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Hamilton and The Three Body Problem SPOILERCAST! – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/01/16

The latest book we’re gushing over is Liu Cixin’s The Three Body Problem, a science-fiction story with ideas that blew our minds. Adam, Norm, and Will review the book and discuss its concepts in a Spoilercast! Adam also talks about his current obsession with Hamilton: The Musical, and we hear Norm’s best segue yet.

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18 thoughts on “Hamilton and The Three Body Problem SPOILERCAST! – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/01/16

  1. They all hated each other, yet they wrote this amazing document? Isn’t this what Adam says is the beauty of his relationship with Jamie? Because they aren’t pals, they don’t give each other or the thing they are doing an easy time, so whatever they are working on is forced up on a higher level of quality through constant, expert scrutiny of any suggestion.

    Dislike, high standards and a common goal. Seems to be a recipe for greatness 🙂

  2. I just finished The Dark Forest. It is awsome. Although not as good as the first. And I am looking forward to reading them again so I can full understand the concepts.

    Also. The audio books are very well done.

  3. Saw the title, thought Tested had gone way way deep into mathematical physics. Then I’m like … oh.. THAT Hamilton.

  4. Hey Tested. Thought I would contribute some feels as an American born child of people who experienced both the end of the invasion, the end of the Republic, and the Cultural Revolution. My mother just finished high school as the Cultural Revolution began. My grandpa and all of my relatives on both sides of the family actually caught a lot of shit for not being of workers (some merchants, lawyers, my grandpa was a reporter during the short-lived Republic) but nobody from my family was killed or committed suicide. I know a number of interesting stories from family friends who lived through that period that include a TCM doctor who was sent to the same gulag that Communist officials’ kids (princelings) were sent to to ensure the obedience of those who opposed Mao. Interesting stuff for another time maybe.

    Growing up, I recall my mother telling stories about coming to the US and seeing some of her fellow immigrants/visiting scholars embrace religion—she found it absolutely abhorring, since the kind of propaganda and cult of personality that surrounded Mao during the fervor of the CR was mirrored in the way people cry and read from the same primary text and exhort each other to seek forgiveness for deviating from their beliefs; how one figure or slogan is at the center and their word, or at least the word as interpreted by their intermediaries, is absolute. Coming from this background, to me The Three Body Problem presents religion in different ways–the Trisolarans and humans developing religions feelings towards one another; the way theoretical physicists who killed themselves seemed to revere fundamental laws of physics; the cult of personality and fervor that enchanted the Red Guard; to the way the Adventists and Redemptionists clashed in the way they wanted to embrace the aliens.

    I thought it was interesting how the author explored the laws of physics as a sort of religion and how the use of sophons to mess with theoretical physics and isolate the earth basically led to scientists committing suicide their understanding of the world collapsed. During the Cultural Revolution, there were many Communists and Socialists among academics, entertainers, and intellectuals; many of these supporters of the revolution against the Republic basically saw the cult of Mao bully, harass, and destroy them as Mao tried to maintain power over the country and the rest of the government by plunging it into chaos through the destruction of social order during the Cultural Revolution.

    The call to the aliens can also be seen as a parallel to the longing for a force outside of China to come and end the madness inside the country during that period of time. My mother was with the earliest wave of college graduates who left China after relations were normalized. I grew up knowing these intellectual expats who left during that period to escape the corruption, the plutocracy, the poisonous interpersonal networks that had developed in the last thirty years (1950s-1980s). Then after they come to that shift in their personal reality they gain better perspectives. Some changed priorities; some discovered religion; some died; and some figured out the same shit is the same shit no matter how a new environment dresses it up.

  5. As someone who has read the 2nd book, ‘The Dark Forest’ I can’t recommend it enough. I don’t want to say anymore as I don’t even want to risk spoiling anything. 🙂 I’m now counting the days to the release of the final book!

  6. This is my weird hours day at work, so I get to listen to this in the morning. Awesome podcast today, I have two new books to read, a musical to look into, a movie & a quadcopter company. Keep posting & I’ll keep listening/watching & will keep my premier account.

  7. The Three Body situation reminds me of Asimov’s Nightfall. It is a fantastic short story. Imagine total eclipse in a solar system with six suns. Chaos erupts. Check it out.

  8. So did I skip a chapter when I read this book? What was the countdown counting down to? It seemed like that was the crucial mystery for like 50 pages, and then it just trailed off. The fact that the sophons were responsible for him seeing the clock in his field of vision, and for the illusion of the background radiation appearing to pulse, was explained towards the end but what actually happened at 00:00:00?

  9. The concept of our science not being what we think it is has happened before. I believe it was a short story…

    An alien spaceship is tracking down a crashed starship, which landed on Earth a long time ago. They have to shut down the drive (IIRC, before it explodes or something equally nasty).

    The science officer mentions that the travel field from the crashed ship has warped the physical world of the Earth so our science can’t see the ‘real’ universal constants &c… and that shutting down the drive will wreak havoc with our science.

    Que sera, says the captain– if they don’t shut down the drive worse things will happen. And they turn it off.

    –Paul E Musselman

  10. Just finished the audiobook yesterday. thanks for the recommendation. I enjoyed Kopernicus’ “solving” the riddle of stabil / chaotic eras, and also the sophon, not so much the monofilament-trap.

  11. I was so happy that the guys decided to do the spoilercast a week later, that gave me the time to finish the audio book. The second is already lined up. Also as a non American the Hamilton thing didn’t come to my attention until the guys talked about it. I decided to buy it blind and didn’t regret a thing, it is truly a fantastic peace of music and a great story. I listened through the whole thing on my way to work this morning. Thank Jibbers Crabst for traffic jams…

  12. In the past I haven’t cared much about getting spoiled by the spoiler casts (I picket up both Seveneves and the Martian as a result of the previous ones). However, this time around after I finished reading the book last week I was glad I had gotten the book before this one.

    I’m just waiting for the paperback version of the Dark Forest to be available was I don’t have enough bookshelf space for more hardcovers (I already have many shelves doubled up with books as it is).

    New one day build idea (or build series) good book shelves for organizing one’s collection! 😉

  13. Based on the podcast I have a – ONE DAY BUILD IDEA – Satisfied premium member here, I always watch the podcast rather then just listen. While watching this episode it occurred to me with all the interesting custom carts and mobile tables Adam builds for the shop – perhaps Adam could design & build a more aesthetically pleasing table/talk area that also incorporates function in helping organizing the microphones & recording apparatus. Just a thought I wanted to share. Keep up the great work, love the site.

  14. Bit late to leave comments on this podcast but I need to recommend The Travis Chase Trilogy by Patric Lee (The first book is The Breach). Absolutely loved the series! It fits in to the Science Fiction Action Suspense category and it a real page turner. The revelation at the end of the first book will have you starting the 2nd one straight away.


    QUOTE: New York Times bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series, Lee Child, was blown away by The Breach—and you will be, too! A novel of unrelenting suspense and nonstop surprises, The Breach immediately rockets author Patrick Lee into the V.I.P. section of the thriller universe. A treat for Jack Bauer (“24”) fans and “X-Files” aficionados, it is a white-knuckle roller-coaster ride that combines the best of Dean Koontz and Michael Crichton with a healthy dollop of Indiana Jones thrown into the mix—the perfect secret agent/government conspiracy/supernatural adventure.

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