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So About That UFO – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/24/15

This week, we chat about the recent Trident 2 missile test and how people responded to it in social media and the news. Will talks about watching the stars outside of light pollution and appointment television. Plus, we’re joined by a silent fourth guest in the form of Adam’s new spacesuit!

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22 thoughts on “So About That UFO – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/24/15

  1. I would really love it if you did a video on that flashlight. I don’t have the time, skill, or means to go full-out and make a full suit (mainly skill! Holy crap!) but I would love to tackle a flashlight build. I’ve got a few NASA hat-tips in my rally car build, so it would be killer to have one of these flashlights onboard.

    FYI for anyone out there Googling; the light is an ACR FA-5.

  2. lovely podcast, guys! oh man. myface is PERFECT. 😀 i shall call every stupid social medium myface, now.

    re cold war presence: *i* still remember that, and i was born 82. of course, germany, and my mother is from a region really close to where the east–west german border was. i remember american tanks driving through our village to and back from maneuvers (which i found so interesting to watch, and wished they could stop so i could look at the tanks more closely), and every so often we’d have low-flying fighter jets (which really upset me as a baby, as my parents report, and it took half an hour of driving me around in the car to make me settle down again), but she used to have that kind of alert military presence constantly.

    i remember being told that if war happens, the big two are going to shoot the worst they have at each other, and the first battle will be fought where we live, but being slightly too young to fully realise it, other than as a kind of dark narrative background radiation. but even that was enough to still leave a hint of ‘the other’/’the enemy’ in everything east german, despite being just 8 when the berlin wall fell and that being 25 years ago now.

  3. Kids now have “active shooter drills” to replace the old duck and cover drills. Wife just had one with her high school kids.

    Also on the global warming, pick up Bill Nye’s new book. Really great read.

  4. Yep, 80s threat of imminent nuclear attack, I remember it well. In the UK (America’s early warning station) we had just four minutes’ warning. Just enough time to boil an egg, kiss your ass goodbye and eat the egg.

    We would occasionally hear the sirens being tested for maybe 10 seconds every year or three, but one morning at the bus stop, the sirens started, and kept going. After a full minute of this, people started getting nervous. There had been no build up of USA-USSR tensions in the news recently, but this didn’t sound like a test. The sirens kept going and going, and we all realised that if it was real, the missiles would actually be arriving right now. We all looked at each other. The sirens stopped, the bus arrived, I got on and went to college…. nothing happened, but I can never forget that feeling of waiting for it to hit any second now….

  5. So in early 70’s my family moved to New Mexico near Los Alamos and less than 30 minutes from a place in the mountains known as Gasbuggy…which was the place where the US Government used a nuclear weapon to see if nuclear fracking was a good idea. Turned out that all that was accomplished was that all the underground area was rendered radioactive. And in the same small town my friend has a 50’s era bomb shelter in his backyard that was turned into a band rehearsal space. Perfect soundproof room but all I would think was that if the nuclear war hit you would rather dead than be in this concrete bunker like Franham’s Freehold.


  6. Yea, Scorpion shell contains a natural phosphorescent/fluorescent compound, that means it glows kind of bluish when you shine a light particularly a blue or UV light on it. Very fun to do.

  7. A tested listener here from Cave Creek. Not many scorpions out now, it is too cold, else I would send you pictures. The whole body glows, really cool for the kids to see them. Makes them easy to avoid at night.

    Yes, this is one of the best towns for looking at stars (or a lunar eclipse) that is close to a major city. We are only 25 miles from downtown with no unnecessary lights, we do have a few for safety but nothing lIke the rest if the world.

  8. My name is Ed, I’m 69yrs. old and my Grandson Joey is 10 and lives next door. We obviously see a lot of each other so I bought my him an XBOX so we could play HALO together. We’ve had it for about a year and have nearly beaten 2 HALO GAMES and are working now, on HALO – REACH. And we are doing well on it too.

    I thought I would enter a comment to try to win that NEEDLER for Joey. I know he would be ecstatic.

    But, in the event I don’t, where might I buy one? Thanks Ed

  9. With regards to the Mythbusters Tour, I’m saddened that they’re not coming through New England this year on Jamie’s final tour. Which probably makes it the last season for the tour since the show itself is wrapping up as well next year.

    The 3 shows in New York make it seem they were intentionally avoiding New England… 😉

  10. I went to see the show last year when they had the date in Worcester, MA, but bought my tickets late so had to sit in the ‘nosebleed’ section. Was hoping to get better seats this year.

  11. Saw Adam and Jamie in Hamilton last night. Had me grinning like an idiot the whole time. Pretty much the only ‘celebrity’ I’ve ever wanted to see. Wish I’d bought tickets to the meet and greet now 🙁 My heart goes out to Jamie though, I’m probably close to being that socially awkward. I was close enough to “participate”, but I couldn’t get my arm up, even with my gf stabbing me in the ribs with her elbow.

    Great show guys, glad I was able to see you before Jamie stops touring.

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