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The Socratic Takedown – 10/13/2015

This week, Adam, Norm, and Will discuss the new iPhone 6S Plus and several new TV shows they’re watching, including Doll & Em, Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, and Mr. Robot. Enjoy!

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35 thoughts on “The Socratic Takedown – 10/13/2015

  1. [Insert Generic Phone comment towards iPhone here]

    Just kidding, the new iPhone is neat. Got my ASUS Zenfone 2 after reading the review on here and have never looked back, especially since I was coming from a Nokia Lumia 520.

  2. But I have to complain that you guys are using phones that work for you. Also on the battery life front, check out the droid turbo 2.

    Otherwise on the bandwidth front, if their infrastructure can’t handle all their users using a lot of data, they shouldn’t be selling said customers that level of data connectivity, course they could just ya know move to fiber like they were supposed to.

  3. Is the point from which Adam stops mentioning the ways that humans are different from other animals? It sounds like they tell stories…

  4. Elephant, goliath, leviathan, mammoth, whopper.

    One particularly good name for a large iDevice is “The Titanic”. Because every time you hook it up to iTunes you get the pleasure of reading “The Titanic is Syncing”. Bit of gallows humour I guess.

    I also like to give sophisticated electronics the moniker of popular sci-fi evil machines. HAL 9000, GLaDOS, SHODAN.

  5. Great listen this one!

    Huge, massive fan of Rick & Morty here! I think it’s interesting that Norman says that the second episode will sell you on the show and then the guys move on to talk about intelligent animals and Will’s comment about dogs killing us off… Watch the show!

  6. Not to mention that the setting is buried WAY at the bottom of the cellular menu, after all the app permissions instead of with the other settings at the top!

  7. If you want your phone to be old money, I suggest Mortimer, Serge, Judson, Alistair, Fabian, Greyson or – for additional sci-fi cred – Orson (Welles) or Maximilian (1979 film “The Black Hole”). Female names could be Bijou, Chantal, Georgina, Ivy (Bonus: vague reference to Jonathan Ive), Vivienne, Millicent, Gwendalin. Personally I would probably go with Monty Pythons “Incontinentia buttox”, so I can tell people it refers to the phones inability to keep the data plan from running empty, and also the pants-delugement that followed my realizing it.

    P.S. “Socratic Takedown” is an awesome title for a Mythbusters episode!

  8. Hey guys.

    You should definitely check out Gravity Falls, usually airs on Disney XD. My 6 yr old daughter watches it and, to be honest, my wife and I are probably more excited to watch it than she is when it airs! It’s a little bit Twin Peaks, a little bit X-Files. IMDb rating is 8.9.

    I cannot recommend it enough!

  9. I love showing off the Samsung Pay features of my Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

    Many are amazed when the phone can beam the card info to older magnetic card slide readers when they say their register can’t support Apple Pay!

    Love the screen too! Wasn’t a big pen user on my previous Note, so a large format screen without a pen option was great.

  10. look up Robert Sapolsky to learn about animal psychology and neuro-biology.

    Sapolsky is the world leader in evolutionary neuro-biology.

    he was the first to observe and describe chimp cultures.

    he says there is absolutely nothing human do that isn’t in nature.
    Monkeys even gossip.

    99% of the stuff we do is instinct based.
    and most of it is to establish hierarchy.
    Who has the nicest hand bag, who is skinniest/most muscular, who can run faster, be funniest, know the most about star trek, is wisest, own the best stuff… all of this is to climb or push others down the local hierarchy ladder.

    Whoever is at the top of the ladder get the best chance to get the best mates. this will help you understand what is instincts is and understand human behaviors much better.

    Stanford university have some Sapolsky free courses online on youtube that everyone should watch.
    actually it’s madness that this course isnt mandatory everywhere in the world in high schools.

  11. Try searching for “low power” in iOS settings, see if low power mode shows up. No? Conspiracy between Apple and the electricity companies as well then? Or maybe the search is just flawed/incomplete…

  12. Speaking of tv shows has anyone got any opinions of Longmire, I think it’s on of the prettiest shot tv shows I’ve watched in a while

  13. In the last two days I have gotten through the first six episodes of Mr Robot. Thank you, Will. This show is fantastic!

  14. Hey guys. I’ll be driving down from Portland, OR the morning of the show and can’t wait to see you guys live. Any of you want me to bring anything with me you can’t get in SF… Beer, Coffee, ect???

  15. Adam If you are in DC tomorrow and have the time I’d love to take you guys to lunch, No strings no pitch just good company with a fan. Pm me if you are interested. – Alex

  16. I did have a friend who, long ago, named her iPod “Fitness Celebrity John Basedow.” That’s how it came up when she synched it in iTunes.

  17. About 5 days ago my computer wouldn’t let me comment I’m posting this to see if It works now. Ill try and take it down as soon as I know it works

  18. it’s 19 Aug 2016, and I am almost a year behind listening to these episodes. But I have to say for anyone else out there:

    Stop reading and go watch Rick and Morty!

    I was umming and ahhring about it until episode 4 and now I can’t get enough. Also go check out the ‘rick and morty – simpsons couch gag’ when you get a chance.

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