work. It’s enough of a different mode for me that it allows me to clear my mind and present myself with a relaxing situation over the next few days. The clean house – shamefully enough – is such a vastly different situation from the normal creative chaos and geeky squalor that it forces me to slow down in my process for winding back up into the norm. It’s so luxurious (relative to the norm) that I want to extend that state as long as possible.

  28. It isn’t just something I tell myself to feel better. I don’t think I would physically be able to vote for either of them.

    This is just my view, and my belief, I know it is out of the American norm of “You have to vote no matter what”. This is just me. 🙂

    I will say that I love the fact that I am having a nice little discussion with people that are smart enough that they don’t just explode! This place is great! 🙂

  29. I hope that the US government will be more like you guys someday. But right now our voting rights are not that good, millions of people are wrongfully denied the right to vote. 🙁

  30. I’m not much of a graphics artist. Instead of a picture like Brad McGinty, I started 3d modeling the cross section of Totoro/Adam for 3d printing. Much more like Jason Freeny’s sculptures. Three hours in and this is what I have.

    I don’t want to 3d model Adam because I’m not sure I can do him justice. I’m hoping, maybe I can be provided with a 3d scan model???

  31. Hey Joey! Welcome to L.A.! Love the work you do! If you need help finding a place or some great places to eat, I’m happy to assist! 😀

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