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Potpourri – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 9/6/16

While Adam and Norm continue their journeys abroad, Adam invited Rebecca Watson to join Simone and Will to discuss Simone’s appearance on Stephen Colbert, international relations, and and some underrated science fiction. Enjoy!

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  1. Cant say I’m impressed to see another no Adam Adam podcast. I understand he’s away doing other stuff but but IMO just hold off on the Adam podcast until Adam is back.

  2. Here we go again. I watched the whole thing because I wanted to be as objective as possible and give this sliding podcast yet another chance. But just a few minutes in, everyone’s favorite SJW, Feminist and Racist-Identifier comes out making sure she lets everyone know what is racist. It doesn’t really matter that what she declared was absolutely incorrect and completely unnecessary, just that she needs to assert her view of the world on people. The rest of the podcast she (Rebecca) was fairly benign, simply because Simone’s story was the centerpiece. Of course, Rebecca also had to make the podcast unsuitable for children (for several minutes). I know that everyone on here lets an occasional curse word slip, but I have noticed Adam and especially Norm try to correct themselves. But this week it was absurdly unnecessary. It seems like every podcast might as well be labeled “potpourri” because the show’s focus has gone so far off the rails this summer. Will even mentions at the end something like “Leave a comment, whatever I don’t care” as if anticipating some negative feedback and not caring that it exists. I had previously stated that Tested should provide Simone a larger platform for her great ideas, but at this point I am not sure she wouldn’t be better off distancing herself from Tested and seeking another way to broadcast. Let me ask you this, Tested: Just what IS this particular podcast’s mission statement? Because you sure aren’t doing it the way you used to.

  3. I was all in for unknown guests this week, glad it was you three!

    Thank you for not pushing reruns on us 😉

    you guys have what it take to entertain plenty.

    plus, Simone’s and Rebecca’s mandatory explicit language is music to my ears.

  4. I really don’t know why anyone enters into a Tested podcast expecting it to be “suitable for children”… never were. Not before Adam joined the site, not after.

    The cave videos, sure, the podcasts, nope.

    Same goes for it having some sort of mission statement. They are rambling strings of nonsense about 50% of the time.

  5. I also enjoyed this podcast, and although Adam and Norm weren’t there in person, I feel Adam would have enjoyed the anecdotes – he probably has one or two about machines that did not work on stage that we could hear next time – and Norm’s presence was felt in several of the stories, not just the ads.

  6. Ok, since you were clearly referring to my post I will clarify for you: I never implied that the podcast SHOULD be “suitable for children”, simply that Rebecca made it unsuitable for no constructive reason. Like it or not, Adam co-hosted a TV show that many children were inspired by and by creating an online presence that is increasingly more adult-only, he is limiting his audience. At the very least have an indicator (as Will said they would do but did not) that this includes mature content. And while I agree that many of the “Still Untitled” podcasts become rambling, it used to be at least Norm had a sketch in his mind of key items to hit, and in fact would sometimes shoehorn one of his famous segues to keep things on track. But at the very least I would wish that the shows contain conversations about making, testing, movies, sci-fi, props, and tech…. which is why I think most are here. Simone’s story of her Colbert appearance was fantastic, because she incorporated the worry about her robots functioning into the larger story. Spot on! I honestly have NO idea what the other woman brings to the show other than controversy. She is an atheist and so is Adam and I think that is why she is there, which doesn’t seem to have the slightest link to what Tested has been about.

  7. John, I was indeed referring to your post, but the recurring comment-bug where you can’t (at)reply to people stopped me from doing so (and just did again).

    Rebecca is here because she’s a friend of Adam’s (and the rest of the Tested hosts) whose interests and work overlap with the topics Tested covers. The same goes for Jeremy and Gary on TIOAT, Mary Roach/Tom Sachs on Still Untitled, everyone who ever appeared on Octoberkast, A Bunch of Dads, CreatureGeek, LEGO with Friends etc.

    If Adam was concerned about limiting his audience, he’d stop swearing.

  8. I agree that the comment section is buggy. Hell, the whole site is (at least on Chrome) for me.

    Of course Adam is free to steer the site in any direction he wishes, and viewers/subscribers will respond as they wish. I was simply adding my thoughts to the discussion. Adam, and by extension Norm and Will (and the others), have a great opportunity to welcome so many to the world of interests they share. I simply think providing content that divides the audience by age, race or political thought is antithetical to the base idea of SCIENCE, which has always been a fallback word for Adam. Everything on the internet is so freaking polarized and divisive these days, how about Tested not be that? Just an idea.

  9. I can’t say I’d agree with that. It’s not like they told Adam he can’t come on this week ’cause Rebecca Watson is coming on, so you’re not missing out, but some people enjoy these, so it’s nice for those people.

  10. Yea, no Liberal Troll. But nice try.But it’s cute how you exposed your political bias. My whole point was to keep politics out of this but you proved me so wrong. 🙂

  11. godbothering family values type…

    can’t stand anyone who thinks differently to themselves
    keeping politics out the murican way.


  12. The idea behind it does.

    Basically picc is saying they don’t enjoy these so they don’t think they should exist. If they’re not going to watch them anyway why does it matter if Will and co actually take time out of their busy lives to make and upload these videos for those of us that do enjoy them to watch?

  13. Because….. kooky as it may seem, the Podcast is actually called “Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project”. Truth in advertising? Do they need to podcast every week or whenever Adam is a contributor?

  14. Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project is indeed the title of the podcast but that doesn’t mean he has to be on every episode, says on the description that Adam invited Rebecca to join Simon and Will. Basically …. I’m away for a fortnight but it doesn’t mean you guys can’t still have a jolly old chat about being a shit faced cockmaster, or whatever it is you kids talk about when I’m gone.

  15. I don’t get what the issue is, if you don’t like it don’t listen to it. Tune in next week or whenever. No need for the conversation to take this kind of a turn, it now looks just like a YouTube comment section. Basically this is free content for whomever to enjoy, which means they are free to produce it however they see fit. Gripe about the premium content if you want, at least you pay for that service. As far as the free content goes…….just take it or leave it as it comes.

  16. Hi all , I don’t often comment but I kinda had to here;

    Its very simple, If you don’t like it .. Don’t watch it.

    Why do people try to stop me watching something they don’t like ? I really don’t get it. How do these people know what I like, or what I should watch ?

    It’s up to the individual to control their own media intake, to insure it fits with their values. It is not their responsibility to control my media choices or impose their values on me.

    This is kinda the whole point of ‘Youtube’ (within reason).

    The *”you” in the above comment is intended to be the ‘plural’ you and refer to no one specifically.


