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Rainy Days – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/22/16

We’re joined by a special guest in the cave this week: Adam’s mom! The four of us talk about what we do during rainstorms, the aura of houses, how well GhostBusters holds up, and how Adam learned to drive!

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18 thoughts on “Rainy Days – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/22/16

  1. It is worth noting that “The Wave” is based on a real premise. The crevasse that causes the rockslide and tsunami is called Åkernesrenna, is expanding relatively quickly and at some point will drop several million cubic meters of rock into the fjord. The resulting wave can potentially wipe out several local villages, depending on the amount of mass that is released (estimates vary wildly).

    Large tsunamis as a result of rockslides have wiped out multiple villages throughout the recorded history of the region. 🙂

  2. My wife and I discovered that on a Prius when the tires spin out, all power to the tires is disabled. Living on a dirt road in snowy Colorado makes this the most pain in the ass thing EVER. It took us about 20 minutes to figure out how to disable this “feature” to help our neighbor get unstuck. To disable it, you have to do some weird sequence of pumping various pedals and turning the key *almost* all the way. Yuck.

  3. Seriously? Norm’s never heard of the casual carpool?? Tourist…

    Uber will NEVER replace the casual carpool because Uber is like a Taxi and is very expensive. Casual carpool is like hitching a ride from your neighbor for free! The driver gets “paid” in faster HOV lane useage and cheaper bridge toll. It’s still very popular.

  4. Another thing, if Will thinks disaster relief is going to get to his house in less than 2 days, he is going to be VERY hungry when the next big earthquake hits. You should probably have more than 1 day’s worth of supplies in your survival kit, and I don’t just mean for the dog…

    Side note just in case anyone from Tested sees this: I tried editing my previous comment to add this^ and fix a word, but apparently this comment system is kinda broken. It said I couldn’t “post again so quickly” because I am sort of new to the forums even though I wasn’t posting again, I was editing a previously posted comment… and the real kicker: when I waited and came back half an hour later to edit the comment, it said the time period for editing the comment had expired! WTF?? So apparently editing comments is impossible here… Why even have an edit button? I assume that everyone doesn’t have this problem, so what is the time period I have to wait after creating an account before these timers are deactivated? There is no help button anywhere either. Oh well, this is the internet in the 2010’s I suppose… crappy commenting systems on every site and no support anywhere to be found when things don’t work.

  5. The comment system is definitely broken, and they have limited resources to fix it. They must have put that post-limit for new accounts barrier in recently, to solve the spam problem that has been ruining the forums for the last year or more (but has recently gotten much better).

    Once you’ve gotten rid of that barrier, I believe the edit-window is 15 or 20 minutes.

  6. but you still can’t post things with more than a few numbers in it without the comment system shutting you down, which is a bit of hilarious, given that it’s not unlikely people are going to discuss measurements, tolerances, frequencies, etc. on here.

  7. I also can’t post replies every other time I try, seemingly at random. When that happens, it doesn’t matter if I try to switch browsers etc., it won’t work. Next time I try, it works with no problems at all… like I said, things are broken, and since joining Tested I’ve learned to expect technical solutions/bug-fixes in a matter of months, not days.

    Not the guys’ fault at all, they have their own jobs to worry about. It is Whalerock’s problem that they seemingly can’t maintain their websites properly.

  8. It’s amazing to me how similar Adam and his mother speak. I know that’s no big surprise to anyone, but the cadence, the way they tell stories, the way they say things. You can tell his dynamic speaking style is largely influenced by her. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  9. Adam brings up a interesting and important anecdote about the automation in his car. Some groups with in the I.D. world talk about the dangers of things being half automated, where the user is never quite sure when an object will do something for you or not. Let it be either fully automated or almost none for things like cars. In the book The Design of Future Things, Don Norman makes some inserting points about this subject.

  10. yeah, bugs abound. and everyone’s still mum about paypal support for premium.

    i hope i didn’t make the impression that i’m pissy at the hosts – they are all doing a stellar job, and all and any response on such matters i have gotten from them was great. but yeah… whalerock sure did pick a good name. an apt description of their agility. 😉

    two things on this: 1) if i know i have limited manpower, i sure as hell don’t handcode an entire system, but rely on readymade things as much as possible. how many of the forum and comment woes would be easily fixed, were they common software? 2) someone floated the idea of a testedx website in the forums, as a user-contributed counterpart to the main site (ala TED/TEDx). if that gets off the ground, i could actually see a big part of the community building move over there, if it gets done with a minimal amount of competence.

  11. My grandmother’s home in Marietta, Ohio was one of those 1800’s homes with a doctors office on the first floor. My grandma’s 2nd floor home had a door opening into the office. I spend hours in that place but what was scary to a 7 year old was the laundry room in the dirt floor basement with huge spiders. Nightmare….

  12. Me and Herself just finished watching The Wave! That was a spectacular movie! Thanks for the recommendation.

    The part Mama Don’tTryThis was talking about was awesome!

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