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Niche Conventions – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/12/16

This week, Adam gives an update about his recent Strandbeest build at the Exploratorium museum, and Norm reports on the Replica Prop Forum gathering from this past weekend. We’re also joined by our friend Rebecca Watson, to discuss the merits of small conventions and explain to us Pokemon Go!

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20 thoughts on “Niche Conventions – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/12/16

  1. Re: Jon Ronson. Anyone who is a fan and has not seen his Esc & Ctrl: Stories About People Trying to Control the Internet YouTube channel from a few years ago should check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2goi2ZEVWCj6fcVWKtlFSw

    Easily digestible, 13 episodes each only 8 to 12 mins in length. Some of the segments will sound familiar to readers of his books, but most are unique to the series.

  2. now i’m curious – native english speakers, what’s the story/distribution of pok-eh-mon vs pokey-mon?

  3. I mostly hear people pronouncing it Po-ka-mon when discussing them casually, which is kind of a middle ground.

  4. thanks guys! in germany, we pronounce it ‘PO-keh-mon’, which should be fairly close to the japanese pronunciation – excluding nuances in how vowels get vocalised and which syllable to stress, of course. that’s also how i heard it pronounced in english, up until now.

    i had seen people write variations like pokeymans on the internet, but never knew what was up with that. and now i heard adam pronounce it closer to po-keh than po-kay (the english ‘ay’ sound seemingly substitutes easily for ‘e’ in other languages, although its diphtongic quality usually gives you guys away ;)) while rebecca said ‘pokey’/’po-kee’, almost like ‘nike’ (nye-key). thus my curiosity what’s up with these differences in pronunciation – whether they exist more or less side by side, or rebecca used it ironically and i missed it because lack of context, or it’s a north vs south or east vs west kind of thing.

  5. Oh lord, laughed through the whole thing. I don’t often have time or patience to listen to these but couldn’t stop this one.

    p.s. My inability to listen to these all the way through is not a fault of the content but my ease of distraction and multitasking interference fields that shut out extraneous noises and distractions.

    p.s.s. Also, thank goodness I did listen to it. Someone mentioned that friday is july 15th and I need to get car inspected by then. I probably would have missed it completely.

  6. here’s to hopefully fill in some details on what Gallipoli means to Australia and New Zealand.

    Firstly, we really were the same army for the purposes of World War I: The Australia and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs), under the British Army. While there were some of them who fought on the lines in france, close to all of them were tasked in Turkey as part of the Dardanelles campaign, to try and get a shipping lane open to south western Russia, for supplies by the British army.

    To say that the Gallipoli front was a clusterfuck does not do it justice. The “beach” is very high rocky cliffs with no cover anywhere, and the turks were aware the ANZACs were coming, and had pre-reinforced positions. The Ottomans considered it the defining moment of the war for them. The eight month attempt to capture the peninsula resulted in over 30,000 ANZAC casualties, many of them from the initial attempt to take the beach, where soldiers had to dig themselves cover into the cliff among heavy machine gun fire.

    Like i said, the attempted stay lasted 8 months before a cunning retreat (hooking up guns and candles to string so the soldiers could remote move them as they retreated without the turks knowing). Gallipoli – the movie mentioned, expresses the full and accurate story of an Australian soldier within this mess of a war. The British soldiers happy to expend the seemingly less valuable ANZAC troops to the much deadlier theatre of battle than in france. Completely unaware of the loss of life going on and enjoying tea by the beach.

    Despite the terrible defeat, it is still hugely celebrated in Australia and New Zealand (where ANZAC day is a bigger celebration for our nations’ veterans than Remembrance day is), because it was the first conflict for either country on the world stage. It proved our resourcefulness, our strength, our resilience, and our optimism despite the situation.

    Oh, and there’s a really cool exhibition too.

  7. My dog Daisy ate an entire plate of brownies last week. In seconds. My wife turned around and Daisy had taken the plate off the counter and just inhaled them.We were super worried and immediately called our vet but she’s just fine.

    For fireworks and thunderstorms we got our previous dog Roxy a ThunderShirt, which worked wonders. She was terrified during fireworks (they shoot them off at the lake by our house every year) and would race around, panting, shaking and trying to hide. The older she got the worse it became. She was still nervous with the ThunderShirt on but it made it so much better for her where she could actually calm down and rest.