  17. I really don’t understand the Rebecca Watson hate here, is there something I am missing other than the whole elevatorgate thing?

    Totally agree.

    All in all, very good episode!!

  18. Johndiz – I’m afraid that the Tested community doesn’t brook negative comments well. Apparently, the comment sections here are only to say things like, “That’s so cool.” or “I know, right?” Anytime you criticize something, everyone jumps up and down with their arms flapping and squawks, “Why are you trying to keep me from watching what I want to watch – you fascist! You’re probably a Trump lover!” And this from the so-called scientific, rational, maker community.

    In reality, the comment section should give folks an opportunity to provide feedback to the show in question. If you did like the show, comment. If you did NOT like the show, comment. Will, who is no longer an official part of Tested, has always treated feedback from the audience with smirky disdain, but most of the others actually care (as well they should, the entire point of providing entertainment is for audience consumption). If they received lots of comments about how folks did NOT enjoy hearing SJW commentary or political wankery, they would, hopefully, steer the show more towards what is appealing to the audience overall (pop culture, science, making . . .etc.). We’re talking about a podcast here, folks, not high art. No great truths are being communicated here.

    Likewise, if most folks love the political SJW wankery, then they should do more of it. And it appears that folks do, and it appears that they are following that path.

    For folks to tell you to NOT provide negative comments is actually them doing the exact thing they accuse you of doing. If you never voiced your dislike of Watson and her foulness, then the conclusion could be drawn by the content makers that this is what people like, and the entire podcast could start drifting in that direction. Eventually, it might become a podcast that you could not listen to anymore, and then you would be the one who is not getting to listen to what you want. That actually works out since Watson’s entire mission is to control what other folks are allowed to say and think based on her own set of values. (I’m not a Watson fan, if that’s not apparent)

    For the record, I find pointless obscenity a mark of immaturity for anyone who isn’t a sailor. That folks now take pride in being immature is not a problem I can solve, and the idea of making things family friendly is dead. It’s sad that it’s dead, but it’s as dead as Jacob Marley.

    Also, I stopped listening to this podcast a long while ago because I honestly no longer enjoyed listening to Adam (sacrilege, I know, but the absolute stupidity that came after the Ahmed clock boy nonsense convinced me my time was better spent elsewhere). I still listen to TIOAT weekly, though. At least until they turn that into mostly political wankery (hopefully not any time soon).

  19. I think you people forget this website is a business. Since they make money off of Youtube views why the hell would they they take two weeks off until Adam returns. Thats two weeks of lost income. It’s like closing your sexshop for two weeks because you’re out of velvet nipple clamps

  20. I enjoyed this episode even without Adam and would listen to a podcast of just Will, Simone and Rebecca. Ever since Will left TIOaT I’m always happy to see him back on the site in any way.

    I’m okay with profanity but was genuinely curious to know if “holy cow” had a derogatory past. (Apparently not, at least according to wikipedia.) This led to a going down a wiki-hole of other euphemisms. (Very amusing, highly suggest.)

    As for commenting and content producers listening to comments I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Tested folks generally don’t pay much heed to the comments on youtube but do pay attention here. In general the comments and the forum here tend to be more positive and even when critical tend to be constructive. That said from my cursory observation it seems that negative comments generally come from non-premium watchers/listeners. I wonder how much if any membership level weighs into comments having an effect on editorial decisions.

  21. I’m not so sure it was the message that ruffled feathers as much as the delivery.

    Negative feedback is important – negative attitude – not so much – and it makes folks not want to listen.

    I know this – because I am guilty of it – or have been.

  22. Sorry MantaBase – the decrepit comments functionality won’t let me reply directly to you. I agree that negative attitude is unnecessary, but I’ve found not as many folks are always as discerning as yourself. If you go back and look at Johndiz’s original post it was pretty civil. That still didn’t stop folks from telling him he must be a Trump supporter and liken his comments to the YouTube comment section (which is absurd).

    He asked some earnest questions and voiced his earnest opinion. As far as obscenity and Watson go, I share them. The “Tested” community is awfully quick to circle the wagons when any negative criticism arises, and I would suggest that’s actually not a very healthy situation to be in.

  23. I would agree with this. If Watson’s comment annoyed you, make that case, but lose the bile.

    I don’t personally see that she was trying to control anyone’s thoughts, I think she was going for a cheap joke that missed its mark with you. Same could be said with Will’s follow up regarding Holy Toledo. I’d say they are innocent, shitty jokes. I didn’t laugh, but I can appreciate the effort of an off the cuff remark.

    In any case, I enjoyed this episode. This podcast is something I look forward to each week, so I appreciate it even if Adam isn’t around.

    As for a specific theme or format, it is called, “Still Untitled” not sure what you expect out of such vagueness. Yes, Adam’s name follows that, but we all know he is a busy guy. I’ll take Will time as a sub.

  24. I found it a bit “name call-y” at the beginning. But of course, the other complaints are founded – even if I don’t totally agree with them.

    I don’t know where the Trump thing came from, but I honestly didn’t track it.

    “The “Tested” community is awfully quick to circle the wagons when any negative criticism arises, and I would suggest that’s actually not a very healthy situation to be in.”

    This is true – although, I think there is some fear it will degenerate into a Youtube comment section if not watched. Not sure that is valid (or even true). Just a feel.

    Anyways, I agree the cussing could be brought down a bit. But I think this video was more the exception than the rule. Watson has been in many of them without any of that so I think it was just how that particular conversation went – not some personality trait.

    I am glad for new content though.


  25. Really fun episode! Obviously, I miss Adam’s input, but even so, the episode was really refreshing and playful, in a way Still Untitled usually isn’t. Thanks for keeping it going! I know not everybody feels positively about it, but I think it’s great.

  26. I am absolutely fine with the devotees “circling the wagons” with ad hominem attacks. It’s kinda fun and comes with the territory here. It will never stop me from voicing my opinion on a site I have enjoyed for years.

  27. WVC – I enjoyed your reply. Completely cogent and rational, so I am assuming you will be attacked for it. A quick glance at the number of dislikes on YouTube for the shows featuring Rebecca Watson compared to shows featuring content about movies/making/sci-fi… hell…. ANYTHING ELSE, will tell you all you need to know.

    I also agree that the “Ahmed clock boy nonsense” represented a sea change in how Adam was going to present himself to the public. But now with his “Discovery” chains off, perhaps he wants to voice much more in terms of political rhetoric. If he does, so be it. Much of his fan base will simply move on to something else.

    But of course when I saw Simone in the screenshot I had to watch, and her contribution to the podcast was funny and engaging…. as always. That lady has a remarkable future in store.

  28. Johndiz, it tells us people have an irrational dislike for Rebecca, that’s what it tells us. The same way people have an irrational dislike for other women who speak out against sexism on the internet.

