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Questions and Answers – 9/8/2015

Adam and Will endeavor to answer questions from the audience, while Norm is away at DragonCon. Enjoy!

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38 thoughts on “Questions and Answers – 9/8/2015

  1. I love how both of the guys are so enthusiastic about what they are talking about that they just keep adding more and more to the answer so that in 35 minutes they only answer like four questions. Should Adam ever get the time in his schedule I’d love to see a full two hour length Q&A episode.

  2. It appears that the film series that Adam calls ‘History of Film’ is ‘The Story of Film: An Odyssey’ for anybody that is trying to find it. As for the other film series mentioned, I wholeheartedly concur with watching ‘Every Frame a Painting’ by Tony Zhou.

  3. Adam should really watch Hugo, plot-wise it indeed is a bit slow, but the Lumiére film history part, and also the whole automaton craftmanship part, is really fascinating to watch.

    For me the whole world and the athmosphere in that movie was enough to enjoy it (A LOT).

    Also, this movie made me fall in love with Cloe Grace Moretz. hehe

  4. As one of the volunteers for the Dragon*Con Podcasting Track I want to thank Adam for his continued support. We all hope he can make it back next year too!

    I also want to thank Len and Frank for sharing their time with us this year, and Will, if you ever make it down we’d love to have you stop by, perhaps for a live episode of Still Untitled or TIOaT?

  5. Another good film podcast is The Canon (http://thecanon.wolfpop.com/audio/playlists/3968) with Devin Faraci from Birth.Movies.Death. (formerly Badass Digest) and Amy Nicholson from LA Weekly. Every week they choose a film and argue whether or not it should be included in the canon of important or noteworthy films of the last century. (Ironically, they just argued Let The Right One In vs. Let Me In last week.)

  6. I don’t like horror films, per se. However, I think “Alien” is a pure Gothic horror and “The Shining” is quite chilling…..

    “The House on Sorority Row” however….

  7. I use Librarything to track my books, which allows searching by ISBN (as with delicious library), rather than punch in a few hundred ISBNs by hand, I used a :cuecat (https://www.librarything.com/more/store/cuecat).

    It manages to read the majority of barcodes with a single swipe and deals with older codes pretty well too (the earliest book I’ve scanned with it is a 1961 copy of goldfinger.)

  8. Gotta upgrade to a thinkpad adam, best keyboard in a laptop and it’s spill proof. Or a toughbook given your line of work, you can run one over with a truck and it’ll keep on trucking.

    Though I suppose you’re probably used to OSX and use it because it just werks.

  9. Thanks Will and Adam for answering my question on film analysis. I really appreciate it. I’ll definitely take a look at all of your recommendations.

    Also, thanks to , , and *A for the links and other suggestions!

    — Cam

  10. Woohoo!! actually read my Talking Room comments and answered my question about his library. Thanks so much Adam – I truly do admire what I’ve seen of your library thus far and look forward to the video tour. Also, thanks for letting us know about Delicious – I’ve long contemplated tackling a similar project with my own book collection. You’ve given me the inspiration and impetus to get it started.

  11. I love the way, at 14:56, Adam totally deadpans “… I don’t read those…” when Will brings up Youtube comments. Priceless!

    It’s good to hear that Adam actually reads the comments here on Tested.. 😇

  12. Actually, RadioShack is trying to come back. The online store is back up and there are some still around (I have one in the next town over when we use to have 2 around here). I talked with one of the Managers at the store (this was a couple months ago) and they said RadioShack is out of the bankruptcy and is working on getting contracts to sell products in their stores (or to make stuff for them to sell in the store).

    I doubt it will ever be the same as it was before, but they are trying.

  13. Just want to say a big thank you to Adam for putting me on to Every frame a painting, totally blew my mind, really awesome and for Adam and Will for both for Seven eves, almost finished it and then I can go back and watch the spoilercast lol. Keep on testing!

  14. The only problem with Dragon Con is that it’s in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend. Hot. Muggy. Too many lines outside! Atlanta needs to air condition the streets!

    –Paul E Musselman

  15. “Alien” is more suspense– you know where the monster is and you watch the people trying to find it. “DON’T GO IN THERE! NO! DON’T!!!!” And then there’s another redshirt on the deck.

    Someone once described Alfred Hitchcock’s films as -suspense,- not horror. Just as in Alien, you know exactly where the killer is. And the Hero gets nearer, then is called away, moves back… You’re driven half crazy hoping the hero won’t go in that room with the killer behind the door!

    A.H. had a TV series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents. One memorable show you see a man, obviously doing something suspicious. I don’t remember if we see him placing something in the trunk of his car or not. But he sets off down the road. He’s nervous. You just know there’s something bad in the trunk. A body, maybe. Or part of one. All through the episode one of his taillights is blinking on and off. A guy at a gas station tries to get him to open the trunk so he can fix it. Guy slaps the side of the car and the light turns on. A cop pulls him over, same thing. All through the episode someone’s trying to get him to open the trunk and fix the light. And you just know that there’s something awful in the trunk. At the end of the episode you never see what’s in the trunk! Talk about frustration!

  16. A quick, cheap, effective way to keep dust down while sanding: buy a box fan. Drug stores, hardware stores, usually put them on sale in the fall. Buy a furnace filter – get one that filters the smallest particles and fits the front of the box fan. Turn the fan on and place it on your workspace so it pulls the dust away from where you’re working. Instant inexpensive dust filter.

  17. This is not only my favourite podcast, this is the only podcast that makes me buy a new piece of culture hardware every wednesday after listening. Just got through The Martian while I recover from the first part of Seveneves.

    Giving back a bit: On Slovakian label zvukolom.org they have the weirdest recordings from East-european and Russian contemporary artists. Also homemade instruments for the budding audio experimentalist.

  18. Radio Shack is still open for business in my area. Picked up some electroluminescent tape. The prices on HDMI cables is outrageous!

  19. Free bit of advice: You’ll notice that one end of each epaulet is wider than the other. The wide part goes towards the outside of your shoulder. Almost every new airline pilot, including myself, puts them on the wrong way the first time.

  20. As you know when sanding aluminum the material builds up on the sanding disc making the disc worthless after some time. When starting with a new disc apply candle wax to the disc and begin sanding. The wax will act as a barrier to the aluminum and sit on top of the wax, once the disc heats up due to friction, the wax will fall off taking the aluminum with it. During your project you will need to apply more wax. The best way I apply wax is with a regular candle, not melted, and then simply turn the sander/grinder on and let the tool grab the wax.

  21. There are a few places you can purchase pilot uniform articles. The first few off the top of my head are flightstore.co.uk pooleys.com and oberhofer.at (the latter supplied my uniform for several years.) makes a good point if you have directional epaulettes (some are fatter one end others are a constant width) but the base of the stripes should be worn as low on the shoulder as possible, so slide them all the way down, otherwise you get the age old joke about your rank going to your head.

  22. If you want to delve into the “wait what” phenomenon of understanding movies from an outside look I would over and over again suggest watching the series Everything’s a Remix by Kirby Ferguson. You will find yourself having the “wait what” moment over and over while connecting with movies.


  23. @AdamSavage In the current season of Mythbusters there is a video game episode and a star Wars episode. I have to ask, have you shown improvement in your Fruit Ninja score after receiving expert sword training?

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