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The MythBusters Finale – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/08/16

We’re in the cave this week to talk about the recent airing of the MythBusters series finale. Adam goes in-depth about the planning and filming of the last episode, the incredible footage captured from the explosions, and how he and the MythBusters team watched the finale together. Plus, we hear about Adam’s appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

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21 thoughts on “The MythBusters Finale – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/08/16

  1. Did Adam ever end up finding the cannon ball from years and years ago? I remember him being very disappointed that he couldn’t find it on the episode. I think it may have been hand-made out of stone?

    Mythbusters is special to me. It got me interested in science in high-school, me and my dad used to watch it together every week. Before Mythbusters, science was just for old people in white coats; Mythbusters showed me that science is freaking awesome. It also gave me the cool factor in school ’cause I knew/know the voice over guy as he’s a good mate of my dad 🙂

  2. I could write pages upon pages, a book actually, on the importance of Mythbusters.. It really wasn’t “just a show”. It got people thinking. One of my few critisisms about the show though, was the change over the years.. Mythbusters shifted somewhere.. Stopped explaining the science behind it. But, with Tested, (will we see Jamie more aswell?), You got a chance, and have already started, to show us the finer details on how to actually do stuff.. Looking forward to learn alot from You, I have an huge list of stuff I would love to see how’s done. Anyway.. It all boils down to this;

    You have enriched my life.

    Thank You.

  3. I will definitely miss Mythbusters. It’s why I found Tested in the first place!

    Also, any of the M7 Build Team would be excellent “Lego with Friends” guests. Or even a podcast guest.

  4. Adam (Everyone who worked on Mythbusters),
    The finale was great and very emotional. It was more then just great camera work and explosions, it was a wonderful tribute to a VERY important show. I have to admit that I wept watching all the recaps of the episodes over the years (Partially because it reminded me that I’m not getting any younger.) My 7year old son was inconsolable. Thank you for all the memories and knowledge, the show was a true exercise in skeptical thought and the scientific method. I look forward to seeing what is to come next. Thank you.

  5. As an aside: I woke up to JD Nelson this morning on NPR giving a statement about the train derailment in the Bay Area, and my first thought was him wiring up explosives on the bomb range.

  6. Jeez, some of us are in public when we read this. I didn’t need to cry today man. Now I have to find some onions or dust to blame.

  7. Anybody else miss the reunion show because their DVR didn’t recognize it as a regular series episode? So cranky about this and it looks like Discovery is not planning on re-airing it anytime soon. :0/

  8. As a New Mexico Tech alumni, it was cool to see Tech featured so prominently on Mythbusters and mentioned so often in this podcast. I forgive Adam for saying “New Mexico Tech University”.

    My first job in college was working in the photo lab for Tech’s R&D department, including developing stuff for the explosives research group (back when it was called TERA). They have been blowing up stuff at Tech for a long time.

  9. I will miss Mythbusters, but i’m glad we still have Tested, it fuels my maker spirit. We talk about both often on our podcast The Regular Joes Podcast. Both shows are alway inspireing.

  10. Any plans for a “Collectors Box” collection that has all the episodes on DVD?

    It’d be nice to be able to go back and watch any of the hijinxs and other interesting things when ever I wanted without being beholden to the whim of some streaming service or whomever has the current broadcast rights.

  11. Well as they mentioned it’ll probably be rerunning on Mythbusters’ new home, the science channel. Or, ya know, go the nefarious route.

  12. Amazing work guys, I may have teared up watching the finale. I used to watch back to back Mythbusters on Discovery during a period of unemployment and then just like now it always inspired me to build and test, a mantle that Tested has somewhat taken over from.

    I also thought Jamie was very noble letting Adam take the last ride and the last explosion, what a gent!

    Now time for less Busting and more Testing!

  13. What a weird wide angle lense in this video. Everything looks warped and looks like one of those POV pornos. Great podcast though, as usual. RIP Mythbusters!

  14. Unrelated to anything in the last episode, but can you guys talk about “Zootopia” on the next Still Untitled? I would love to hear all or your thoughts on it.

    I think it’s the best animated film I’ve ever seen in terms of both artistic value, technical writing, and social commentary. Won’t say more so I don’t spoil it for people that haven’t seen it.

  15. I thought ending Mythbusters on Lou Reed’s macabre ‘Perfect Day’ was a strange choice. Loved the schwarma gag at the end of the reunion though!

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