  29. Johndiz & wvc

    Maybe some clarification is in order. All I said was its free content, you can either choose to listen to it or not, just like everything else on the internet. I also (and this is the part you glossed over) said complain all you want about the premium content if you are not a fan because you have paid for it and if it is not what you would like to see you are not getting your moneys worth. You have a financial investment in that content and anything you have dollars invested in should be up to your standard.

    Also as far as the “YouTube Comment section” statement went…..it was not just one comment that referred to. It was the entire comment string up to my post. Read through them all again, there were a number of good & criticizing comments before that were totally acceptable. But there was also a comment about someone wanting to have sex with Rebecca and a other comments following Johndiz that were just out of line and very YouTube esque. Read some YouTube comments and then disagree.

    Do I get what I would like to see out of all of the podcasts on this website (including this one…..no, not always. Do I complain….no. I’m not directly paying for these podcasts so I take it as it comes. Does the premium content give me the feeling that I get my money worth…..yes and if I am not happy with things I will let them know.

    As a final comment, learn to read into a joke. Rebecca obviously didn’t make a serious racism comment, she made a joke that missed and that’s it.

  30. Joopson – there you go, judging others “rationality” because it simply doesn’t happen to agree with your views. Logical fallacy.

  31. TLayh – re-watch the actual podcast and then re-read the “sexual” comment against Watson. The poster was clearly referring to Simone’s very funny “tap that ass” discussion and wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.

  32. I find the hypocrisy of the left amusing. Liberals: “Don’t you fucking call Bruce Jenner a man THAT’s offensive!!!” Rational people: ” Sorry I find the work fuck offensive. Besides science still says he’s a man. ” Left: ” FUCK YOU! ” as this is their only recourse.

  33. this. and when you look at the tone of comments on youtube, when these people start raising their voices, it strangely coincides with a raise in unironic usage of ‘SJW’. and then they get all uppity when they get thrown in the same basket as common bigots.

  34. Rebecca was great.

    Also this is my real name. So … by the Law of the Internet, my comment is 50 times more important than yours.

  35. I have heard stories of the great one who comments on the internet with his real name.


    Rebecca is indeed great, Simone’s greatest soon will be fully revealed, we only seen snippets of it when she visited the Prince of Late Night Shows and on the Tube of You (please subscribe !!). Will has taken his greatness to new ventures. We are not worthy of his visits.

    We all await for the return of Adam and Norm. There will be much rejoicing and drinking of coffee.

  36. Fun conversation. It’s interesting to note that much of what Simone said here about working with Colbert I believe Adam has also said, using almost exactly the same language.

    However, the fact that people are griping about “SJW wankery” because of one throw-away comment that wasn’t even entirely certain, in what is probably one of the most obscene episodes of this podcast… is just ridiculous.

    More effort was put into the whole “Rebecca Watson needs to police everyone” posts than there was discussing the potentially racial cast of “Holy Cow” in the actual podcast.

  37. What – you don’t think MantaBase is my real name? I mean yea, there is a space between Manta and Base but you skipped the spaces too!

  38. Well, I can offer other constructive criticism. Whose the idiot who thought framing the shot so the microphones were in front of everyone’s face was a good idea?

    SJW Wankery speaks to a general trend that has been developing in the Still Untitled Podcast for some time. Watson’s reputation certainly precedes her, so you can understand why folks are quick to point out she’s back on her hobby horse (if she ever even gets off said horse). It’s like if Trump came onto the podcast and said a dumb joke about women and then everyone pointed out that he’s a sexist or has had affairs or multiple marriages . . .etc.

    Speaking of which – aren’t we all supposed to be celebrating diversity and whatnot? How about they have a black guy or gal on Still Untitled sometime soon? If I never saw Watson again, I’m sure I could find a way to cope. I already have enough very unfunny obscenities in my life.

  39. Dude – the “you’re afraid of feminist women” card is really tired. I mean really, really, really tired. Give it a rest. Put it to bed, even.

    Folks might not like Watson because she’s an incredibly obscene person. I know I don’t enjoy spending any amount of time with tremendously obscene people. I figured out that saying curse words and talking about sex wasn’t that big a deal back in Middle School.

  40. WVC: I agree on the shot framing and it has been pointed out many times before about technical issues with audio and video. They seem to actually respond to those particular comments to make the shows a bit better, IMO.

    However, I don’t agree that the shows should display diversity by seeking a particular race, gender or whatever. That would be pandering to Political Correctness. They should simply be monitoring the up-and-comers in the sci-fi/prop/maker/tester/geek community in social media and invite them to participate, as they did with Simone, IMO.

    And the mere fact that the complaints are about Watson and not Simone negates the “you are sexist” argument. I simply think, as apparently many others do, that she is a toxic individual. Simone is a delight.

  41. I understand your position, but I respectfully disagree. I feel the comment section is the chance to give feedback to the content creators, both positive and negative. Even the “free” content is advertised, and watching it directly contributes, in whatever small way, to the revenue stream at Tested. So even if I thought that was a prerequisite, one could make the case that we commentators are, to varying degrees, stakeholders with valid concerns.

    If they did NOT want any feedback on their content, then I would imagine they would turn off the comments and forum. As feedback, I feel, is an important part of the creative process, I think it’s a good thing for folks to express their dislike of content in a reasonably respectful fashion (i.e. not just stupid name calling ala YouTube).

    As I’ve said, I used to be a Podcast subscriber to Still Untitled, but I dropped it because it kept creeping more and more towards politics, liberal political agendas, how great our Overlord President is . . . etc. It started to feel like “an organ of the state” or some bizarre propaganda machine, so I dropped it. I used to enjoy Penn Jillette’s Sunday School podcast, but as the election cycle has continued he has also devoted more and more of his time to political wankery. Maybe after this election cycle is all over folks can stop talking about it? I can’t think of anything more pointless to waste so much time on. At least I’ve still got the BBC Friday Night Comedy – at least when they talk about American politics it’s actually funny.

    I understand your YouTube comment section comment better now, after your explanation.

  42. WVC: Upon review, the politicized direction of this podcast (to wit: extremely Left-Wing) had begun in small doses soon after Trump entered the race and amped-up quite a bit with the demise of “Mythbusters”. I noticed Watson’s first appearance on the Podcast (I believe it was the RIP David Bowie one in January) brought out immediate negative comments and they have continued since then whenever she appears.

    Now, if Adam wants to turn Tested into the “Web site nominally about sci-fi, making and testing but with a heavy dose of left-wing, liberal, feminist, atheist and socialist preaching” then so be it, but he would limit his audience dramatically. The way I personally see it, this site has the potential to increase it’s audience by being agnostic to the divisive issues it has embraced this past year. But I don’t own the site, I am just a fan. And less so with each passing week.

