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Mad Dash Around the World – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/5/16

Adam makes his way back to the cave after recent trips from Australia to New York, and we recap a few of our adventures abroad. We also talk about Adam’s latest project: a live build of his own Strandbeest while in residence at San Francisco’s Exploratorium museum. It’s a big project with a design that’s still percolating in his head! (Thanks to TunnelBear for supporting Still Untitled this week!)

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24 thoughts on “Mad Dash Around the World – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/5/16

  1. re: ECD Relay: I’m not a Landcruiser expert, but if the EDIC (‘Electronic Diesel Injection Control’) relay is clicking right before it dies, it’s probably either starving it or flooding it. Check that the EDIC motor and control rods are working right and not getting stuck in one position or the other.

    FWIW there seems to be a thriving Landcruiser/BJ-42 community on the ‘net.

  2. I just looked up the wiring for Adam’s landcruiser, and there is nothing to that thing! First make sure the relay is good and you didn’t get a bum part. but I am sure you have done this. If the relay is turning on and off while the vehicle is running, it sounds to me like you may have a short, or a bad key switch. If the switch is losing contact, and then making contact. causing it to click on and off.

    I have never worked on anything like this, but have worked on other electrical stuff with cars. Good luck, and make sure you say what is wrong with it on the podcast once you find out. 🙂


    Glad Joey didn’t break the half million dollar sword! LOL

  3. The Peter Weir film is phenomenal, but I’d also recommend Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner as another good (recent) film about Gallipoli and its aftermath. You’ll probably never mistake Turkey for Italy after seeing it 😉

  4. Adam,

    When the exhibits done, consider talking to the people at the Kenetic Museum in Arcata, California. Its possible that they might like it as a museum piece or that someone would be using in the race even. Or as just a exhibition piece. Its definitely right up their ally for human powered sculptures.

  5. It’s so true! Nothing is as satisfying as the sound of my 10″ chef knife sliding out of the block.

  6. Hi gang! Adam – if you’re coming to Australia again, stop by Tasmania (the land down under down under!) Beautiful and they make the Blundstone Boots you love. FYI – Gallipoli is in Turkey… the ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) name and tradition was born there…

  7. In regards to Adam’s relay problems. Make sure the power wire to the relay is a heavy enough gauge (I always oversize them). Hopefully this may be the issue.

    I’ve had issues before where the length of the cable was too long and the current drop would intermittently switch off the relay on the motorsport pumps I installed in my car.

  8. Has anybody had a reply from the Tested team? I’ve left a few questions/comments with none…..sucks

  9. Where did you leave your questions? They don’t usually respond to the comment section on videos beyond the first couple of days after it has been posted, and don’t necessarily check the forums very often. If you have a question about a project or video, I would try Norm’s or Adam’s twitter. If it is a question about the site, email support)

  10. Loved this episode! I might have went to Te Papa with my partner from Philadelphia while you guys were over! Wish I could’ve gotten the chance to see you. Also loved the Weta Workshop talk; I just got back to Digital down the road, glad you guys had fun!

  11. My 1984 bj42 has a low oil pressure switch tied into the edic module to stop the engine if the oil pressure gets low. Jumper the switch as a test. Then test the switch. Then check your oil pressure. Then cruise on. Mark

  12. Hi Adam,

    No the scene of the soldier being shot in the chest in the Gallipoli
    movie was not nearly as glamorous as Platoon. In the final scene, the actor,
    Mark Lee sprints across the plain on the coast of Turkey, between the German
    and ANZAC troops’ fox-holes in complete silence, except for the sound of his
    breathing. He used to be a sprinter before WW1 and used this experience to
    focus his mind and summon up the courage to run head-long into a German
    machine-gun. The scene personifies the extreme bravery that these soldiers
    demonstrated in the face of an enemy with an over-whelmingly superior
    fire-power and showed how, despite knowing that they would certainly die, they
    still followed the orders sent to them from superiors who were safe in a well-sheltered
    bunker. The scene played out in silence, to pay respect to the sacrifice made
    by each of these soldiers and this is why we honour them during a minute
    silence on the 11th minute of the 11th hour on ANZAC day.



  13. Second, for the last 5 years I’ve been to Tassie once each year. The state is amazing and a must see for anyone traveling south (not to mention the food).

    The only reason I don’t live there is a lack of work for Graphic artists and designers, especially when needing to support a family and mortgage…. but it doesn’t stop me from looking for job opportunities at any spare moment 🙂

    For everyone else the Tassie Taste festival is on every new years, in Hobart, and MONA is worth a trip too. And don’t forget to drop by Spreyton for a cheeky cider or two.

  14. It is now a few months on and I’d love to know more about the things you did down south. I can only imagine how busy you guys must be. I do hope Joey gets enough rest and isn’t burnt out.

    If it is true and you are planning a return to NZ for more of a weta experience. I suggest organizing a Tested fan meet up. I’m sure there are plenty of members who would love to see the tested crew and do the weta workshop tour together.

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