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One Hamilton Fact – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 4/5/16

Adam and Norm return from a few weeks of travel for this catch-up episode of Still Untitled! We hear about Adam’s recent trip to New York, where he attended a Tom Sachs art show and finally got to see Hamilton: The Musical! Plus, we learn about Will’s newly announced VR project, FOO!

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  1. Oops.. Congratulations to Will for the launch of Foo VR! I’ve been working on my new album..maybe I’ll start exploring the VR universe as I’ll have a little bit more time. Cheers TESTED and there are some cool video captures of Will’s VR project…

  2. Binge watch “Still untitled” on weekend is doable. Trying to binge watch 2 hour podcast like “This is only a test” is bit more of a marathon. Just found it existed on Friday being listening pretty much nonstop. Loved it because was able to catch up on nerdy news and not the nbc news of “Presidential race, weather, Isis, and squirrel on a surfboard”

  3. Binge listening to ‘Still Untitled’ is something I do after a long day when i just need to relax. Not sure what it is, but I can get maybe two episodes in before I’m on the verge of falling asleep at my desk.

  4. I also like to set up a player and let it run for a few hours when it’s a lazy weekend. So far it seems to enjoy the Martian spoilercast and the ‘tools everyone should have at home’ one.

  5. Will,

    For FooVR, do you have any plans to have some of the episodes on YouTube (or other video service) for watching? I realize that non-vr watching would lose out on some of the content you’re putting into the show. However, since the Rift and Vive are both Windows-only for now, those on other platforms (Linux & Mac) aren’t going to get to see the fruits of your effort for quite some time.

  6. I guess I’m not the only one who immediately thought of “1776” while watching this! I saw the touring show of 1776 at the Masonic Auditorium in Toledo, OH during the Bicentennial.

    Borderline unrelated, but thank you for reminding me how much I used to love watching 1776.

  7. Automatic.com “untitled” promo code does not work as of PDT 10:00 AM on 4/5/16.

    Bummer. Looked like a good product.

  8. I have just binge-watched/listened to the Untitled archive, myself.

    While I enjoyed it a lot, there’s one scene that repeats itself somewhat frequently over the course of the podcast. Not nearly often enough to be noticeable if you just follow the podcast normally – but if you binge, it becomes a bit of a pattern.

    Adam: Guys, we should totally do ______!
    Will: Oh yeah! We should film it and put that on the site!
    Norm: That’s perfectly doable. We’ll do that soon and show it/link to it on the website.

    And then I pause the podcast to look for whatever “______” was on tested.com, only to find that it never happened. To quote Tinny Tim: “You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly, sir. Bravo”

    But in all seriousness, I love this podcast, even if you don’t always follow through on everything. 🙂

  9. Adam, could you post some photos somewhere of the kraken headpiece from your cane? Also, it’d be great if you cover whatever weathering techniques you used on it at some point. Do you have some before pictures of it?

  10. Adam, could you post some photos somewhere of the kraken headpiece from your cane? Also, it’d be great if you cover whatever weathering techniques you used on it at some point. Do you have some before pictures of it?

    I should clarify that there are up-close shots of a bonded bronze version of the headpiece on the Etsy, but I’m particularly interested in what the stainless steel version looks like.

  11. The cast of the show “Whose Line Is It Anyways” also were not fans of improvising lyrics…the segment of the show they most hated was the “Hoedown” where they each had to improvise 8 lines to a song with the subject suggested randomly from the crowd. Sometimes very funny…sometimes falls flat. Definitely challenging!

  12. It’s quite funny you mentioned binge listening to your podcast now as that is literally what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks whilst at work, to the extent I’ve accidentally run out of mobile data for the month. Just over the last couple weeks I have bought my dad and myself Strandbeest kits, downloaded the audiobooks for both The Martian and Severeves, and started watching the long list of Quentin Tarantino films you talk about that I have shamefully never seen. This is such a awesome podcast, with great conversations and topic, I look forward to the future podcasts and videos on Tested.

  13. Big congratulations to you, Will! The show sounds really awesome!

    I really want in on this VR thing. I was two clicks away from ordering the Oculus when their downloadable tool tells me my graphics card doesn’t meet their recommendations…. =(

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