    And for those of you who may scream “good riddance” remember this site isn’t a cult, it is a business. It must generate revenue to continue and to expand. Pissing off let’s say 40-55% of your potential audience with diatribes isn’t smart business. But it is, of course, up to Adam.

  43. johndiz: the idea that roughly half of the worldwide audience would be pissed off by someone occasionally saying something noncontroversial to everyone but a certain brand of US conservatism would bear recalibration.

  44. I count one piece of functional criticism (camera framing, which is often a problem, actually, though I’m sure Will could go on at length about the trade-offs between naturalistic camera placement and mic placement requirements).

    Then some whining.

    And then a valid-ish criticism. The world that the Tested crew run is overall pretty white. The whole Maker movement is pretty white. And pretty male. Adam has done some good pieces on outreach in various places (Cleveland & Atlanta, I think it was?). Adding Simone was a great move in terms of broadening the crew. More diversity would certainly be good, especially for younger viewers.

    Also, I think a bunch of you guys have no idea what “heavily political” actually looks like. Adam talks about politics mostly in passing, stuff comes up in asides. Education policy is very much in his wheelhouse and related to a lot of the work he’s done, so it’s not at all odd for him to talk about that sort of thing from time to time (as in the outreach pieces I mentioned above). For Rebecca Watson being some kind of political firebrand or whatever, she’s said hardly anything in that direction at all. I see more out of context, not related to anything this site is about, strongly political content in the comments than in the podcast.

    Also, for a bunch of people who are supposed to be about rationality and pro-science, etc, y’all seem pretty unwilling to have to very occasionally hear points-of-view that differ from yours. Entertaining opposing arguments in good faith is a vital part of the scientific process.

  45. Tertius: Ok, I could pick apart your rebuttal with every sentence, but I will focus on one point for brevity:

    Also, for a bunch of people who are supposed to be about rationality and pro-science, etc, y’all seem pretty unwilling to have to very occasionally hear points-of-view that differ from yours. Entertaining opposing arguments in good faith is a vital part of the scientific process.”

    So, your point is that, because there are opposing arguments presented on the podcast that they should not be challenged?

    Let’s use Rebecca Watson’s entire reason for existence, being a skeptic, as an example. So SHE can be skeptical of others, but NONE can be skeptical of her? No one can rip into her points of view in relation to the topic?

    This is a conversation, sir. And in this conversation I simply disagree with her being value-added to the podcast. That’s all. You don’t have to agree with me in the least. But the ‘post comment” element of this freaking web site appears to invite……. I don’t know……. comments. And I didn’t see any caveats that told me I had to agree with everything to comment.

  46. I’m English so I don’t have a clue who Rebecca Watson is, so I have no reason to dislike her. I’d never heard of Simone before she joined Tested. I don’t particularly dislike either. All I do know is that I’ve stopped enjoying the podcasts since they both arrived. Tone is partly to do with that. This is not prudishness but, really, the web is awash with podcasts making jokes about ‘going down on people’. Tested was always something better than that. This is now becoming a regular complaint I have. Tested is losing its way and it is losing me as a regular. I used to visit countless times a day. Now I’m checking in once every few days. This podcast only confirms my feeling that Tested wants to be something different. That’s fair enough. I’ll find somewhere new to go.

    Before I do disappear: there’s something else going on here which feels mildly political. I did not know that SJW meant ‘Social Justice Warrior’ before today but that phase really does pinpoint the disquiet I’ve been feeling. Take the example of ‘shitty robots’. I don’t like the name. I don’t like the concept. It is also remarkably unfunny. I also don’t like the implication that a woman would make shitty robots. It’s pandering to a stereotype I don’t like, even though I know it’s a feeble attempt to fix some problem of gender bias. I might be an unreconstructed male or a true feminist but I don’t really give a damn about gender bias. I just see people who are good or bad at what they do, who are either intelligent enough to hold my attention of bland enough to make me turn them off. I don’t judge a person by their gender. I judge them on what they say and do.

    The absence of Norm is also immense. He grounded everything in something I recognised. Jeremy has that quality (but I think he’s underused) and so does Kishore, who has done a great job of filling in. Neither seem minded to bring down the tone or to forget why we are here.

    I hate writing this comment because I believe in so much that Tested represents. Yet I also agree with We need to express how we feel before something we cherish is destroyed by mediocrity. Somebody at Tested has become obsessed with fixing something that was never broken.

  47. Johndiz: I didn’t mean my hiring comment to be taken seriously. Pardon my inability to communicate clearly through the comments. I honestly don’t care who Tested hires or fires. I just meant the statement as a subtle (perhaps way too subtle) highlighting of the hypocritical nature of that type of talk. Folks like Watson and, certainly more of late, Adam spend lots of time talking and talking about racism and sexism and other isms or phobias, but if you look at where they live, who they associate with, what they do, and who they work with or hire – it usually becomes apparent that it’s just “virtue signaling” without much actual behavior to support it.

    At any rate, cheers to you, and while I don’t hold out much hope for Still Untitled I do still enjoy TIOAT – I think it’s actually gotten markedly better with more Kishore and less Will (although he still shows up a lot, and he’s not too bad in rationed doses).

    (sorry for not directly replying, once again the decrepit tech strikes again)

  48. Sorry for the confusion, but I wasn’t serious about the hiring comment.

    Also – whining seems a bit harsh. I’m pretty sure that not liking Rebecca Watson is not equivalent to whining. I have 5 kids, so I’m pretty familiar with whining. That, plus I’ve worked with sailors, and there’s no one knows how to whine better than an E3 trying to get out of a Working Party.

    I think we’ve made it clear Adam can do whatever he likes with his podcast. I think we’ve also made it clear that we don’t have to like it, and we’re comfortable in posting our disdain.

  49. I will say that the other podcast, TIOAT, is still pretty entertaining. Especially since they’ve been spending more time having fun with pop culture nonsense.

    And, to echo your post, I’ll paraphrase what Will went on to say in last week’s TIOAT regarding the Facebook Newsfeed controversy. He said something about how bad it was to only have information fed to one that agrees and validates what one already believes and thinks. That this results in the hyper-divisiveness that’s marked American politics over the last 8 years. He didn’t use the phrase, but I’m sure he wanted to say something about how unhealthy it is to be in an “echo chamber.”

    He then went on to trash talk a political party, explaining how 9% of voters nominated an actual fascist as their party’s presidential candidate. I thought he was being a little too hard on Clinton, but then I guess I could see how the fascist label could apply.

