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Spacesuits and Quadcopter Safety – 7/21/2015

Adam, Norm, and Will put a bow on Comic-Con, talk about the construction of Adam’s Clavius suits, and talk common sense about the wrong time to fly your UAV/UAS.

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41 thoughts on “Spacesuits and Quadcopter Safety – 7/21/2015

  1. Pretty sure I can represent a lot of people when I say, If Deadpool was a PG-13, I would not watch it. He is meant to be a foul mouthed smart ass who breaks the mold from all the Jack Kirby/ Stan Lee 1940’s super heroes. He’s no Superman even though he is pretty invincible, he’s imperfect in character but almost a perfect weapon. That makes him cocky, arrogant and lonely, and he fills the loneliness with the whole crudeness thing. I’m probably not going to take the kids to see it but I’m sure I’ll see it a couple times.

    Batman died for me when Chris Nolan stopped, no other team can change that, I stopped watching Basketball when Jordan Retired (Watched every Bulls game and even traveled to see him play) stopped watching football when Steve Young Retired and Baseball when Cal Ripken Retired, why? because I knew it could never get better and I want to remember it that way. I dont think Jersey Girl in rubber suits is going to be better than Christian Bale, No Joker will be better than Heath Ledger and Morgan Freeman is Lucius Fox. Mr Caine was ok as Alfred and unless they make a Nightwing movie, That part of DC history is dead to me. Man of steel was horrible. Harley Quinn is supposed to be an extreme embodiment of sexuality and a jab at Japanese Anime.

    I would love to see a drawing of your cooling system, no need to make a poster, maybe just a drawing and one sheet., my guys in my team wore Cool shirts in Afghanistan and we used them to recover after dismounted patrols where we rotated teams out to keep them fresh.

  2. In what universe has Ben Affleck come off as “Incredibly smart”? He made an utter fool out of himself, trying to lock horns with Sam Harris.

    Man Of Steel was a steaming coil of dog skite. It left me not wanting to see anything with regards to BM V SM.

    I am excited to see more details of the cooling unit though.

    And I really hope that Adam gets his Sankara stone back, and soon.


  3. We and by we I mean society needs to stop taking things that are not family friendly, twisting them, changing them, morphing them into family friendly things. Not all but a lot of “graphic novels” are not for children. Deadpool has never been served as a kid friendly “superhero”. We cannot be upset that the movie is not for kids, or PG13. The stories are for adults, MA. They don’t pretend to be safe for children. Stop destroying violent, potty language filled stories, movies, comics to make them better for the public.


  4. I think the people who are calling for using peltier coolers haven’t done their homework. Adam was getting about 150 watts of cooling from that ice, and peltier coolers are only about 2-5% efficient, meaning that he would have to carry around about a kilowatt hour of energy to do this with peltier. For the weight, you’d get more cooling power from a dry ice / isopropyl alcohol system (replacing ice and water respectively), but of course now your hypothermia problems get much worse. If I was Adam, I’d play around with evaporative cooling and a big heatsink, but it might be tricky (a quick google search didn’t reveal any commercial systems).

  5. re cooling: Why not try to use a watercooling system that was intended to cool CPUs.

    re deadpool: I just watched the trailer somewhere on youtube and I wonder why its language is perceived as problematic? I found the displayed violence much worse in comparison. I’m from Europe (germany). So there might be some cultural differences underlying this perception. In this context, I’ve often wondered why so much stuff is “beeped” out in US media. Just out of curiosity I would really appreciate if someone could elaborate a bit on the reasons why this is done in the US.

  6. Still pissed about the shelving of At the Mountains of Madness. With so many cheap and terrible Lovecraft adaptations, it would have been nice to have one done properly.

  7. Sadly, the most valid reason against the use of multi-rotors is this statement from Adam. If you need someone else to tell you what you are doing is not safe, then you have no business in the air. quads are too easy, all it takes is the cash to buy the thing, this makes them idiot magnets. what you need is a licensing system…. and the exam is taken flying an RC helicopter 🙂

  8. No argument re Affleck as director! None at all… But Adam specifically mention Ben’s appearances with Bill Maher and on that topic I maintain not only did he do himself no favours, but specifically with Sam Harris, he damaged his credibility to the bone.

    Of course YMMV eh 😉

  9. Millennium Falcon vs Enterprise is a purely emotional question. It’s like Spitfire Vs F16, or 1950s hotrod vs formula 1 car.

