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South Lawn Selfie – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/18/16

Adam recaps his recent travels in which he visited nine states in twelve days! From helping with the White House’s South By South Lawn event to visiting maker spaces on the East Coast, it’s been a busy month! We also hear about Will’s trip to New York’s Oculus train station, and the Phil Tippett prop auction.

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17 thoughts on “South Lawn Selfie – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/18/16

  1. Let’s get rid of that first comment, shall we?

    On a different note, I can’t wait to see the video on the making of the SXSL sign. That sounds like a really fun day, with a bit of drudgery.

  2. I really enjoyed the discussion of library memories. I grew up in Waterville, a small town in NW Ohio. The library was only a block away from my house – a 2 minute walk at the very most and I spent more afternoons there than I can even remember from the late 1960s on thru to the mid 1980s. Miss Lois was the elderly head librarian and Miss Keogh was her assistant and they perfectly fit the stereotypical spinster librarian image that one can mentally conjure, right down to the pearl necklaces and glasses on beaded chains. Beyond that though, they saw an intellectual curiosity in me, even at the age of ten, that they nurtured and encouraged by issuing me an “adult” library card, thus giving me access to the full collection (in those days, library policy limited kids to checking out books only from the children’s section). I was beyond proud to carry that library card – it meant more to me than earning my driver’s license years later.

  3. I don’t know, maybe the first comment should stay. I’ve been meaning to discuss erectile dysfunction, but it never came up.


    yes, lets clear that first post, shall we?

  4. Recursive comment deletion… I’d hate to go through that again! 🙂

    Agreed. However, now that it is gone, your comment goes to explain mine. We are recursive!

  5. Any tested members out there with advice on connecting with maker space support? I’m interested in working with the local library about building out a makerspace. Not sure about the financial support needed.

  6. The Green Bay, WI Maker Space is in the public library. Proto is the organization running it (www.protogb.org) and they were lucky enough to be able to take over the third floor office space that the library was no longer using. They have a wood working space, Arduino lab, they are making a scale model of the down town in cardboard, and currently we are mentoring kids on First Lego League where they need to build a lego robot to complete challenges on a 4′ x 8′ board.

    Lots of fun stuff.

  7. Forcing people to vote on a two party ballot is not much different from forcing them to vote on a one party ballot (North Korea, Soviet Union, Saddam’s Iraq). You are just changing the checkbox labels from ‘yes or no’ to ‘yes or yes’. A lot of states have closed primaries, no write-ins, and de-facto bans on third parties so ‘yes or yes’ is what you get.

  8. As they say in some of the major cities: “Vote early and often!”

    The library was a marvelous place– an old, stone house with books inside! It smelled like books– there’s no other smell like it! Growing up the town library was at least a weekly visit. If we had errands, Mom and we kids would go our separate ways and take care of business, then meet at the library. I spent I don’t know how many afternoons reading through their entire collection of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines. Traffic in the magazine room was low enough that I had a card stuck between the issues to keep my place! Any Gus and the Model Garage fans?

    –Paul E Musselman

  9. I do research – for me, librarians are the unsung heros of research. I have so much respect for their skills. We do not give them enough credit. Their brains are wired so differently than the rest of us. It would be interested to go back to some of these libraries with maker sections and see how they have evolved.

  10. Actually the lockers in GCT, Penn and the airports were pulled twenty years before 9/11 because of another terrorist attack.

    I can’t count the number of times I lugged big shopping bags around NYC because there were no lockers in NYC.

  11. I love that you talked about makerspaces in libraries – this is actually exactly what I am currently getting my MLIS (Masters in Library and Information Science) in! Libraries are struggling to figure out how to do this, and I am blending a strong technology background with the knowledge of librarians to create awesome spaces for makers of all interest. There are starting to be ‘libraries of things’ – such as sewing machines and the like. Its super exciting work and hopefully will allow libraries to have even more of a place in our communities.

    If you want to talk more about it, I am always game and if you know of any cool librarian folks or libraries trying to do this, I would love to talk to them!

  12. As linked, this is correct. Glad Will liked it, cause it cost $4BB and is generally reviled by most commuters since we have so many transit problems, that it was an obvious waste of money for zero ROI.

    On a side note, Calatrava also built a similar structure atop the Milwaukee Museum of Art on the shore of Lake Michigan. That one is worth a visit, as the wings expand and retract during the day, and looks like a bird soaring over the lake. It’s really pretty.

  13. That career choice seems to be a really awesome one! I might have to follow suit! Just visited Pikes Peak Library District – Library 21c last month for their Mini Maker Fair. They have pushed hard to be a traditional library, maker space & co-working space. I think they did a really good job of isolating the concerns. The challenge with a typical maker space: noise. If the space needs to feature machining or a wood shop… make sure it is in a separate building nearby. One thing that seemed to be lacking: a room where there could be low-key music & socializing. They do have a cafe, though.

  14. I was particularly intrigued by Adam’s brief discussion about integrating more special effects into his costumes. That has been one of my areas of focus as I develop my Retro Modules project. I have been greatly inspired by Adam, The Stan Winston School & other makers like James Bruton to work toward great puppets & costumes that also deliver a rich effects experience. He mentioned that he was going to talk to Jeremy about audio effects. Would that be Jeremy Williams?

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