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Welcome Simone! – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/21/16

Look who’s in the cave! Our newest host, Simone Giertz, makes her first appearance on Still Untitled this week, in which we talk about her robot builds, travels, and recent appearance on The Late Show. Plus, we finally learn how to pronounce her last name. Expect more from Simone on Tested! (Thanks to TunnelBear for supporting Still Untitled!)

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47 thoughts on “Welcome Simone! – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/21/16

  1. Välkommen Simone! (“Welcome Simone!”) I always enjoy hearing americans reaction to weird stuff in swedish culture and weird sayings. Looking forward to more of that!

  2. Simone, you seem delightful!

    If you find yourselves in the Chicago area, I would LOVE to show you guys around my shop. It’s part maker space, part wood shop, part motorcycle build space, part photo studio.

  3. Welcome to Simone and also welcome to the new paradigm of Simone and Adam trailing off into the most blue possible form of every joke and Norm staring blankly into the camera (assuming at Joey) as he tries to bring the conversation back.

  4. Good Podcast. Ok I am slowly warming up to the idea having Simone as a part of the Tested team.


  5. Welcome Simone (though I missed Will).

    One point, though I know I’ll be in a minority of one, but Tested is one of the intelligent places on the internet where I come to escape the mendacious creep of porn culture. It would be nice to follow a conversation where I don’t need to resort to Urban Dictionary to explain what the hell you’re talking about. I thought ‘queefing’ had something to do with sewing. Now I know different but wish I didn’t.

  6. welcome simone!

    hmm, and i meant to snap a pic of my bowmaking workbench for adam, for at least three days now, and didn’t yet. this should be rectified.

  7. Ni hao Simone! I bow to the Queen of Shitty Robots! Long time fan and follower.
    What is your Chinese name?

  8. Did Will shave is beard?!?! Oh wait, it’s a new person! Welcome Simone! I am looking forward to enjoying your contributions to Tested! I, for one, welcome our new shitty robot overload.

  9. Welcome Simone Giertz, glad they snagged you. Can’t wait to see what crazy things you and the crew build. Also thanks for breaking up the sausage fest. Not that Adam, Norm and Will were overly misogynistic because, they have been … well I won’t say perfect gentleman, but lets go with behaved acceptably. Anyway it will be good to get some female perspective.

  10. I’m pretty sure porn culture had nothing to do with anyone’s anatomical inevitabilities. I’m nearly twice her age and that word was common knowledge when I was in first grade.

  11. re: Failure– as a computer programmer, I’ve often said that you write a program at least twice– the first time as an exploration of the problems, a survey of possible paths to a solution, but seldom resulting in a finished product. That’s the “failure.”

    You then take the pieces that are useful, and the knowledge you’ve learned, and come up with a program that (might) do what you want it to!

    –Paul E Musselman

  12. Hi there new person 😀

    Question for you guys, what do you think The Marble Machine? Seems like a fascinating musical machine, that seems right up Adam’s alley.

  13. “I’ve feel like I have done alot of things that have directly or indirectly lead up to this”, so true.

  14. Queef. To paraphrase Adam “remember kids when a man says it it disgusting and rude, when a girl says it its hilarious!”

  15. Welcome Simone!

    In 2 days, I’ll be flying from Sweden to San Francisco for a week of vacation. I’d love to hear you speak on Nerd Nite! I will for sure try to get tickets at the door on the 27th!

  16. “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

    ― Dwight D. Eisenhower

  17. I just returned home from viewing the Studio Ghibli masterpiece Only Yesterday. It is a pleasure to hear the voice of Simone Giertz here on Tested Still Untitled.

  18. Was Adam in Northern Arizona yesterday? I swear I saw someone on a motor bike w/ Adam’s goatee and jaw under the helmet.

  19. Alright who’s going to be the first to set up the Simone fan club? Official yoga balls for members?

  20. stupid robot. Wow I am so excited for more Simone, she is so funny and a great fit for my favorite podcast.

  21. I gotta say that I really truly adore Will and what he’s doing now- but…for me, when he’s on podcasts now (be it this one or TIOAT) he tends to…I don’t know how to put this more articulately…dominate the conversation. For example, I’ve heard it several times now where someone will say something and before completing his thought, Will jumps in and shuts him down. I can see the little side-eye from certain members of the crew when Will pipes up with an opinion stated as fact. I really appreciate Will and all the work he’s put in during his tenure at Tested, but perhaps it is time for some new voices. Welcome, Simone!

  22. Woot! Welcome Simone!

    I loved Adam’s story about his Norwegian grandfather. I also had a taciturn Norwegian grandfather, except he was born in Wisconsin and was a finance guy.

    My grandfather’s finance wisdom did filter down to me through his daughter, my mother. She is the one who explained different number systems to me when I was in fifth grade, even though her limited college career was only in art related field (one year an UW Madison, one year at the Rhode Island School of Design for theater costume design* and one last year in a art school in Chicago — she was an interesting woman, and I had the best Halloween costumes). Prior to having kids I was an aerospace engineer because I love math (thanks mom!).

    * My youngest does cosplay. The sewing and costume legacy lives on (and it requires math! seriously, we have resized patterns and calculated materials).

  23. Like hey! Like welcome, Simone! Like it’s totally like cool that you’re like here. Like. Lol. Just razzing ya. Welcome. 🙂

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