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Tales of Adventure – 8/18/2015

Adam shares tales of his travels to Abu Dhabi, while Will and Norm update on their recent vacations.

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  1. I was in DC in may and one of the best things about the air and space museum is that it’s not super big. You can see lot’s of stuff at once and i love this because it lets you make all the connections and see the evolution. A few weeks ago i was in the hermitage in St. Petersburg and that museum is just to big and has so much that you loose interest even though you are looking at the most insane art ever made.

  2. I love how Adam says our Prime Minister is too conservative when I’ve head US political pundits say that if he were American he would be considered a center left Democrat; he must really hate the Republicans. I agree with you though Adam, he is too conservative. Hopefully the Canadian pundits are right and he will be ousted come october even if we do end up with a Liberal/NDP coalition government.

  3. yea, if you’ve been listening to these podcasts for a while it’s pretty clear these three dislike conservatives, republicans and have a general disdain for people in the middle of the country. It’s come up on more than a few podcasts.

  4. As a (I believe) fellow Canadian, we can hope. What I will say is that Mr. Harper is consistent with his education. That is all I will say on the matter. Countries, cities, provinces/states, and humanity as a whole benefits from multiple points of view and *gasp*, compromising on what we all want. Our current PM (nor political structure for that matter), does not do that.

    With regards to the Republican Primary… we know it’s going on, but we see it as more of a comedy show right now.

  5. Just a quick info dumb, meant to simply inform and not denigrate the discussion in anyway.

    Most of Dubai and Abu Dhabi construction is built on the backs of the closet modern equivalent to slavery, only not called such due to legal trickery and loop holes. People struggling in less prosperous countries in Asia and sold stories of job opportunities, with the ability to send back money to their families. They are forced to pay their traveling fee’s, once in the U.A.E their passports are taken away. More so it’s a crime for any of these employees to leave without their employers consent. Then their wages in reality are a minuscule fraction of the promised sum. They live in barracks, with non-working sewage run-off and clean water delivery. These people are essential trapped in hell-holes unable to support their families in a meaningful way, and unable to escape back to their families, without their employers agreement.

    I find most westerners are oblivious to this situation, beyond the imprisoned reporters/scholars. So I hope this peaks peoples interest and leads them to learn more about the huge extent of human rights violations committed in the U.A.E. Those magnificent buildings, all be it beautiful in design and engineering, are paid with a huge amount of human suffering, akin to the Egyptian pyramids of old.

  6. Norm, Alberta is a “Red State” in Canada. And it has all of the same problems, too, like ignorance of international news. BTW, Harper is from Alberta.

    Adam, thanks for making a great statement about Prime Minster Harper. He is the most anti-science national leader that we have ever had. Under the rules he has put in place, any Canadian scientist who works for or gets funding for their work from the Federal Government (eg. Universities) have to get permission from the Prime Minister’s Office before they can speak to the press, speak or present papers at scientific conferences or publish articles. And when they go to conferences, they are followed by political minders who monitor what they say and do at these events! This is not Soviet Russian, this is today’s Canada under Harper!

    Not only that, he has destroyed, and I am not speaking figuratively, I do mean literally, 5 very important scientific archives and libraries owned by the Government of Canda. Harper let go world renowned archaeologist Patricia Sutherland who has discovered and was on a dig of an early Viking village on Baffin Island in the Canadian North. She is not allowed access to her past research from the dig….all because she mentioned how climate change has affected her dig there. Harper is a Climate Change denier.

    This is frigging insane! I have a number of friends who are scientists, and they are chopping at the bit to be able to speak! And a friend who is a professional science journalist (published in Scientific America!) has said that Canadian science journalists have had to go to American scientists to get comments on most stories they work on because of Harper’s scientific gag order.

    No, we don’t like Harper very much either!

  7. I don’t know that most westerners are oblivious to this fact, at least unless you apply a narrow definition of “westerner”. As someone with friends in most European countries and that follows a wide range of news sources, I’m pretty sure there are few moderately news-aware citizens in western Europe who wouldn’t be aware of the conditions for Asian workers in the UAE. I’m Norwegian, and as a citizen in an oil-based economy I have friends who work there and who work for companies with interest in the region, and the topic of middle-east labor abuses always comes up in conversation when these countries are discussed.

    Also, I believe that for all of FIFA’s faults, their blatant corruption and appalling disregard for human rights (and lives), have done wonders for exposing to a wide audience the abuses taking place there even to those without first-hand experiences.

    To all the Canadians, I hope you can overthrow the lunatics and restore sanity. It sucks to see social and scientific institutions damaged by political posturing and by people who are demonstrably not only idiots, but arseholes.

  8. I am really surprised that Adam was not aware of this. The human rights issues in UAE have been covered by NPR, PBS, NYT, BBC and others.

  9. I knew about the bad working conditions in the U.A.E, I hope Adam will address the issue in the next podcast.

    The Canada thing is new to me. Surely not one single man can be responsible for this situation. He must have some support from other politicians.