    The strandbeest build was epic- so much fun following the build online and seeing it come together! Can’t wait for the additional photos and video about it.

  8. When it comes to avoiding germs my trick is to use the back of my wrist to scratch my face. I actually do this all the time because I never know if the last person to touch that door handle had a cold.

  9. I was thinking for long time, should I write this comment or not. But I just can’t sleep because can’t stop thinking about it. So i will leave it here, hope Adam (this is mostly addressed to Adam) will see and reflect about this. If not, at least I tired.

    I don’t really like idea to leave such negative comment, but this talk about micro-aggression really hurts. And this is not first time talk like this is on Tested.

    Think about this.

    Country in Eastern Europe – Ukraine. Almost all people are white. Extreme level of corruption, very poor healthcare, it’s supposed to be free, but on practice you need to pay, and even if you pay, it’s still bad. Poor education. Government and police provides very little protection for a citizens. Average salary is $160 per month. People who worked whole their life in the Soviet Union times as a teacher, or medical doctor, or engineer, now have pension less than $100 and no savings.

    In addition there is problem with society (it is mostly right wing on both sides) being divided because of culture and language Russian/Ukrainian, and because of nationalism. And country is currently in the military conflict, and corrupted pro-Russian government was replaced by almost similar corrupted pro-West government, but new government is even more right wing, more hypocritical, prosecutes people even more for their political views etc. And there is very heavy propaganda of nationalism, militarism, and hate toward other people in media thanks to this government.

    Consider also that your government both Republicans and Democrats (and I bet Hillary will be doing same thing) was actively supporting and continue to support this new (very corrupt) government, which in their turn inside Ukraine supports right wing paramilitary organization that pretty much are neo-Nazis and white-supremacists.

    Now, imagine there is white guy from poor family from Ukraine, with leftist political views (which are not represented in his country parliament in any way), who can’t openly express his political views without risking to have his colleges on the work hate him. Who in his 25+ years of living in this country (where his father and grandfather was born) not once was accused by other people being alien, that should pack his things and move to other country (Russia), just because of language he speaks. Watches and listens Tested because he likes idea of Making/being a Maker, and interested in different technologies like VR and stuff.

    How do you think such person would feel listening you with Rebecca Watson teach him about understanding how women and minorities feel constantly? (hint: i am that person).

    I understand that your target audience is mostly in US, but I bet there are poor working class people in US too. And isn’t it just very limited view on the life of other people in the world and in your country?

    Again, I don’t want to attack people personally, but I need to point out, that Rebecca, being a woman, I think doesn’t have very hard live, comparing to both men and women living in some other countries, for example – in Ukraine. Have you seen old people in the eastern Ukraine, who have their houses ruined by war, that was caused including by the actions of your country politician that you elected (Democrats you voted too)? And nobody cares about them.

    What I’m trying to say is that live and societies are complex, and there is many people who are poor in the world, both men and women, white and black, and everyone deserve to have freedoms and rights, and opportunities, not just one group of people you decided you like more. And I don’t understand why you support this approach of Rebecca Watson to talk about women and minorities, and in same time demonize white men, and demand from everyone who is not minority to feel shame. How about to judge people on individual level, and not generalize. Isn’t generalizing and judge people all together is same approach that is behind racism?

    You of course can criticize systematic prejudice against minorities, but why this need to constantly group people of same gender and skin color and shame them. And teach them about hard life of other people?

    And in the end, this is very hypocritical, your government (including Democrats you voting for!) does some very bad stuff in other countries (including supporting white-supremacists indirectly!), yet you talk about micro-aggressions. And if talking only about your country, do you think that there are no white males that are poor from working class, that don’t have so much opportunities as other people? Why don’t you care about them too?
    If you want to introduce politics into Tested, why not at least be consistent and not so short-sighted?
    Because this just looks like you follows some popular ideology without critical thinking.

    As someone who from young age was many times insulted because of language I speak, for me, real micro-aggression is when people try to put people of same skin color, ethnicity, gender etc into one group and then shame them, or try to teach them, demonize, oppose each other. And this is what Rebecca likes to do, and you, under her influence, Adam.

    P.S. I know that many here are Start Trek fans. Do you remember Q trial from the first episode of TNG? Do you remember the idea that people don’t answer for their whole race, nation etc?

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