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Stranger Things SPOILERCAST – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/16/16

We’re all dressed up this week to talk about the Netflix show Stranger Things! It’s a spoiler-filled podcast with guest Rebecca Watson! We also talk about public speaking at weddings and the merits of coffee naps.

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31 thoughts on “Stranger Things SPOILERCAST – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/16/16

  1. Maybe I don’t know enough about Donne but not sure where is all this stuff about young boys is coming from. Byron, of course. He was briefly into that about the time he toured Turkey. Rochester: what wasn’t he into? But Donne? That’s a new one to me and I love his poetry.

  2. I’m really looking forward to a second season Stranger Things and while I think it’d be a great angle to explore the Upside Down from a different perspective and be an anthology show, on some level I think it’d be disappointing to not have those kids back on the show. They were THAT good.

  3. My wife is a graphic designer. She wanted to share the fact that the opening title font is called Benguiat Bold. She is a total type geek. Loved the spoilercast.

  4. My wife and I quoted “If I didn’t have you (I’d probably have somebody else)” by Tim Minchin in our ceremony. About a third of the audience laughed, and the rest were very confused.

  5. …and it’s not the same typeface as used on the Stephen Kings books, but! It is pretty similar and evokes that look and feel.

  6. To me, Stranger Things felt like an extended episode of something like The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. And I kind of like the way it ended without necessarily answering all the questions, and leaving things open such that the story isn’t quite resolved (just like the aforementioned shows did quite often). I personally feel like they should have season 2 be unrelated to season 1 in everything but general tone and theme. Don’t return to the same characters or town, don’t even continue exploring the Upside Down. Leaving it slightly open-ended like that is the perfect way to wrap up the story.

  7. That machine with the paddles is called a defibrillator.

    I love these spoilercasts. I’ve watched them having seen the movie/show first, and I’ve seen spoilercasts and never watched the movie/show. In either case, the podcast was wonderfully entertaining.

    As such, you seem to be lacking one very important spoilercast for a movie that Adam has referenced many times: Super 8. I know it would be a bit antithetical to the premise of a “spoilercast” to do one about an older movie, but I would love to hear more about that movie.

  8. Loved this episode guys! Also I am trying to read/listen Dark Forest but I couldn’t get anyone to answer me when I asked is we needed to read “Three-Body Problem” first. So far the book (dark forest) has been hard for me to follow. So I would think yeah we should read the first book first. I would like to know if things will clear up later on in the book (i am at chapter 13) or just get more confusing.

  9. We were pretty excited at work when we saw Stranger Things and realized that the typeface for the title sequence is the same one we use for our business sign!

    We live in Maine. It’s all about the small things.

  10. Oh no! ThePez79 hasn’t seen it yet. Is spoiling the comments off limits? Two things to post and don’t want to ruin the experience. Rats!!


    My theory: Chief Hopper’s daughter did not die. Her “death” was faked because Hopper had, in desperation, gave his daughter to the facility where things went wrong. He then had to be complicit in the cover up (note she does not move when she “dies”).

    That explains why Hopper was taking the pills at the start of the show: he’d been hearing his daughter for years. Explains his willingness to believe the unbelievable. The food at the end: left for his daughter, not El.

  12. Exactly what I was thinking! Hopper also made some kind of deal with Dr. Brenner to get released and gave him the information on where the kids were. What if Dr. Brenner told him that it was his daughter?

  13. I adore Rebecca Watson! But she should take some voice classes. She’s a lovely person but her voice is a little pinchy and grating. Please don’t take this as a rude criticism because I love her.

  14. Tbh I wasn’t really impressed with Stranger things. I will try to watch again Though. When I started listening to this episode I was intrigued in the wedding officiant stuff… can we get more on that.

  15. Nerdy detail, but when the Hasbro Millennium Falcon was levitated I was thrown out of the 80s for a second as it was a current toy rather than the original, other than that I didn’t notice anything that didn’t feel perfectly 1980s- I was astounded at how authentic it felt. Well done to the production crew, details like hair and make up were so spot on for the period.

  16. My wife and I quoted “If I didn’t have you (I’d probably have somebody else)” by Tim Minchin in our ceremony. About a third of the audience laughed, and the rest were very confused.

    That is awesome. Now the other people will ask about it and maybe listen to the song.

  17. Excellent spoilercast, folks… as always!

    Stranger Things , Season 2… I will be very surprised if Season 2 does not open on The Boys, exactly where we left them… fade to black and then a very small and distant but familiar voice out of the darkness “………. mike? …… Miiiiike??? MIIIIIIKE??????” *Roll Opening Title Sequence*

    11, at least briefly, comes back as a villain because “YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!! WHY DIDN’T YOU COME RESCUE ME, MIKE!?!?!?! YOU SAID YOU WERE MY FRIEND!!!”

    Cause I didn’t believe for ONE SECOND that Mike and the lads would not totally, and immediately know that 11 was not dead, was back in the UpsideDown, and needed their help….. Anybody who ever played any D&D would know that in half an eye-blink.

    Rebecca… I know you probably never read the comment section (Why anyone ever does is beyond me) But thank you so much for the “Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now” observation… I thought I was the only one who saw that!! Cheers!

    Norm…. Never wear anything else…. Sharp, dude… very sharp!

    Adam…. Simply. You d’ man.

    I frik’n LOVE Tested

  18. Hi guys, just a quick comment regarding the audio.

    I think “Still Untitled” is one of the best podcasts out there, not only for the quality of the content, but for the quality of the sound. I really appreciate the quality of sound in a podcast.

    For example there are other podcasts out there which are great (Neil D. Tyson’s, for example), but the sound quality is terrible, and we (wife & I) cannot hear it in the car commuting to work. The volume goes up and down all the time…

    This being said, there are some episodes of “Still Untitled” that have a problem with the sound. And that is that while some people speak very low, others scream a lot, or very close the mic… and also there is a problem with big laughs… I just have to turn down the volumen, but then we cannot hear anything…

    I just wanted to let you know that.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


  19. So here is another thing that they did not nail chronologically. When Hop is doing CPR in the final episode he does 30 compressions followed by 2 breaths, 30:2. In 1980 the standard was 15:1, it did not change to 30:2 until 2005.

    Actually it is totally possible that they did that one on purpose since someone might pick it up as useful and then they felt it was way better to show the latest version which is clinically proven better than the old one.

  20. I just created an account so I could post here that I really like Rebecca. She is a great host. I really hope you have her more often. I find that the podcast flows much better with her, Norm and Adam. Thank you Rebecca, you are awesome!

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