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In Town for a Day – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/15/15

Adam’s back in town for a day in the final stretch of his tour, and we meet up in the cave to catch up and talk about some recent adventures. We also review the new Syfy show, The Expanse! It’s an extra long episode of Still Untitled!

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40 thoughts on “In Town for a Day – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/15/15

  1. I dunno man, the ipad pro is still like an 800 dollar iOS device, it would make just way more sense for it to be x86 based so it could run real programs

  2. so over priced, crippled by the walled garden, badly designed os and impossible to obtain…

    just another day at 1 infinite loop

  3. My sister lives in SF and she only has a part time job. She isn’t a Star Wars fan so she might be available for babysitting. If you still haven’t found one that is.

  4. Here’s something I’ll throw out there, likely to the distaste of many: I would give up the opportunity to see the NEW Star Wars in theaters for the opportunity to see the despecialized original trilogy in theaters. Would anyone else?

    (Of course, seeing all of the above in theaters would be lovely, but I just love Harmy’s stuff soooo much!)

  5. Hey guys!

    speaking of battery pack, i’m testing the Mophie space pack 64gb for iphone 6 and 6s and i have to say i’m really surprised by the design. yes, it buff up your phone a bit, but it also give it a lot more grip and maneuverability in hands but also keep the phone beautiful.

    this pack is perfect for those who have fallen for the 16gb version of the 6s because it give you a lot of extra space, and it also sync automatically your photos and vids from the camera roll so you’ll never eat up your phone space with those pesky live photos and 4k videos.

    3,300mAh will keep the juice up by the end of an heavy usage day.
    Again i have to say it give substance to the body of the phone. i.e.: you can take your phone from the corner between two fingers pretty easily and still get a firm usable grip on the phone without fear of dropping it.

    i had an otterbox battery pack on my previous phone so maybe i’m a bit biased on the subject, but i just love the feeling of those type of cases in hands, and the peace of mind they procure.

    anyway, i just felt i had to say something for those of us loving those type of case.. but let it be said that the apple one do a really good job at being ugly.

    I’m out! keep on testing.

  6. Jessica Jones can fly just rather poorly. She used to be able to fly better but well Purple Man kinda made a mess of her headspace.

  7. Here’s something I’ll throw out there, likely to the distaste of many: I would give up the opportunity to see the NEW Star Wars in theaters for the opportunity to see the despecialized original trilogy in theaters. Would anyone else?

    (Of course, seeing all of the above in theaters would be lovely, but I just love Harmy’s stuff soooo much!)

    That’s just crazy talk!

    I miss the Mos Eisley of the original though. I think Phil Tippett said it best when he mentioned that Mos Eisley used to have a Sergio Leone quality to it.

    I’m seeing The Force Awakens in 11 hours!

  8. Questions….

    1) is that the shard from “The Dark Crystal” Adam’s playing with?

    2) Who’s head is that lying in the cabinet behind Will and Norm?

    re: Animated Special Effects–

    The 1-9 series of Dr. Who from the BBC was an early adopter of Chroma Keyed backgrounds. Some not excessively cheesy miniature sets through which the characters ran (along with their outlines). Of course, they were forced into some of this because of tight budgets. But the plots were more interesting than picking apart the special effects– and that’s what you need to activate the Suspension of Disbelief.

    “The Last Starfighter,” anyone?

    –Paul E Musselman

  9. You guys definitely need to do an Untitled after you all have seen Star Wars The Force Awakens before the end of the year. If we don’t hear about your impressions of the film as soon as possible next year will be too late!

  10. I just wanted to say that YOU are why I listen to the Tested Podcast. Your insights are always well thought out, your responses are never blanket, and you are very much mindful of the fact that sometimes we ALL think things are a bit too “Hollywoodized” (as in your point about Thomas Jane in The Expanse).

    If you ever wanted to, we need to get you set up for a visit here to Toronto, ON, Canada to speak on something – I definitely think you’d sell out here.

  11. I have actually been writing emails back and forth with Field Notes about a request for some more Tested Flight Log style Field Notes.

    As an Engineering Technologist working in robotics ( I actually specialize in mechanical testing), my notebooks can be considered legal documents. I would love to see a Field Notes book designed with pre-fillable pages for something geared more towards mechanical engineering, like a log book for servicing or cataloguing equipment, or what about an actual TESTING LOG!

    Adam, you gotta get on the testing one – I work in mechanical product testing and I would buy 100 of those!

  12. I’m seeing Ep.VII in two hours, can’t wait.

    The posters started shipping a few weeks ago, supposedly in the order that people signed up. I got mine fairly quickly, within a week and a half of shipping starting IIRC, though my renewal was automatic and perhaps that is why I got it so fast. If you gave them the right address, you should get it soon 🙂

  13. I have a number of old blank Air Force maintenance logs and tags that my Dad swiped, let me know if you would like scans of any of them.

  14. Did anyone else notice that the website only says Adam Savage’s TESTED and not Jamie and Adam’s TESTED. Wonder when that changed.

  15. I would love scans of those.

    When I spoke to Field Notes, they seemed wary to my idea but they mentioned that there have been some successful Kickstarter campaigns for rubber stamp templates to put into your field notes. Might do to have some rubber stamps like that made for my field notes. Your dad’s templates would come in handy for that.

  16. I SO very strongly disagree with Will (sorry Will but,) on reading the Expanse series of books. There are FIVE books out. The latest just came out last year. I’m so excited about this series for so many reasons, none of which I can talk about because it will spoil the bigger plot. The first book is such a small tip of a HUGE iceberg of human calamity. I want Adam’s take on these books and the last book in particular. Nemesis Games. Oh My Glob! that book just floored me. This is the thing about the books the first (Leviathan Wakes) really could have ended right there. plus most of the other can be stand alone books as well. But the series as a hole, and where it is taking humanity with in this story. I just have so much love for this since it really is the kind of Science fiction I’m always wanting. just like where I started with ring world and Ender’s game series, Expanse is really something special. please Adam read them, Babylon’s Ashes comes out in June, and they have put one out a year. I can’t wait for the next one.

  17. I can’t find it exactly, but Adam mentioned that he has written, or will write a book on modelmaking. I can’t find it anywhere, and his chapter on sanding would be good for my architectural students. Can you put that in the show notes?

  18. I went to the Mythbuster’s show in Portland on Wednesday and though it’s geared towards kids mainly, I had a great time. I even got to go up on stage and help with the first experiment, basically getting shown up by a little girl. Adam and Jamie couldn’t have been more gracious, thanks guys.

  19. The problem with Myth Busters as a stage show is that there is no way to blow stuff up ‘live’ without damaging the audience! I saw them in Cincinnati, and also had a great time. If the show encourages kids to take up ‘science’ and ‘doing things’ it’s a success!

    Of course, they could have done some Cirque du Soleil kinds of stunts…

    –Paul E Musselman

  20. Not battery pack related but I see that you guys have some sort of skin/case on your iPhones.
    I upgraded from 5 to 6s and haven’t bought a skin yet. I would like a skin that’s just thick enough that the camera doesn’t stick out anymore mainly to protect the lens but I also find the phone to slippery.

    On that note, could you tell what skins you use on your 6s and what you think of them and if they are thicker / thinner than the camera?

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