    So here we are, doing exactly what Will commended. We’re providing contrary feedback for the betterment of Tested, the community, and whatnot.

  50. Johndiz I understood the intent of the comment. However, assume that you didn’t watch the pod cast then read the comment. The optics is what I was talking about, but that was just one comment in the entire string. You yourself called someone racist because they said they enjoyed the podcast. I know it was supposed to be taken as a joke with a smiley face but still, then there was the needless trump comment and so on. It would be nice to see everyone take the time and think about their statements and responses before they put them to words. One of the worst things the internet did was give people an anonymous platform to say whatever nonsense comes to their mind all while hidden by some “mean nothing” name.

    Everyone should word their comments as if the person they were talking to was standing in front of them. You would hope it would promote more thoughtful discussion as opposed to high school banter.

  51. I agree to a point. However a lot of the criticisms are not constructive and/or poorly worded which leads to the strings of comments that makes everyone shake their head. Lots of the comments could have been simply worded as “I don’t like the direction this podcast has taken, I would rather see the discussions center more on making and technology etc” as opposed to slamming individual people that have donated their time (paid or not) to film said podcast. If people are going to respond and critique like that they might as well not tune in to the podcast and let the decreasing views/listens speak for them.

    Why a message board allows people to forget the word respect is beyond me.

  52. Wauw and here I am thinking I just watched an enjoyable podcast. Yeah, bit random, but just a fun quick watch. Curses are part of everyday life, they only mean something really bad in certain contexts… context… an important thing.

  53. Keep enjoying yourselves when podcasting. For many of us, it is infectious.

    The pushback in the comments section should self-correct when the dissenters go elsewhere. I’m still along for the ride.

  54. , No, that’s not my point. Clearly. Nice strawman pretzel attempt, though.

    The thing is that almost no one has engaged in actual “skepticism” or even with her points. Or bad joke, in this instance. The people who have, like the very first comment, have done so with minimal fanfare and no personal attacks. The rest is a bunch of whining (sorry ) about her being a leftist, and toxic, and whatever else. The fact that people “dislike” videos containing her on YouTube doesn’t really help your point, as YouTube is a land of people acting like immature asswipes.Whining and ad hominem don’t count as engaging an opposing POV in good faith.

    Certainly Ms. Watson seems to add no value to the podcast for you, however, it has been pointed out that you make up a very small percentage of the overall, globalized audience of Tested. And she has a substantial audience of her own, which I am quite sure the Tested crew are more than happy to draw on and cross-over with. You can register your displeasure, but I really don’t get what you think it’s going to accomplish.

  55. Wrong about the pee and freezing! I was stationed at Galena Air Station from 1988-89 and the temperature was recorded at -88 F. Pee does not freeze instantly at that temperature. It does freeze within one minute on the ground. I did take a very hot cup of coffee and tossed the coffee in the air. Some of the coffee started to freeze and it faintly sounded like a small sheet of ice hitting the ground.

  56. Tertius (forgive the non-direct reply – comment tech stinks),

    I’m not sure what your expectations are. Did you want me to post a point-by-point dissertation on Watson’s skeptic positions? Why do you think that’s a pre-requisite for objecting to her being obscene and unfunny on the podcast? What, pray tell, is the point-by-point, analytical argument you expect one to provide in response to the fact that she’s obscene and wasn’t funny? A long-reaching social history on obscenity, maturity, social norms, and linguistics? Or a treatise on verbal comedy and its evolution? (That second one actually sounds kind if interesting, to be honest.)

    It seems like you’re making up criteria to support your moralizing, but that criteria doesn’t seem even remotely valid.

    Oh, and leftist and toxic are your words, not mine. I think Johndiz used toxic once, but that was certainly later on in the discussion and mostly to contrast Watson with Simone. His point was (Johndiz, please correct me if I’m wrong) that Watson has a reputation that she brings with her to the podcast. In the case of some, like the commenter from England, knowledge of that reputation isn’t even necessary to be adequately repulsed by her language and behavior.

    As far what we feel like we’re going to accomplish – I don’t know. What do you feel like you’re going to accomplish by your moralizing at folks leaving comments on how they didn’t enjoy the podcast? Should we now only post comments if we have clearly defined and achievable goals prepared ahead of time? I mean, here’s a radical thought – maybe we just wanted to use words to communicate our thoughts? I know some have used comment sections for that purpose in days of yore.

  57. WVC, I am bouncing out of this silly thread. Folks like TLayh and Tertius are only interested in silencing opinions they disagree with. And this is a common tactic of modern American Liberalism. JFK and MLK would disapprove.

    Early on, I expressed a dislike of the continued appearance of one guest and very strongly complimented the continued presence of another.

    I have a long history of positive comments on this site and when I am displeased with something, I will continue to voice my opinion. Proudly.

  58. I really liked this video. It was really funny and the Colbert behind the scenes talk is really interesting.

    But wow, I don’t generally read the comments to these videos, but because I decided to comment I happened to start reading and.. holy cow, how did y’all manage to go where you’ve gone?

    I actually had to watch the entire video again, scrutinizing every single phrase said by the hosts, trying to spot even the slightest hint of what’s been the focus of the discussion.

    As someone who doesn’t know Rebecca from a Jane Doe, and not having any existing negative bias against her, I literally found *zero* evidence of what she’s being accused of.

    It would be illuminating if people could actually point out where she’s being in any way Racist, SJW or even slightly Feminist *in this video*.

    Tap dat ass comes from Simone’s (and probably most of us foreigners’) amusement over the English language’s weird idioms and phrases.
    F-all, likewise stems from that same conversation, again speaking to Simone’s humor and enjoyment.
    The Shits, and the F’s and the Going down on people is again Simone bringing up a conversation regarding earlier podcasts/videos.
    The holy cow and holy Toledo jokes are so obviously attempts at humor, that it has to take a specifically warped and PC-brainwashed mind to read racism out of that.
    This then segues nicely into child rearing and minding your language, and Will brings up the Shit-faced cockmaster (Which is by the one my favorite insult now. I will from now on happily call everyone a shit-faced cockmaster), which Rebecca actually parrots hilariously.

    Regardless of one’s feeling towards foul language (most of the western world really doesn’t care about that as much as you guys do, sorry), Rebecca is actually not the person that’s making the show “unsuitable for children” (which, again, is a perspective borne of your own societal pressures and may or may not have little relevance to the rest of the world’s views), but it’s actually Simone’s doing. She is famous for her foul language, or rather for not giving a shit about foul language… probably because she’s Scandinavian and us lot really don’t give a flying…

    So, from *this video alone*, you seem to be A) judging Rebecca for bringing the tone down, when that is almost entirely Simone’s doing with Will’s help, all the while applauding Simone for being a breath of fresh air into the mix, and B) judging Rebecca for something she might be doing in some other videos or venues that I’ve never seen or heard of, but is certainly not doing here.