    Or McHales Navy vs … Well, the USS Enterprise.

    The falcon isn’t even a warship.

    It’s not even really a thing.

  10. “If we put the peltier on a chillplate and use an inline pump, he’ll have to carry a little more battery, but he can build a much smaller loop and the entire unit will be smaller without the tank. It also means he can use it when he doesn’t have ready access to ice.”

    Now THAT’S what I wanna see!!! Please!

  11. On the subject of suits and co2 build- up: you can use the soda lime pellets commonly used in anaesthesia machines to make a scrubber. The reaction is somewhat exothermic so you need to have enough cooling (that is what triggered my remark) but a scrubber is pretty easy to build and you don’t need a lot of it either.

    btw. listening to a this made me not mind the 30 km detour I made to avoid gridlock . More please !

  12. Kind of makes me appreciate the body’s natural cooling system. I walk around all day wearing what is essentially a skin suit made of my own flesh and somehow I don’t have to worry about batteries, hypothermia, ice melting, pumps burning out, etc.

  13. Come on people. Every technology, especially guns, have been misused by the stupidest and meanest of us all. Drones can also save lives, but the problem can easily be fixed. I build drones and work on public safety comm systems. They communicate to the operator over 2.4ghz open frequencies, not encrypted. This is the same radio band your wireless routers use. A drone jammer should cost less than $100 and would drop any drone within half a mile, at least. Well, most wouldn’t drop, once loosing radio control they fly back home, hint, where the operator took off originally. You can bet he’s within a few kilometers at most. And it wouldn’t disturb radio comm for the ground or aircraft. Your wireless would suck though. Better option that shooting them down to crash into somebody.

    This would not work as well on autonomous drones flying a predetermined flight path, but these nitwits aren’t that sophisticated. Even those are programmed to return home if radio contact is lost.

  14. Is there any better pictures of Cinephile other then Norm’s Comic-con photo collection? I’m interested in seeing more of the decorations.

  15. “The big download of photos usually leaves Norm a little broken.”

    Hearing that put a big smile on my face, not because I enjoy thinking of Norm suffering, but because I have a similar experience every time I edit one of my big convention galleries, and I’ve never actually heard another photographer, or even an acquaintance of theirs, mention that. It’s kind of reassuring to know that the amazing photo galleries I see on tested require a lot of work.

  16. Putting a gun on a drone is a good way to go to jail for creating an unlicensed machinegun. I would not be surprised to see a federal agency visit that person’s house in the near future.

  17. I sure wish the FAA starts going after these fools with $25K fines and hard jail time.

    And these situations show that only licensed pilots should be allowed to operate drones.

  18. Chris Hadfield + Phil Plait + Adam Savage + Will Smith + Norm Chan = great fun had by all. Glad you guys had fun! (and to have Bad Astronomer and Real Astronaut in the room on the day of the incredible New Horizons flyby….beyond cool)….Cheers!

  19. That was most disappointing of Affleck being so ignorant on Bill Maher’s show when debating Sam Harris. I’ll bet Adam has thoughts about that particular encounter (if he knows about the incident).

  20. Adam thanks for representing the real nerds among all those actors. I was thinking though, did anyone ask the question of which Enterprise? TOS? Next Gen? A, B, C, D, E? I think the answer is still the same in the end, but it was a more difficult decision when considering the TOS Enterprise A as opposed to say the tricked out Enterprise E.

  21. The way I’ve always looked at Man of Steel is that it is about Superman learning who he really is and what he is capable of. Until the final showdown with Zod, he’s never had cause to let himself go all out on someone. The fact that this leads to the destruction of a city and thousands of deaths should be something that plays heavily on his conscience in the next film. This will be the thing that makes him into the guardian that Superman has always been previously.

    Now, as for the Batman v. Superman trailer, to me it looks as though they’re taking the Evil Superman plot point from Superman 3. He does a lot of grimacing in the trailer, much like Christopher Reeve did, and it looks like he’s sporting some stubble in a couple of shots. Dead giveaway that he’s gone bad. Why else would he be kneeling before Lex Luthor?

  22. Wow, I really disagree on a some things with Adam in this one. Deadpool is meant to be like that. Brutal, raw, hard R. I hope it will be a good movie.

    Suicide squad lack of plot in teaser/trailer. Well I think that’s a good thing. Most trailers just show too much, and there were trailer that showed all the action scenes and such in the trailer, just to make you want to watch it. I prefer not to kill a 90 min movie in a 2 min trailer.

