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Mythbusters and The Force Awakens – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/27/15

This week, we return from a short break to chat with Adam about Mythbusters’ final season, reflect on 14 years of the show, and discuss the new Star Wars trailer! Plus, Adam tells us a terrifying story that leaves us speechless.

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55 thoughts on “Mythbusters and The Force Awakens – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/27/15

  1. I wonder who Norm was talking about, could this be a clue:

    Who are you?

    I am death.

    You have come for me?

    I have been for a long time at your side.

    ? 🙂

  2. I bet if the situation on the road happened with just Adam in the landcruiser it might have not have bothered Adam as much as it did since Thing 1 was with him, like he said. I am curious about how Thing 1 handled the situation during it.

  3. Just a reminder that “drifting on dirt” is called rally. 😀 I saw a little screengrab of Adam ripping a 240 on dirt and I’m pretty excited to see that in the final season!

    Regarding steering failure, I had a similar failure (clutch, not steering) in traffic a while back. Here’s the story I wrote on Jalopnik: http://jalopnik.com/5657241/as-i-merged-uncontrollably-into-morning-traffic-i-recalled-my-last-clutch-explosion

    Also, it goes without saying; I can’t wait to see Adam kick things into high gear on Tested!

  4. I was hoping to hear from Will about him leaving Tested. Also hoped to hear from Norm what he aims to do with the site. Exited for you both and all the best.

  5. I have been looking for the original press release for The Force Awakens without luck. Plenty of sites have the cast list but I would like the real the original.

  6. Just worked out who is missing from the trailers. Nice spotting Norm. (Not going to spoil other’s enjoyment by mentioning it here). Thanks for all the Myths Adam and Jamie, the re-runs here in the UK have made my Saturday mornings chill out sessions so enjoyable.

  7. Could someone spoil what Norm is talking about re: cast member for me? I don’t know actors, or follow entertainment media like that, but Star Wars is an exception. I also can’t seem to find the original press release? My Google-fu has never been very strong…

  8. One more thanks for a great TESTED show! The Castro is a fantastic place. The coolest thing was that Will saw my Game Frame T-shirt and gave me a shout out. And finally got to meet the Game Frame guy…the pinball wizard…Jeremy. Thanks guys!

  9. Adam @ 11:20 “Oh the a Star Trek Chair is waking up…”

    Podcasting with some friends in a room with some of your favorite things and one of them wakes up. Adam is definitely on a short lost for the most interesting man in the world.

    Good luck to all of you in your future endeavors.

  10. Sorry to hear that Mythbusters is ending but I am excited to see what the future is going to bring. I count myself as being one of the many that has been inspired by the show, Adam and Jamie. I wanted to offer a sincere thank you to the show, cast and creators for some wonderful memories. Now on to the “One Day Builds”.

  11. Since Mythbusters wanted to test it, but was not allowed, and since tested is NOT sponsored by visa, why don’t you test RFID on tested

  12. Sad to hear about the end of Mythbusters. What a great run that has been, though! I am totally looking forward to Adam’s next projects and endeavors (Anything, oh God, ANYTHING but Disco).

  13. There was a big name announced who is not in the photo and whose character is not yet known. I don’t know if that is who Norm is referring to, or if he is talking about someone who is in the photo, but that we haven’t seen in any footage of yet.

  14. Both Andy Serkis, whose voice is in the first teaser and whose character name we know, and Max von Sydow, who we know nothing at all about but is very Imperial in every way you’d want, could be who Norm is referring to.

  15. Could someone spoil what Norm is talking about re: cast member for me? I don’t know actors, or follow entertainment media like that, but Star Wars is an exception. I also can’t seem to find the original press release? My Google-fu has never been very strong…

    Its Jar Jar Binks!!!

  16. I hope that Tested or something like it will survive the end of Mythbusters.

    Norm: If you want to reboot the universe, they’ll have to do a movie of Chalker’s Midnight at the Well of Souls series.

  17. Wonderful show gents. Adam thank you for all that you have done over the years with Myth Busters. The show will live in my families hearts for years to come. As I once got the chance to tell you in person, you are an American Icon sir. But like it was mentioned, I cannot wait to see some crazy new content from TESTED!

  18. In this podcast, Adam talks about the term Buffeting (I think that is what he said) when referring to his landcruiser mishap. What does that mean? I can’t seem to find anything on google.

  19. Who I think Norm was talking about…

    Max Von Sydow 🙂 He is the only big cast member we know absolutely nothing about.

