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Cons, Teams, and Movies With Kids – 9/29/2015

Will, Norm, and Adam discuss Norm’s trip to DragonCon, the relationships that form over time in intense work environments, and taking your kids to see movies.

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44 thoughts on “Cons, Teams, and Movies With Kids – 9/29/2015

  1. Oh Will, Adam and Norm are right about Babe as a masterpiece. It hit video at the right time for our kids to do the toddler saturation watch. The firm is so delightful, it was still pleasant for us to experience as adults for the 150th time. The film was so ingrained, that when I later saw James Cromwell in L.A. Confidential, I was aghast because farmer Hogged could not possibly be a bad guy.

    So many of the kid videos and movies had specific, predictable reactions in kids, and adults too. Perhaps it’s a good subject for an evolution of A Bunch of Dads with a guest cinephile.

  2. Ponyo is another ghibli movie that little kids really love. I have a theory that young kids like Miyazaki movies because a large parts of the movies are about really mundane day to day stuff. Which is really exciting to a young kid who is is experiencing things for a first time.

  3. I could´ve watched The Martian a week ago,. but it was only in 2d,.. I am waiting for the 3D ATMOS screen to get it. I´m one of those people who love watching movies in 3d,.

    Sword in the stone is such an epic disney movie. We still quote bits of it. Watch it quickly!

    So when will Adam be doing some one day builds of his The Martian suit? 🙂

  4. The Sword in the stone is one of my favorite movie it is great and I watch it with my niece all the time who is a year and a half. other good movie I remember growing up that we watch a lot were The road to Eldorado . Quest for Camelot and 101 dalmatian just to name a few

  5. Wallace & Gromit. It’s amazing how expressive Gromit can be with only his eyebrows.

    My daughter grew up on “The Little Mermaid” and just recently re-watched it at college. She was amazed and chagrined that her first thought was “Wait, that girl is way too young to be running off with that guy!”

  6. I’ll second Ponyo. It’s fantastic! I’d also add The Secret World of Arrietty. Both are Ghibli films aimed at smaller kids but are still eminently enjoyable at any age. And let’s not forget about Don Bluth: I loved The Secret of NIMH when I was a kid.

  7. So, I just want to let the guys know, this will be the second time “Point Break” has been remade. The first time is “The Fast and The Furious”

  8. Is it me, or my ‘canadianism’ but I found it a little disturbing having Will, Norm and Adam talk about children shows with Dexter’s gun on the table. Great conversation and topics as usual, thanks guys!

  9. sword in the stone is magnificent! i like the whole period when they started getting gutsier with design, draughtmanship, and transfer technique – xeroxing the pencils instead of having them traced into a clean line on the cel makes so much of the handiwork more graspable. and skill, especially in draughtmanship and animation, was abundant in disney at that time. robin hood, 101 dalmatians, the rescuers, sword in the stone, aristocats – they are top disney for me.

  10. My favorite movie: not really a cartoon, but I’ll call “artist drawn” is The Secret of Kells. Kids enjoy it too but I’ve watched it numerous times because it is so beautifully drawn. Watch it if you can. It’s worth your time.

  11. My daughter and I love the Studio Ghibli animations, from the cat returns to Totoro but our favorite of them all has to be Ponyo. I think over the last few years we must have watched it at least 400 times.

  12. I worked at an Applebees for a while in college. Among the various tchotchkes they had nailed to the walls was a 35mm print of totoro. I always wanted to steal it, but never did. No telling what it would be worth today.

  13. I also recommend The Secret of the Kells (2009) and The Song of the Sea (2014) both directed by Tomm Moore. Both very Irish, and very beautiful.

  14. I have thought of this before but only when Adam mentions the kids, IS there a reason behind calling the kids “thing 1 and thing 2” other then the obvious Seuss reference? There a reason you dont use their names?

    Does it date me if i say ‘apple dumpling gang’ for a kids movie?

  15. He’s trying to keep them out of the limelight, away from his more “fanboy – stalkery” fans.

    and they are twins hence the “Thing 1 and Thing 2”

    They have been seen on stage with Adam but I’m not going to say where… You will have to find it for yourselves 😉

  16. My first Miyazaki was Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind in the late 80’s (I still find it odd, I know exactly where I watched it and around that time I was 6 or 7 so 1987-88 and I remember the video box cover and the title so I know it wasn’t the weird English dub version that came out around then so I’m pretty sure it was the original Japanese), and its stuck with me after all these years.

  17. OK guys I live in nowhere Wyoming, and a spoiler cast not a week from general release…sorry but that is a dick move so I WILL NOT be watching/listening to next week’s podcast. Come on give folks at least a couple maybe 3 weeks to see a movie before you blow it OK? Am I I excited for the Martian, OMFSM I am, but a hell of a lot life is going to get in the way…I just saying not everyone gets to see per-release screenings OK, can you wait more than a couple of days?

  18. Totoro is heavy with sweet enchantment, but there are some scary moments. There is a part where something goes missing that parents of young children won’t enjoy. I found it difficult, and I only had a young nephew at the time. And the Mum is sick for most of it (will she get better?).

    The Castle in the Sky is amazing, but full of plot twists (difficult to follow, perhaps) and has lots of scary moments, especially around people falling. I was watching the Age of Ultron last week and I thought I saw in one of the labs (Stark or Hydra, I don’t remember which) an arm from one of the Laputa robots. Those robots had a scary side too.

    My nephew loved Fantasia as a 4 year old.