    For me, then, this makes the commenting section for *this video* hardly the place to shit all over this Rebecca person. 🙂

    Now, I guess I need to go find out who the hell she is and what she’s done to stir your feathers so. 😀

  59. What – you don’t think MantaBase is my real name? I mean yea, there is a space between Manta and Base but you skipped the spaces too!

    I am like 90% sure that Manta Base is a GI Joe Playset that me and my brother had when I was a kid in the 80s. With like detachable spring-loaded rockets that would be illegal today. Thanks Obama!

  60. What – you don’t think MantaBase is my real name? I mean yea, there is a space between Manta and Base but you skipped the spaces too!

    I am like 90% sure that Manta Base is a GI Joe Playset that me and my brother had when I was a kid in the 80s. With like detachable spring-loaded rockets that would be illegal today. Thanks Obama!

    That would be: M.A.N.T.A. (Marine Assault Nautical Transport: Air-Driven) In other words, a wind-surfer. 🙂

  61. I would agree that this comment threat has reached absurd proportions. It really didn’t have to go so over the top. Some folks didn’t like the podcast and posted that they didn’t like it. Other folks should have posted, “Well, I for one did enjoy it. Sorry you didn’t.” Instead, the trend around here is for folks to always defend what’s going on in the video or podcast and explain to the original poster why he’s either wrong for not liking it or wrong for voicing his opinion in not liking it or both. After that it becomes a dog fight between two factions in which situation neither side spends half as much time reading the opponents comments as they do writing their own retorts. Such is life in the Internet in general and Tested in particular.

    I just jumped in because I enjoy giving people a hard time. That and I do have a sincere dislike for Watson which really has nothing to do with the present podcast.

    For the record, I don’t think I said anything positive about Simone and certainly not about Will. Also, I don’t think I accused Watson of being racist or feminist or a leftist or any of the other stuff. I accused her of being an SJW, which she is, and she’s very proud of that (check out her website or just Google her – its not something she tries to hide – far from it).

    At any rate, what I really wanted to ask you was about Scandinavia. I presume, form your comment, that you’re Scandinavian as well. Would you say that foul language is the norm over there? I’m assuming you curse just as much in your native tongue as Simone does in English? Is there an age difference in what’s acceptable language, or is it really across generations? I mean to say, is this a relatively recent transition to having foul language acceptable publicly, say, the last fifty years or so, or has it been like that for as long as anyone can remember?

    Do folks take any precautions given their audience or surrounding company – i.e. is there any stigma to cursing in public, or in front of kids, or in front of nice old ladies. And, if you don’t mind my asking, to what degree is the cursing just plain expletives and what degree is it vulgar idioms tied to sexual or bodily functions?

    I’m honestly curious. I knew Simone’s reputation about being foul-mouthed before she showed up at Tested, but I don’t know much about Scandinavia’s linguistic norms.

  62. and ,

    I travelled a lot in the military and have spent much time in Europe over the years and I think curse words are viewed more as a “modifier” word than in the USA, where they tend to be associated with insults a bit more. But hey, every group of people has their customs. Here in the USA, it wouldn’t even be considered appropriate to play this podcast in, say a workplace environment, where other adults could hear and be offended. That’s just how it is.

    But I wholeheartedly agree with WVC’s assertions on the commenting on here. My original comment definitely referenced that I had seen Watson before and that informed my opinion of her going in here.

    I will concede that Will clearly said cursing was fine, so ok. Just means I won’t let my kids view this particular site.

    Overall I thought this particular podcast was another in a recent string to be rather unfocused (as I mentioned in my first comment). I did enjoy Simone’s story however.

    It is what it is.

  63. “Now, I guess I need to go find out who the hell she is and what she’s done to stir your feathers so.”

    You don’t need to go down that rabbit hole – its the “gamerhate” hole. Its depressing and filled with stupid, abhorrent, juvenile, and repugnant behavior like doxing and death threats. And that is indefeasible by any type of civilized measure – ANY TYPE.

    Watson is a feminist who has said some controversial things. In fact, she said some things that really hurt my profession and frankly were arrogant and ignorant (so I have every right to be annoyed by her).

    However, many of her detractors simply use her as an excuse to advance sexist agendas and excuse stupid behavior.

    But there are also those in between that see her as a threat, or simply as annoying, or whatever and simply cannot help themselves from making that dislike clear. They just do not like her – and that is obviously OK – it is a position she availed herself to – and has in one way or another profited from.

    I kinda just wish though that instead of having any in depth conversations about podcasts she is in, those that don’t like her would just fess up and say “I didn’t like it because I don’t like her,” rather than bother to go into the long criticisms that make them feel justified about their opinions – or at least seem to be aimed at making others feel that way.

    But ya know *shrug*….people are what they are.

  64. I love to watch the “dedicated” lovers on here hate on the You Tube comments as if they are a lesser form of life. So YOUR internet comments are somehow “more awesomer” than theirs? Explain please, you pretentious assholes. Good God, you should be ashamed.

  65. just for the record, I thought I was being clear that I just don’t like Watson. And it has nothing to do with gaming (the last video game I’ve played in the past several decades was The Stanley Parable, hardly the pedigree of a hard core gamer).

  66. I have to ask – Did anyone make a count on how many times Simone says the word “Like”? I started listening to the pod cast and couldn’t help but noticing this fact. After I did, it was all I could hear.

    like, like, like, like… and so on

  67. Johndiz – YouTube comments can be good but the good ones are often overshadowed by an enormous amount of unnecessary name calling, juvenile responses, hate and inappropriate comments. I am guessing this is due to how easy it is to watch/find videos on you tube and a general lack of maturity. There is a reason that many pod casters who chose to post on their website and You Tube chose to ignore the YouTube comment section and pay attention to the section on their own site.

    As a whole the comments on the tested website good or criticizing are more often than not worded a little more respectfully and better thought out (for the most part). If people don’t find a more constructive way of voicing their opinion then the Tested staff will stop reading these comments as well and everyone will just be just talking among themselves.

    I never really tried to silence anybody. I did try to express how there is a time, place and a way to comment. Everyone has an opinion that can and should be shared as long as it is done the right way and name calling / personal attacks is not that way. If everyone improves their delivery of their comments then they will most likely create a more constructive dialogue. Poor delivery creates equally poor responses.

    I hope that explains the YouTube comment.

  68. I wasn’t pointing at anyone here in particular. I haven’t really been tracking your conversation. It more of a YouTube thing.