  20. Questions: Why end Mythbusters now? I haven’t heard a cut and dry reasoning.

    1. If it wasn’t a ratings slip then why would they retool the show and then only do two more seasons?

    2. Was there a ratings slip? 13-14 years is a long time for a show to stay relevant in the ratings, but I can’t find any reference to a major ratings slip prior to last season. http://graphtv.kevinformatics.com/tt0383126

    3. With so many fans, die hard fans, of the show did they just not have enough “fresh new” viewers?

    4. Adam mentioned he was “tired” and Jamie talked about not enjoying “being in front of the camera” … They are executive producers of the show. Was the conversation: Discovery: Are you guys ever going to quit? Jamie and Adam: Can you get us an out and a final season? Discovery: Sure we can totally cut your budget and make you drop some of the cast to get you a final season and an out! Jamie and Adam: We should make it look awesome and really go for the Emmy this time. ??



    buffeting1. To hit or beat, especially repeatedly.

    2. To strike against forcefully and especially repeatedly; batter: winds that buffeted the tent.

    When vehicles pass within close proximity of stationary objects (Adam’s parked vehicle on the side of the road) at high speed the movement of the stationary object imparted by the “wind” from the vehicle going by is called “buffeting”.

  21. Just a comment in regard to how much jj has released in the trailer, Hasbro announced that all the ships released so far only constitute the first third of the film, so we have a lot to look forward to.

  22. alls0p69: Adam said somewhere that the ratings were declining steadily over the last several years.

    Reports at the time were that the M7 team left when their contracts with Discovery were up. It was probably tough for them to negotiate a decent deal if the ratings were going down.

    Once they were out, Adam and Jamie along with Beyond Productions suddenly had to figure out a way to expand the storytelling in order to fill the post-M7 episodes. Thus new format and a lot of promotion.

    It would appear that the new format didn’t do the trick, so they sat down with Discovery and decided to go out on a high-note. The EW interview makes it seem like Jamie was more than ready to move on at that point.

  23. When I saw the Mythbusters announcement the other day it was like a punch in the stomach, I’m going to miss it. But this has been a big year for gut punch losses, Will leaving Tested, Leonard Nimoy, Terry Pratchett, BB King, Christopher Lee, Wes Craven even Roddy Piper, among others. People and things you just expect to always be there..

  24. Sad that Mythbusters is coming to an end (but all good things must end eventually, right?), but I am looking forward to owning all 14 seasons on Blu-Ray!

  25. Sorry to here MB will be going away I have seen them all!!! Just Wish you could have popped a second cement truck with high speed(make sure it is running this time lol) For the final out with a bang.

    Also Did anyone notice in the second Star wars trailer at 1:49 the light saber was the one Luke was given

    when he first met obi-wan

  26. I know how Adam felt when he lost steering I had the weld than held the column part of a removable steering wheel fail ( a 1 in. hex). At 120 mph. On the banking at Nashville Superspeedway . In a torrential downpour. I just lifted off the gas and gently applied the brakes slowing the car to a stop in the infield grass.

    Adam: there’s always room on my Enduro team for you if you want to do some wheel to wheel racing.

  27. Hi, A Mythbusters Question: Project Orion always seemed like a perfect fit for Mythbusters. Was it ever considered? How far did it get? Was it just down to insurers balking at the idea of a flying UXB?

    Myths trying to get mechanical work out of shockwaves always seemed like a tough deal. Saving a falling person or surfing away from an explosion, they never came off too well. But with Orion, we have the best example I know of, where they talk about (and photos) loading coffee-cans with C4 in a test rocket.

  28. They have confirmed that a second cement-truck is happening, and I think they showed a shot of it, pending explosion, in the season teaser 🙂

  29. I love the podcast, but I do feel like Adam hijacks the conversation way too often. Still, keep up the good work guys!

  30. In 1993 my boss, a VFR pilot, thought it would be cool to fly from west Michigan to Boston, MA for the Macworld convention… So the two of us hopped into a Cessna and, long story short, the alternator died, the electricals failed, and he had to make an emergency landing on a closed airfield in complete darkness at about 3am… But like Adam in the Land Cruiser, he kept his cool. Like Thing One, I was scared out of my wits.
    Hooray for those who keep their shit together in the face of mortal danger.

  31. Jamie and Adam,

    I am very very sad that I will not see another way to make a hot water heater explode or for the two of you to plow down two rows of cars with your modified cow catcher (I also hate traffic.). Will Jamie ever figure out how to make a safe lawn mover from hell?

    Jamie and Adam, thank you. I am a women in a STEM research field. Being a baby boomer, getting into my field and staying there was really tough. You and others made it easier for later generations, thank you. I also think that that the two you rock.