  19. Listening to Adam talk about the nearly topless fan wanting to take a picture with him and his assistant stopping it from happening first made me think “why would it matter if she was nearly topless?”…then I remembered the cultural differences behind the decision…

    Which reminded me of this recent comic:


  20. I´d pay to watch the Tested show live stream,. Not feasible I guess.

    Or could premium users at least be able to watch the whole thing in one go?

    The chopped up versions from last year was probably due to the sound., but it felt like a 2 or 3 hour show turned into 8 minute edited material.

  21. Muppet Treasure Island is wonderful! It might be kinda scary for really little kids, but most of the “scary” is interspersed with Gonzo’s quips so maybe not. Tim Curry is my favorite actor in the world, so I might be biased. The Worst Witch is the movie Harry Potter ripped off (and by that I mean vastly improved on a flawed and horrible mess) and has the best ever Tim Curry song put to film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6089Z_NgPk And it is even seasonally appropriate!

    Muppet Christmas Carol is also great, but the stupid ghost of Christmas Future used to terrify me.

    I’ll put in a word for A Monster in Paris, which is stupid sometimes, but also kinda endearing and cute? And my favorite Disney Movie of all time: The Emperor’s New Groove.

    Talespin and Duck Tales (series, not movies, whoops) are really great for hypnotizing kids. The cringe-worthy racism in some episodes not withstanding, both hold up well and have the talking animal cuteness that usually keeps kids entertained. Darkwing Duck too, but that might be a little scary.

  22. No problem, Sir. I actually can’t take credit for that insight. I believe I found out about by watching the AMC movie talk on YouTube. I’m a big fan and listen to your podcasts whenever you post them. Keep up the good work!

  23. In addition to not wanting to expose them any more than necessary to his fans, he tells some pretty embarrassing stories about them and not using their names gives them a bit of plausible deniability 😉

  24. We have a 2 1/2 year old son, Noah. He loves movies and his favourites are Ponyo, ‘Paddy Bear’ (Paddington) and ‘Everybody Cat’ (The Aristocats). This is a magical age and he watches them with such joy … but then, so does his dad.

  25. haha, that comic! that fan ‘problem’ had me guessing for a good while as well.

    i feel kinda bad for the fan, though. the way adam tells the story, she seemed pretty unfazed by her costume and enthusiastic about getting a photo with adam, just to have someone step in and be like ‘nope, your boobs make you unfit for an adam photo.’

  26. My first movie in the theater was Pocahontas.

    Still one of the best Disney movies ever made together with Hunchback of the Notre Dame.

  27.   yeah, from an European perspective, refusing a photo on the basis of partial nudity seems outright douchy…but cultural differences…

  28. It’s the first time I have ever yelled at a podcast! Utah! Get me 2! Gary Busey was wonderful in point break. I am actually pretty upset at this remake, a sequel would have been much better. Another remake worth mentioning is the rumored Big trouble in little China remake with Dwayne Johnson.

  29. You can tell when Hollywood is scraping the bottom of the barrel for remakes. The original Big Trouble in Little China was ok as is, same with Point Break. Just leave them alone people, come up with something new. Next thing you know it will be Tango and Cash.

  30. I think it’s more of a case of knowing that that picture of Adam standing beside a half naked women would follow him prominently for years. And I doubt the attention would be flattering. Because guys, if you don’t know it already, it’s almost impossible to not look either goofy, desperate, pervish, or just generally unsavoury when posing for pictures with naked ladies.

  31.   That’s the cultural part exactly. Nudity isn’t such a taboo/ big deal here as it is over there in the US.

  32. In the movies for kids list, I’d add WALL-E. So little dialogue for so long, it’s really easy for small children to follow.

    We just went to see The Martian this afternoon with our 8 and 6 year old. Having read the book before, we were able to whisper a few things that they might have otherwise missed in the fast paced moments, but they loved it. 8 year old was a bit skeeved out at the start with the surgery, but soon got over it.

  33. For a movie with scary potential, consider Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty.” Prince Charming fighting Malificent as the dragon, with fire and everything??!!

    Another scary movie for kids is Disney’s “Fantasia.” All those dinosaurs fighting, and the earthquake/mountains shooting up with the horns on the soundtrack; both my sister and I had dreams about that! It didn’t cause me any problems (at least I don’t think so >twitch< ), but when I saw the movie as a college student I recognized that scene instantly! (Saw it at a 7 PM show where parents brought their kids ("It's a Disney movie; must be great for kids!") and remember hearing a young voice saying, "Where's Mickey Mouse?")

    –Paul E Musselman

  34. I would have to second Song of the Sea and Book of Kells. Both are high on the list of favourite movies for my 3 1/2 year old. Book of Kells is a little dark and pay no attention to the Parental advice on IMDB for Song of the Sea.

  35. Only got to listen to this podcast today,
    Norm how do you deal with these old men, Gary Busey has the best line of any film ” Listen you snot-nose little shit, I was takin’ shrapnel in Khe Sanh when you were crappin’ in your hands and rubbin’ it on your face”

    Also Point Break has the definitive running chase ever in any film, many have tried to emulate it but fail miserably , even against many car chases this out ranks them brilliant

    Will, that is one thing I try to explain to my parents about Pixars multi film, you and your children are watching the film together but you both take away many different things from it
    Where is was really poignant one for my wife and I was UP, she had lost by her parents but the father had outlived the mother for quite some time ….when we’re sitting there watching UP with our children sitting between us and the scenes after the wife passes come up, automatically we look over our kids heads with tears in our eyes……very emotion , yet at that stage the children were too young to understand loss…..amazing film makers .

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