  69. Will, always good to see you on the podcast. Simone, we need to see more content from you on the site, after all, you are in the intro animation!

  70. I’ve enjoyed the last couple weeks. Simone and Rebecca’s fresh perspective help liven it up. Can’t stop laughing at Rebecca fucking with Will at the end as he’s trying to talk. Might need a 5 person podcast to wrap up the trilogy. Good shows.

  71. I had been a longtime subscriber. I stopped it half way and unsubscribed. The increased level of swearing is not needed on a tech podcast. I really dont need to know Wills daughter tells Will not say ‘fuck’. Come on guys, there is no need to be crass.

  72. It’s actually a number of things:


    There are two actual MantaBases, A company, and yes – there was a toy base called Manta Base that fired rockets – but it wasn’t GI-Joe, it was for Manta Force.

    Anyways – for me, It’s the name of a defunct Research and Consulting company I once was VP-SO of.

    lol i just found out your name on Tested is like the 3rd hit on google. ( i was using Yahoo search before )

    those toys look amazing. “Following the successful launch of the M.A.N.T.A ship, the World Government created the Red Venom to help Manta Force colonise New Earth. On Saturn however, many of the people had grown tired of living in plastic bubbles and believed New Earth should belong to them.”

  73. Lol – I never actually read about it. That is a totally different take than I thought.

    Oh and Johndis was right – there is a GI Joe thing called M.A.N.T.A.

  74. Kohman, I saw an different interview with Simone where she said that she learned English from watching American TV shows, so my guess is that is where she picked up many of our colloquialisms such as “like”.

    I know some can be sensitive to the overuse of such words, but I am also amazed at that lady’s linguistic talents. She also speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently, which is an extremely difficult language to master.

  75. I never really tried to silence anybody. I did try to express how there is a time, place and a way to comment.

    Ok that statement actually cracked me up. You don’t wish to silence anyone but you just want them to speak in a way YOU dictate? Your logic evades me.

    Applying your logic, the small group of agitators at a Black Lives Matter protest who curse, insult and engage in violent acts should be ignored completely and only the peaceful protesters have validity.

    Think about that for a minute. Of course there are going to be some comments on YouTube that are coarse, insulting or childish, and the internet allows for that sort of anonymity. But they should never be discounted as they are clearly the opinions (however misplaced they may be) of viewers who are interested in Tested in some form. And each time those “misplaced” commenters clicks on Tested YouTube content, it generates income for the site.

    So when certain content, or guests really tip trip the “dislikes”, anyone with a drop of business acumen in their blood would pay attention to it, if not actually reading everything, then at least looking at the metrics.

  76. I would never patronize a restaurant that allowed customers to verbally berate the staff in public, and I don’t really want to have that experience online either.

    In fact, I would leave that restaurant and never come back.

    I wonder, what kind of restaurant would allow people who don’t pay anything to come in, verbally attack the staff, and then tell paying customers that they need to allow it because of ‘freedom of speech’.

  77. Hmmmm. So, by your analogy, the Tested restaurant hasn’t fed any of its paying customers for over two months! Talk about lousy service!!

  78. Agreed, she is a skilled linguist, which is kind of why I react to her over use of the word Like. There is no doubt that her pronunciation is nearly flawless. I don’t want to put a fellow swede down too much so lets just blame it on bad habits.

    And yes, I know that Mandarin is a difficult language to master. My wife is Chinese so I have some experience in the matter.

  79. Johndiz

    To compare your comments to Black Lives Matter is irresponsible. If your people (and they may be) were getting gunned down in the streets you could use whatever means necessary to ensure the safety and the lives of your people.

    The comments we are discussing are poorly worded misinformed comments on a free podcast, so not at all the same thing. I also like how you take excerpts out of my comments and leave out the parts about how if the delivery of comments was improved it would lead to better discussion, etc. Get off your high horse and get back down to reality. Try to make your comments less insulting and more respectful and the dialogue around them will be more constructive and received better by the community as well as the Tested staff.

    I highly doubt that anyone will be taking those comments seriously the way they were worded.

  80. Perhaps you should read my original comment on this thread and the attacks that followed before you judge my input.

    Additionally, perhaps you should read your own comments before telling others to “get off their high horse”. I am in no way trying to push my agenda on what is right or wrong, proper or improper to post in these discussions.

    Personally, I try to live following the famous quote from Evelyn Beatrice Hall, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. You seem to not follow that logic, which is, of course, your right to do so.

  81. At any rate, what I really wanted to ask you was about Scandinavia. I presume, form your comment, that you’re Scandinavian as well. Would you say that foul language is the norm over there? I’m assuming you curse just as much in your native tongue as Simone does in English? Is there an age difference in what’s acceptable language, or is it really across generations? I mean to say, is this a relatively recent transition to having foul language acceptable publicly, say, the last fifty years or so, or has it been like that for as long as anyone can remember?

    Do folks take any precautions given their audience or surrounding company – i.e. is there any stigma to cursing in public, or in front of kids, or in front of nice old ladies. And, if you don’t mind my asking, to what degree is the cursing just plain expletives and what degree is it vulgar idioms tied to sexual or bodily functions?

    I’m honestly curious. I knew Simone’s reputation about being foul-mouthed before she showed up at Tested, but I don’t know much about Scandinavia’s linguistic norms.

    Sorry for the belated response, wvc 🙂

    Yes, I am Icelandic, and what some might consider foul language is certainly the norm here, to some extent. Much like in English, ‘foul language’ is quite commonly used as adverbs. Instead of something just being awesome, it’s f’in awesome and so on.
    Although the English language prefers the f-word (which I would always write out fully elsewhere, but expect would see a spambot reaction here) as their favorite adverb, in Iceland and I believe in much of Scandinavia, our go to words are hell and the devil, which perhaps coincide with your non censored gosh darn it.

    Instead of saying: “Þú ert snillingur” (You are a genius), we’ll say “Þú ert djöfulsins snillingur!” (You are a genius of the devil – directly translated – but the meaning might be closer to You are a g-d d-mned genious!) These obscenities are also generally followed by an exclamation mark, since you added that word to emphasize your point 🙂

    Obviously we use the f-word quite a lot, and it’s actually one of the few words in the Icelandic language that we’ve taken directly from English without changing anything but the spelling. In Iceland it’s written (and spoken) as f-o-k-k, and we will even add the -ing ending, despite that ending not existing in Icelandic.
    We also use these same swear words as both terms of endearment and curses. To tell someone they’re f’in retarded can both mean that you think they are, in fact, four slices of bread and all the toppings short of an intellectual sandwich and would very much prefer it if the world went on without them…. but it can also be an exclamation of wonder and delight at something they’ve said or done. (perhaps an uncommon example, but an example none the less 🙂

    As such, I don’t think our use of swear words in common language is very different from how you English do it, but certainly more common than it is in the States.