    Here is my question. Will Adam and Jamie ever get recruited by NASA to do myths on the International space station? You passed the training for the U2, I have seen Space Cowboys (and saw the Mr. Space Coffeemaker). Based on a song by Steve Goodman (“The Dying Cub’s Fan Last Request”), according to the law of averages, anything can happen that can.

    I hope to see more of your adventures. All the best.

  32. ADAM get the steering geometry checked as it should be self centering. If it was all over the place it might mean the castor is out

  33. I’m amazed you guys didn’t even touch on this, but OK, then it’s still just my theory: – Kylo Ren is Leia.

    Yes, I know she’s in the trailer but how about if that’s subterfuge? Or how about if that’s the “we’re in trouble – oh, no, we’re not in trouble” moment (which, by the way, could still be subterfuge, and – if I’m right – probably is)?

    I came around to this watching the early teaser trailer where we hear a voice-over of Luke’s “the Force is strong with my family” line from “Jedi” – as if it was hinted that the force awakening was in the last member of his family that, up to now, has not exhibited any force powers: Leia. And holy hell crap, what an awakening it could be; Leia isn’t exactly famous for taking even the smallest amount of crap from anyone, even un-force-powered – now imagine a much older Leia, having gone through god-knows-what in the interim, as played by Carrie Fisher (who also doesn’t take any poop), finally snapping loose… strap in, muddafukkas.

    I also know the trailer is cut to look as if Kylo Ren is paying some kind of homage to Vader’s part in the Jedi purge – but trailers lie, and even is this homage thing is the case, Leia never met her father – as in, only met Vader being Vader, never as Anakin – and has only Luke’s word for what happened with him. It doesn’t take much imagination to write a story where, over the decades, Leia begins to elevate her estranged father in her mind and ascribe all manner of higher purposes to his actions (as she perceives them), and then deciding to take up his mantle…

  34. Am í the only one in the world who wants to go into SWTFA cold?

    Question about Mythbusters : Could you talk about the no doubt long list of qualifications/certifications you have earned or had to earn to do various things on the show? Are they formal qualifications, or more like honorary positions? (Not that one is necessarily better or worse than the other)


  35. “If confirmed, rumour about Swedish actor would complete identities of major cast members of JJ Abrams’s highly anticipated new Star Wars film.”

    Von Sydow’s character has not been officially announced by Lucasfilm, and the rumour this article refers to puts him in a relatively small part, which is certainly possible, but it makes his high-billing in the big cast-announcement rather odd.

  36. A question for you Adam, now that mythbusters is up, are you doing a trip to Aus to thank your team over here? If so please, tested meet up over here!

  37. Questions for Adam:

    Was it difficult knowing that Mythbusters was canceled for a whole year before being able to talk about it with anybody?

    Do you think you will still work on projects with Jamie outside of Mythbusters, or is it time to go your separate ways?

    What kind of work would you like to do now that the show’s over?

  38. I’m not surprised ratings had started to slip. Frankly, putting it on Friday night isn’t going to do much for ratings. I haven’t been able to watch new episodes in quite a while because I’m generally busy Friday nights and really can’t get behind paying $15/mo for a DVR. I don’t get Science channel where they seem to play episodes all the time (as I notice on my cable Guide). Being that they don’t go up online anywhere where I would normally catch up on other shows doesn’t help either.

    I love the show but Discovery hasn’t made it all that accessible. Old seasons aren’t even on Netflix anymore.

  39. Just please for the migraine sufferers JJ NO LENS FLARES. I got a massive headache 10 minutes into the Star Trek reboot and have not seen the second because of it.

  40. mythbusters question: now that it’s all said and done, did the build team (tory/kari/grant) know the end of the show was coming when they were let go? did they know that it was their last season while filming it? there was so much hush-hush around their departure… i’d hate to think they got dumped out of nowhere.

  41. My 10 year old has never known a world without Mythbusters, our weekly routine involved eating Spaghetti, sitting down and watching Mythbusters. I cant begin to figure out how to tell her that the reason she loves Science and Engineering so much is going away. Oh well I guess the Geek culture will die now, they will go back to bullying geeky kids again like in the 80’s.

  42. ha!! after finally listening to this a year later. Adam nailed it at 27 mins… Han and Chewie meet Leia. What a call.

    Also damm you guys must have been chomping at the bit watching this trying to pick the point at which Luke shows up…. I lol’d as the three guys discussed where Luke fits in, and referenced Star Trek.

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