    Also calling Robbie Margot a “teen”?! She is 25! She showed -everything- in Wolf of Wall Street. I mean come on! She is not a teen. The character Harley Quinn is also meant to be seductive and crazy… The only problem with her is her outlook is a bit too blunt.

    On drone parts. I’ve seen too many drone fails, causing accidents, harassing wildlife and such, that I knew sooner or later it would be a much bigger issue than it was about a year ago. It is just too easy to get one. I don’t even want to think about hown many people with no brain but a bit of money have already bought one. There is just too many issues with them to let it go on like this. Now I think South Park wasn’t exaggerating too much in their drone episode, although I didn’t see a privacy issue with drones [yet]! Anyway, people are flying those things to private places, public places without thinking of safety, around high voltage cables and endangered animals, but mostli into brides foreheads. I hope some smart people will find a way to make it more controlled, still enjoyable.

  23. Thanks Adam for the “Street Cred” on the 2001 suits .It was great fun doing them for you .If you have any other projects you want to throw my way let me know.

  24. Should people wishing to buy UAS be required to provide proof of membership to the AMA, or MAAC, or whatever model aviation organization has jurisdiction? I feel that at least that way, they would have perhaps had exposure to the regulations set out by those organizations, and running afoul of the regulations would probably wind up with the revocation of their membership. No membership = no UAS.

    Obviously, for the moment, there is absolutely no enforcement but I think this would be a good first step in the right direction. Also, having membership to a model aircraft organization provides a nice chunk of liability insurance should you injure someone or some property while operating your aircraft in a regulation compliant manner. http://www.modelaircraft.org/

    Also, Cmdr. Hadfield is a member of the CSA first, and assigned to NASA. Stop pretending he’s one of your own. 😛 He’s our greatest celebrity!

  25. So the 400 ft UAS altitude rule is something that I keep hearing, but haven’t seen in the actual rules as I’ve investigated them. I think this might be one of those things that keeps getting repeated, but isn’t actually true. My reading of the FAA rules has been that the 400 ft altitude limit is for within 5 miles of an airport. Can someone point me to that actual rule that is not for inside that airport distance?

  26. Also, you guys talked about television, as you often do, and I have a recommendation for you guys if you haven’t seen it yet: Mr. Robot.

    It’s ridiculously good. Each episode is so cinematic, they could be released as movies. It’s available on USA’s Apple TV app, or through the web browser experience on Hulu (not via the apps or AppleTV though).

  27. i’m very much with you guys on star trek vs star wars: pseudotechnologically, so so so different to render any proper comparison moot. aesthetically, spot-on, totally different. and also scope-wise, i agree with will’s point: a star trek ship is more powerful than a star wars ship. a star wars person (jedi) whoops the living shit out of a star trek person (starfleet).

    the enterprise vs falcon question really boils down how much charisma you need to generate to offset the enterprise’s technological advantage, because we all know that charisma affects cinematic narrative. the charisma of han + chewie + falcon might put star wars eye to eye with star trek again. 😉

    i (fellow german) wondered the same thing. there seems to be something quite opaque going on in the US regarding language. from their filmed entertainment, you’d think everyone curses like a sailor. yet, once it leaves the fictional realm, speech gets sanitised by beep to an unbelievable degree. a friend of mine had visitors from the US a few years back, and i had beengorging myself on the sopranos at that time. let’s just say the levels of profanity were crassly misaligned and i earned quite a few unbelieving stares for what i’d consider very tame usage of the f-word. (really, much less than what i’d have said in german)

    sadly, i’ve not found anyone who can explain this to me properly, but at least i’ve found expat americans acknowledge this kind of divided standard. (and they called ‘fuck’ the jersey comma, which i found quite endearing)

  28. No, 400 ft AGL is set in stone from the FAA sense 1980. I can find the original document. It’s very basic, as it was targeted for model airplanes.

    Anyone operating above 400 AGL regardless of air space is in violation of federal law.

    This is why you should be a licensed pilot. Drone operators have no idea what are the rules.

  29. I’m curious why Adam’s pump lacks a radiator. With the pump and water you’re relying entirely on the specific heat capacity of water to constantly absorb more heat, but the system doesn’t dump any of that heat. That’s why the radiator is possibly the most important part of a watercooling system (be it PC or otherwise), because if you don’t dump the heat from the water you’re just constantly building heat and eventually you’re just pumping hot water.