  10. The way that the Canadian Parliament works, it has been running mostly on faith in the system. The “Checks and Balances” of the Canadian government were based upon the good faith and cooperation, even with the “Loyal Opposition”. Harper took advantage of that and stuffed the Senate with his people, and that has skewed the system. Since he “owned” both Houses of the Parliament (The House of Commons and The Senate), and thus has been able to ram through everything he wants, except where it has conflicted with our Constitution…that didn’t stop him either, it was only when the Supreme Court of Canada ruled against him that those laws his regime pass were invalidated.

  11. I really don’t think that it is up to Adam to speak out on working conditions in third world countries. All he was commenting on was how amazing the architecture is. It is astonishing how everything has to be so political and P.C. these days. You might as well be telling people that they cannot comment on how amazing the pyramids are or the Coliseum or any other historical structure build off the backs of slave labor. You don’t have to agree with or approve of the working conditions of individuals but that doesn’t mean you can not celebrate what they are able to accomplish with their hard work. That may be the only praise they get and I for one think they deserve it and as much of it as they can get. Hopefully they can find away to improve their working conditions in the future. Besides, it is awfully difficult for western countries to comment on such things when countless numbers of companies get their products built overseas in places that utilize slave and child labor because it is cheaper and we buy the products for the same reason. The best way for us to help fix their problems over there is to fix our problems over here (consumers included). In summary, its not what Adam should do, its what we all should do.

    I’m going to leave the Canadian politics alone, all the candidates are terrible. Pick your poison.

  12. The Naval Air Museum in Pensacola is good also. If the Blue Angels are not out of town you get to watch them practice. Admission is free, parking is free.

  13. Third world?

    Also, I don’t think the comments on UAE labor abuses fault Adam for not addressing the issue.

    It is perfectly fine to celebrate the architecture and vision present in Abu Dhabi, Dubai etc., but no one should be surprised that the presence of one of the largest populations of bonded labor in the world is brought up in the comments of a video discussing that region, especially one focused on architecture and infrastructure.

    That isn’t “p.c.”, it is acknowledging the objective fact that those buildings, while magnificent, should always come with a massive asterisks.

  14. I’m a long-time listener of this podcast and I love it very much, but I feel compelled to give some constructive criticism.

    What originally drew me to Still Untitled was the conversational nature of the podcast; it felt like I was a fly on the wall listening in on a really cool conversation between interesting people. However now, I’ve noticed it slowing morphing into mostly Adam talking about the cool stuff he’s done, while Will subtly reminding everyone he’s also knowledgeable about that stuff, and Norm sitting quietly in the background.

    It almost feels like Will, Adam, and Norm are speaking to an audience instead of speaking to each other. I miss the conversation-focused podcasts.

  15. I agree that it needs to be mentioned and payed attention to. However, my statement was in response to the couple of posts that made it seem that it was Adam’s responsibility to speak up on the labor issues in another country when all he wanted to do was commend the work that was done there. I don’t believe it is his soap box to stand on and I don’t believe that anyone should suggest otherwise. It is not up to Adam to spearhead this campaign but it is up to everyone who sees this as an issue to do what they can to help remedy it.

  16. Hi Norm,

    I’m not sure which route you took to the Rockies through British Columbia, I would hope that you stayed on Trans-Canada #1 and went through the Fraser Canyon, It would only be 2nd to the Rockies for scenery. There is a newer Hwy “The Coquihalla” which unfortunately bypasses one of the most beautiful areas enroute to BC’s interior.

    If you did bypass the Fraser Canyon, I would greatly recommend on the next road trip through BC that this not be missed!

    As an outdoor enthusiast and previous whitewater raft guide, this was one my favourite areas to play/work/live.

  17. It is so funny to hear Americans talk about new cities and measure them to their own ‘old’ cities..

    I will sign of now and walk down the road that’s only been there for 2500 years.,

  18. Adam, does the crew get advised about the different laws in countries you shoot in? For Abu Dhabi they have some rather strict laws on things that are normally acceptable in other countries, such as public displays of affection (kissing, holding hands, etc), dancing outside of your home or club, drinking outside of restaurants and bars, smoking outside designated areas, offensive language, and drug use (which I recall you saying you took ambien(?) for a previous long flight?)

  19. Loved the show Adam, glad you liked Abu Dhabi cant wait for you to come back. Im actually from Ireland but have been living in the UAE for 3 years now and I am constantly surprised buy the building work here. Recently starting working on architectural models using 3D printing, for some proposed projects here, will post some pics soon.

  20. They weren’t shooting in Abu Dhabi, they were doing performances of the Behind the Myths Tour, regardless I’m sure the event production company are well versed in informing about and adhering to local customs. 🙂

  21. I hear you, on Harper. I did check out some of Harper’s facebook ads/posts to see what people were saying and I was shocked at the number of positive comments. Fingers crossed, we sort ourselves out as a country this time around.

  22. Shout out from Montréal !

    Yeah the Harper government sucks !

    The election is in october and we are hoping to change the management !

    Salut !

  23. The Boeing Museum in Seattle is another great air and space museum

    Yes it is amazing it also has a SR-71 Blackbird in it.

  24. I found your podcast recently, I thought I had got in on the show early, but then I saw it went back years! Which is great. Well, point of this message is Adam’s tales of being a maker child are awesome, and I think would make an amazing animated series.

    Do it, do it now!

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