    I’m not sure exactly what you would call plain expletives, since I’m fairly certain that every foul word I know in English has direct ties to one bodily function or another.

    Some people are obviously not okay with this – that’s true of everything and everywhere – and I would certainly say that the dislike is more common amongst the more elderly and prudish/proper generation, so I might have been more inclined to watch my tongue around my more prudish grandma. And you definitely won’t be seeing the members of parliament being overly foul in their word choices (albeit foul in manner, mentality and speak) while speaking publicly.

    Up until 1944, we were under the rule of the King of Denmark, and although I’m far to young to know, I’d be willing to bet that one did not call the magistrate or some of the king’s men a bunch of p–ies in public! Therefore I would hazard a guess that this form of foul language linguistic behavior is a somewhat recent development.

    That being said, you have to remember our roots. We are the descendants of a bunch of vile, obscene and all-round unpleasant rapists, pillagers and murderers. Perhaps it’s in our genes to be slightly more unpleasant on the surface than you lot are 😉

    – I’ll stay away from that particular cesspool then, thanks! 😀

  82. Can I just say that it is absolutely delightful to hear Rebecca on Still Untitled? SGU was my favorite podcast for years and years, until Still Untitled slipped into my #1 pod-spot in the past year or two. Talk about crossing the streams. It’s a delight! You’re all awesome.

  83. Thank you so much for the informative reply! If you don’t mind, I had a few additional questions. Does the f-word have the literal meaning over there as it does in English (i.e. a crude way to refer to sexual intercourse)? I’ve found in English, the f-word serves several practical purposes. As a noun, it means “concern” although usually in a negative context (i.e. I don’t give a f***). As an adjective, it’s used much the way you described (as some sort of meaningless amplifier, i.e. you’re an f’in genius could be positive or negative dependent on the context). As a verb, almost always a negative expression of anger or disdain (i.e. f you = I hate you). As a simple ejaculation it means frustration (i.e. someone just yells “f***!”).

    Would you say that the usage (vice the literal meaning) is what y’all ape over there? Is there an equivalent Scandinavian word that the f-word replaced? Or is it a word and idea imported whole cloth?

    Sorry for the many questions – I know so little about Scandinavian culture and language everything you communicate is like a little treasure of knowledge I get to admire and enjoy.

    Best wishes to you and yours!

  84. Thank you so much for the informative reply! If you don’t mind, I had a few additional questions. Does the f-word have the literal meaning over there as it does in English (i.e. a crude way to refer to sexual intercourse)? I’ve found in English, the f-word serves several practical purposes. As a noun, it means “concern” although usually in a negative context (i.e. I don’t give a f***). As an adjective, it’s used much the way you described (as some sort of meaningless amplifier, i.e. you’re an f’in genius could be positive or negative dependent on the context). As a verb, almost always a negative expression of anger or disdain (i.e. f you = I hate you). As a simple ejaculation it means frustration (i.e. someone just yells “f***!”).

    Would you say that the usage (vice the literal meaning) is what y’all ape over there? Is there an equivalent Scandinavian word that the f-word replaced? Or is it a word and idea imported whole cloth?

    Sorry for the many questions – I know so little about Scandinavian culture and language everything you communicate is like a little treasure of knowledge I get to admire and enjoy.

    Best wishes to you and yours!

    Not a problem wvc 🙂

    We have actually taken the f-word (and it’s myriad connotations) into our language in every practical way *except* the sexual one. It is an exclamation of joy and pain and misery and outrage and you name it.. but when you fancy a shag, you don’t go and f someone (in Icelandic), but you actually go out and ride them. 😉

    This is probably because we had perfectly good swear words and sexual innuendo ones in our language before the Americans came with their guns and their bombs and their planes and their American expletives and infected our country 😀

    In the Icelandic language, we use the same word for riding a horse, and the crude version of sleeping with someone, whereas the non-crude version in Icelandic is to.. sleep with someone… identical to the English. Incidentally, we do not ‘make love’, but that’s a stupid phrase anyway. You can’t ‘make’ love. That’s about the only thing on this planet we cannot actually artificially create 😀

    The ride word does actually find some use in the swearing department, but not a lot. A somewhat popular phrase in Icelandic, which will be used then someone has annoyed you greatly and you wish them to f-off, is “go ride your grandmother”. Obviously, the implication isn’t referring to any horseback riding, and is quite the insult 😉

    Although the f-word is obviously pretty common – particularly among the much younger and computer-infested generations that have been around the internet their entire lives – our own devil and hell words are still more prevalent in the language, and they are actually much less outwardly crude for the old people, probably because they’re more used to them and have used them much themselves.

    Whereas you use Hell, D-mn, F-k and the combination of G-d d-mn it/you! as functioning exclamations of emotion and action, we use Helvíti! (Hell!) and Helvítis! (From hell!, or perhaps more like *of* hell!), Andskotinn! or Fjandinn! (The Devil!) and Andskotans! or Fjandans! (From the Devil!), and Andskotinn hafi það! (May the devil take that!) and in all the same different ways as you use yours.

    For example, “Your grandad’s sick? Andskotinn!, sorry to hear that!” will actually be a perfectly acceptable use of foul language, much like I would assume not many people would be offended at someone saying “Hell man!, sorry to hear that!”. Context is key 😉

    So, basically, instead of the almighty damning something (which in general it does not do!), the devil instead takes whatever item or situation as his, or is responsible for it. Consequently, our blasphemy is much more limited to God help me/you/us/them and God save me/you/us/them from something. 🙂

  85. Sir, I thank you again for your time and for sharing your knowledge. I find this stuff fascinating. On the whole, apart from the F-word, which y’all have adopted from us English speaking reprobates, your native scheme of cursing seems much more civilized than what’s developed in the English speaking word over the last half century. The idea of cursing bad things or folks in a way to make them responsibilities of the devil rather than commandeering the prerogative of the Almighty in order to damn something – it seems much better ordered speaking from a metaphysical point of view.

    Thank you again, and good health to you and all of yours!

  86. I am a month or so behind here. but… At the near five minute mark with the tapping conversation. I feel like there were some revelations about to be made from Rebecca, that were cut short…. And I just laughed and laughed and laughed.

    This was a fun episode, as was the last one. Was it what I was expecting… not necessarily, but thats not a bad thing. I don’t come to tested and listen to untitled to get updates on Adam’s life. I come to hear and learn things, fun things. including this. I think it was a great episode.

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Adam shares a new piece from his movie sword collection that…