    On Deadpool I disagree with a lot of the people here. Deadpool’s best series don’t just have him constantly making non-sequitors, punch-down insults, or just being about killing. As a reader of the Deadpool comics the Deadpool trailer made me think of all the really forced “Look at me, I’m so edgy” stuff that has spun out of the character in the past, and just completely failed to represent the character.

    On the comments about Marvel being more popcorn and DC being more edgy, I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. A lot of the MCU movies have had underlying themes to them that are real world problems; Captain America The First Avenger was a response to American nationalism, Iron Man is about our funding of terrorism abroad, Iron Man 3 is about the Military-Industrial Complex, Winter Soldier is about spy agencies overreaching, Age of Ultron is about drone warfare. The DC movies feel like they lack thematic depth, and are more about being entertainment you don’t have to think about after you’re done watching them.

    Which is kind of why I don’t think the DC movies are very good. The characters have a lot of their depth and emblematic personality traits removed from their comic book origins in order to make them more of a popcorn flick, and I think the quality of the movies suffer. I don’t think heavy filters and desaturation necessarily make them “dark” movies beyond the fact that they don’t have a lot of lighting in them. On the other hand, Marvel movies have taken to skewering real world issues and dissecting them in major motion pictures and having them quite literally beat down the door of the heroes who thought that they were doing good, and I think that makes them much more dark than movies like the Nolan Batman movies or Man of Steel.

  30. Re cooling:

    as has been said previously looking to cpu liquid cooling for help/inspiration is a good idea.

    A fan radiator combo is going to be the most efficient and wouldn’t require a tank or ice. I looked into it briefly and even up here in Canada I can get a pre-made, closed system, cpu liquid cooler for $60(CAD); so that’s a radiator, pump, & fan connected to a cpu block heat sink, pre-filled with coolant and sealed. Most seem to run at 12 volts for the pump and fan, and some using fairly low current, so maybe just a couple of watts of power. It should be very easy to pick up one of those or just a radiator/fan/pump and hose it directly into the cooling shirt. Then all you need is a battery and a switch. Though, this obviously require vent holes for the fan.

    I’m not intimately familiar with the Peltier tech(keep reading), but for those you could also use just the cpu block heat sink to soak the heat from the water. But you still need the pump, so you are making the Peltier device compete with a computer fan for power efficiency. Some quick research suggests that the amount of heat that- … more research … more research. Ok. Don’t use a Peltier device. It will not do what you need it to do.

    If you need more convincing I will gladly post another wall of text, but yea, even just the Peltier/fan comparison I mentioned means they are not good enough to use with a battery operated device.

    Anyway, I really like the podcast!

  31. Fan + Radiator + waterblock/chiller is not going to provide the cooling you want. Comicon fans are already sweating from the temperature in the convention center. The aforementioned setup can’t decrease the temperature of the water to below that of the ambient air temperature, and likely, will be much warmer.

    You have to remember that Adam and Cmdr. Hadfield had ICEWATER (~32F) running through their chill suits, not water that is somewhere between ambient and body temperature. (let’s call it half way between 75F and 96F).

    Further, some of you suggested perhaps using a radiator to dump SOME of the head before reaching the ice? Well, I almost guarantee that the water returning to the tank was still below ambient air temperature, so the radiator would probably warm up the water further. A radiator is a very very silly idea.

  32. Just have to jump in on the Falcon vs. Enterprise argument. I have no reason to disagree with Adam’s with description of the Enterprise’s technological advantage… but I cannot see the captain of the Enterprise leaving them to die on the Falcon. Thus we boil the argument down to Solo vs. Picard/Kirk to which I have three words; Solo shoots first.

  33. Just as Adam predicted, the quad backlash is gathering steam. The Washington Post published an article, ” Rogue Drones a Growing Nuisance Across the US” and you just have to browse the comments to see people are getting hysterical.

    “It’s only a matter of time something terrible happens. And when it does, it’ll send the world into a new realm of terrorist attacks that our country will likely be absolutely unable to stop.”

    “the repuglican congress has failed to safeguard the public by pandering to the consumer drone industry”

    “Drones are disease-carrying mosquitoes, polluting the sky.”

    “Drones can easily bring down a commercial place with our families on it. It is just a matter of time.”

    “They can close pandora’s box by banning them.”

    It’s hard not to chuckle at some of these comments but the general opinion was that these drones are a threat to public safety that needs to be dealt with now.

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