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Farewell Starman – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/12/16

This week, we’re joined in the cave by special guest Rebecca Watson to talk about David Bowie, the Golden Globes, and San Francisco’s Sketchfest comedy festival. Plus, a mini-Spoilercast on Netflix’s amazing Jessica Jones, one of our favorite shows of last year!

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28 thoughts on “Farewell Starman – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/12/16

  1. Bowie was one of the immortals. John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bob Dylan, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix. He’s of that calibre. The world stopped for a reason when the news broke, I was as saddened as anybody and I was born towards the end of Bowie’s commercial peak (as the 70s turned into the 80s) so while I was prime age for Labyrinth it was probably my early teens before I sat down and really listened to Bowie, mostly because of Nirvana’s excellent cover of Man Who Sold the World inspired me to do so.

    Being able to span demographics and generations was as big a strength of Bowie’s as genre hopping. I think just like Kurt Cobain and Noel Gallagher were turning my generation onto Bowie in the 1990s other influencers are doing it to this very day, Metal Gear Solid has always owed more than a passing nod to David Bowie’s work and the most recent game MGSV is basically a love letter to him. For a guy to still be as relevant as Bowie has been for as long as he has been is amazing, his later work from the 00s and through to Black Star has all been very good, Black Star was met with critical acclaim just a few weeks ago and people had no idea Bowie was ill so it’s not just reviewers being nice out of respect, they liked it because he was still very very good. A genuine loss.

    Oh, and if you get chance look at the Periscope archives coming out of Brixton last night. For those outside of the UK, Brixton is the part of London Bowie was born and raised in, it’s been a lively place for as long as I can remember with a vibrant music and cultural scene (Eddie Grant’s ‘Electric Avenue’ was about Brixton) so you’d probably expect people to brave a cold London evening to pay tribute to Bowie but the scenes were incredible. If you need to find it on the map in the Periscope app then it’s a mile or two south of the River Thames, below where the river meanders and runs north/south in central London.

  2. I feel like I watched a different Jessica Jones… it was good, perfectly cast, but also deeply flawed. I felt like the character development was terrible, especially for Killgrave. He was outed as an evil psychopath in the very first episode… not Snidely Whiplash, but irrevocably evil nonetheless. Daredevil’s growth of Fisk into Kingpin took the entire series and paralleled Murdock’s growth into Daredevil. Killgrave was just malicious and never once felt surprising. Rebecca and Adam ought to read Alias (it’s not very long) to get some better context for the show.

    And someone needs to tell Adam that there’s probably not going to be a season two… they’re prepping for a team-up series with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist (The Defenders)

  3. Is Will going to be back on less time sensitive episodes?

    Edit: Also David Bowie was probably one of the most likable people from the 80’s. I cannot stand the 80’s but David Bowie is timeless.

  4. I really enjoyed having Rebecca Watson on the show. It’s like she’s been in the room the whole time. Thanks for all the great podcasts.

  5. I had to stop watching Jessica Jones after three or so episodes, and it took me a while to figure out why. I thought it was fantastic. I just couldn’t watch it. I started comparing it to Daredevil, which I really enjoyed and marathonned through in just a couple of days, and I admitted to myself that JJ was probably a better show. I finally realized that the problem (for me) with JJ was that there was no comedy relief. Daredevil got plenty dark, but there were enough lighthearted moments and comedy relief bits that it kept the show from weighing too heavily on my psyche. JJ had none of that. I’m going to wait until the summer when the sun is shining and the world is a generally happier seeming place and I’ll try again. It was just too much for me in the wintertime.

  6. Jessica Jones gets better as the series progresses, but it’s trash compared to Fargo, Mr. Robot, Rick and Morty, and It’s Always Sunny.

  7. Was lovely having Rebecca on the show for a breath of something different – I think podcast guests should become a regular feature.

    And what’s more, it was wonderful to see get a chance to speak without Will and Adam talking over him – Norm speaks up when he has something good to add to the conversation, as opposed to for the sake of talking. It was refreshing that he actually got to share those comments this time.

  8. More Rebecca Watson, please.

    Also nice to hear you talk about music. I was beginning to wonder if you listened to music at all. 🙂

  9. Ok I. Suppose this is going to sound weird Sunday I went to see the Martian for the first time. (I know, I know….) so when they play “Starman” I am really moved by it and start singing along. It’s like i felt Mr. Bowie’s prescience in the theatre….

  10. I really liked Daredevil and Jessica Jones. I could of done with out all of the sex scenes though. I understand what the writers were communicating with them, but I do not think it added to the show. It took it away for me.

    David T is one of my favorite actors, did Kilgrave perfectly.

    Having Rebecca Watson on was strange. Not that i wish she wouldn’t of been on it or anything, I just don’t agree with a vast majority of what she says.

  11. Awesome, season one or two?

    I was fairly sceptical before the first, given how great the movie is… but it really lives up to the promise. The casting is perfect.

  12. There’s a starmaaaaaaaaan waiting in the sky.

    He’d like to come and meet us but he thinks he’d blow our minds.

    As for Jessica Jones, I still have absolutely no inclination of watching it. I’ve read the comic and I doubt the show will show me anything new or interesting.

  13. It’s time to make new ‘Tested’ animations. The blockheads are great, but if we are taking a new direction, we need to see it in the branding – otherwise, has anything really changed? Are Will and Jaime still present, or not?

  14. And what’s even more incredible about the impact of David Bowie on the world is that one of his songs was performed by an astronaut in space on the ISS. As an artist, David Bowie was a maker in the true spirit of TESTED.

  15. I’m heartbroken over David Bowie. I’m thinking especially of Duncan Jones right now.

    As Norm said, ‘F**k cancer’

    It was great to have Rebecca Watson guest on the show!

  16. I agree, the show was good, but in terms of character development it wasn’t great, and Spoiler alert! I felt like it might have been going somewhere when Jessica tried to turn him into a hero, it felt like it could work, but instead they just removed that possibility altogether, Kilgrave’s character development was terrible, because there was none.

  17. Space Oddity was released in 1969. IN 1986 WMMR in Philadelphia played Space Oddity as their tribute to the fall of the Challenger. It was hard listening.

    I heard a story back then that Bowie’s fans were always one step behind– they’d see a concert, and the next year show up ‘just like’ David was last year, only to find our that David had moved on– musically and haberdasherly!

    re: Lady Gaga– IIRC, Alice Cooper said he liked Lady Gaga because she can actually sing!

    –Paul E Musselman

  18. Jessica Jones was good once I got over the fact that Jessica is basically a 14 yearold girl with a drinking problem and hulk strength. Great story! Great execution and technical work as well as the score which I believe is severely underrated.

  19. Great show even if though it stealthily turned into a spoilercast! 😉 It was a very pleasant surprise to see Rebecca (actually ‘hear” since I normally just get the audio podcast) sitting in with you. I think Rebecca was great add! I’m really hoping that she can be a regular on the show..

  20. JJ is way too depressing and a nightmare. Thought it is poor entertainment although acting and photography is superb. Grew up in the 80 so Bowie was an ubiquitous influence, so sad that he is gone.

  21. I really enjoyed Jessica Jones, but I was a little underwhelmed by the ending. Story-wise I didn’t enjoy the fact that she is miraculously immune to KillGrave. She didn’t need to be smart or devise a solution to overcome his power. I would have liked it more if she found loopholes to his commands. Such as when she puts the bullet in Trish’s mouth so that it was “In her head.” She would have to devise a way to enact the command in a way that KillGrave hadn’t thought. But still a great show nonetheless.

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