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Ripe for Misadventure – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/25/16

We’re all over the place this week! Before embarking on another week of travel, Adam shares another recent find connected to his obsession with the Shining maze, we talk about halloween haunts and costumes, and Will goes off on a rant! Plus, we give out more details about our upcoming live stage show, taking place this Saturday!

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26 thoughts on “Ripe for Misadventure – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/25/16

  1. Will says “I don’t do scary VR games”
    You NEED to watch Season 3 of Black Mirror dude…. Hell, everybody does!

    Dressing up as Adam
    When the Mythbusters stage show came to Windsor Ontario Canada a couple of years ago, I tried to land a preshow gig in the lobby of the arena you guys were performing in… At the time I was gigging with a Stilt Walking company that did roaming entertainment, and parades and such…. My plan was to do a 9 Foot Tall Adam Savage in a Tested T-shirt…. But the organisers didn’t go for it… Some other time perhaps ,-)

  2. Hey Will, I dunno if anyone’s suggested that you could choose to pronounce “FOO VR” as “fovea”? Not sure there’s any advantage, and sure there’s potential for confusion, but it tickled me when I thought of it. 🙂

  3. Adam said he was a completionist and it made me think about the movie “The Accountant.” I just saw it, and it probably wasn’t supposed to be a comedy, but I laughed the whole time. I think I relate a little too much to an accountant/trained killer who seem to be on the spectrum.

  4. Is it weird that I don’t use Chapstick or lip balm or anything like that? I live in Denver and it gets horribly dry here, and maybe once a year my lips get very chapped. I just power through and after about a week they heal up and I’m good to go for a year.

  5. Not sure why Kevin Costner gets so much hate (not on this podcast but in general), I might be weird but I have always enjoyed his movies. I especially like him as a bad guy, 3000 Miles to Graceland was delightfully tacky and I remember thinking he was amazing in Mr. Brooks. The Guardian was also a really good movie. I also like Nicholas Cage movies too (I am right there with Adam on Con Air) so it could be just me.

  6. For the record, my home state’s (Oregon’s) website does not have a hot air balloon on the main page nor on the Recreation page. Do I win a prize?

    This is one of the most hilarious podcasts of Still Untitled I think I’ve ever watched. Please do more like this.

    I fully relate to the “this is a shitty movie and I know, but I love it” thing.

    Also, what did happen to Adam’s elbow?

  7. Speaking of costumes, I’m still waiting to see if Adam is ever going to tackle Johann Kraus from Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

    We all know Adam is a big Hellboy fan. So Adam, if you’re reading this – It would surely be an epic costume worthy of an incognito session…

  8. I honestly have not gotten more then a min into this episode but in past one day builds as of late if you look close you can see the Butterfly of Bench Made Knives. The model number… I’m not that much of an expert.

  9. I know this is super late idea for the show, and I will see you guys Saturday, but would it not be fun that since Halloween is just around the corner for people to come to the show dressed up in costume? Just saying…

  10. Inflatable Costume Thingies

    Marika at Kink Engineering up here in Toronto, Canada can do crazy things with inflatable latex – for instance, they did the Pacific Rim scavenger suits props…


    Tel: 416-465-4351

  11. re: halloween haunts with women tied to a chair… How ’bout that James Bond scene with Daniel Craig tied to a chair and tortured?

    re: Costumes– I think kids’ costumes with the name of the character across the front are the tackiest!

    –Paul E Musselman

  12. When I was studying Computer Information Technology in college, we had this thing where if someone left the computer lab without locking their computer, frequently they would return to find their computer “Nick Caged” – Nick Cage wallpaper, and plugins installed in their browser to convert every image on a website into pictures of Nick Cage.

  13.  photo 5D_IMG_8463.jpg

    you asked…here’s me and my wife Christa at the 2012 Lucasfilm Halloween
    Party. She’s a financial analyst on the “Star Wars: Rebels” show.

    made up as Jamie with a full-on Graftobian bald cap that I cut and
    painstakingly applied. None of her co-workers recognized her. I figured it
    would really be unexpected if she was Jamie.

    To be
    blunt, the makeup freaked her the fuck out. So much so that she needed to pull
    it off in the car before we drove home. But she liked how I looked with the
    facial hair, so I got spousal approval to grow it for real. So there’s that.

    Plausible/Confirmed/Busted sign is corrugated cardboard, scored and zip tied
    into a Toblerone box. To simulate a raggedy look, the letters were tin snipped
    out of some scraps of matt board I had lying around. It was a super quick arts
    and crafts project (hot glue was involved, naturally).

    – Rob
    “Phred” Miller

  14. Hey Norm. I’m struggling to get my reply posted with uploaded or linked images that will show my wife dressed as Jamie. I’m getting an error when saving with multiple attempts at different image resolutions. If someone can help me out so I can get the image in the reply that would be super.

    Thanks, Rob

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