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Adam’s Land Cruiser – 7/7/2015

We discuss Adam’s Land Cruiser, as well as share our feelings (sans spoilers) about Jupiter Ascending. Enjoy!

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44 thoughts on “Adam’s Land Cruiser – 7/7/2015

  1. Just noticed Jupiter Rising is playing in my Airbus A330 en-route to San Francisco next week. I skipped it in theaters thanks to Norm’s early impressions, but I’ll gladly see it then!

  2. The difference between the FJ Land Cruisers and the BJ Land Cruisers is the engine. The FJ contains the gasoline powered F engine, and the BJ contains the diesel B engine. The number is an indication of wheelbase. The 40 is the shortest, similar to an old jeep. The 42 is the medium wheelbase, typically seen in ‘troop carrier’ versions. The 45 is the long wheelbase, typically seen as a pickup truck.

  3. Found it! http://i.imgur.com/ooleeGU.png

    As a car guy, thanks for talking about this! Looking forward to a future video on Adam’s Land Cruiser! There really is nothing like driving an “analog” vehicle. It’s all I drive and I wouldn’t change a thing. Same goes for racing and my motorcycles.

    When you get it right in an analog car, you know that YOU were the one who got it right. It’s a great feeling.

  4. My favorite part of this podcast is the 5 minutes of walking around trying to fix whatever is broken. was that intended?

  5. I wish Adam had more time to spend recording, I’m sure it’s been said before but it feels like the show is over just as it getting good.

  6. The thing that really pissed me off about Jupiter Rising, and broke the willing suspension of disbelief every time was Mila Kunis cleaning toilets… all the frikkin time, and almost climbing into the bowl to do it. I know americans are all weird about toilets, but man it was sooooo heavy handed and clumsy, yeah we get it already, she’s a no one, the lowest of the low, who has to get up in the middle of the night to go clean some rich persons toilet… again and again and again. pretty much every scene of ‘ordinary’ Mila she was embracing a toilet bowl.
    the skates were funny and the sfx were amazing too.

  7. I feel for you Adam, I’m no stranger to toothache myself, and the last one I had from an infected root was the worst, by far.

    After five days of no sleep, and constant, intense throbbing pain, I was on my knees wishing for death. I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. It is hands down the worst pain I’ve ever experienced, and there was just no relief from it. Even strong pain medication wouldn’t touch that pain.

    In the end, I ended up with a referral from a GP to the public healthcare dentist (although free, the waiting list is usually too long to be of any use) begging them to see me as an emergency case, as my wellbeing was in danger and for reasons I’d prefer to keep private, I was unable to receive any of the really serious pain medications, not that they would’ve worked anyway most likely.

    Anyhoo, luckily they agreed to see me, and when work commenced, he took xrays and informed me that the local anaesthetic probably wouldn’t be 100% effective, because of how deep the root was or something, and not only that, it would need to be cut out, because the root was deformed and actually had an almost 90 degree curve in the root (which he actually said he was going to keep to show to students).

    I actually remembered seeing a dentist years before about the same tooth, and he told me it would need to be removed by a maxillofacial surgeon – something to do with how close it was to my sinus.

    But I begged that guy to take it out, even without 100% effective anaesthesia, nothing could be as bad as the pain I had gone through the last few days. So he got on with it, and I did feel some of it, but it was a walk in the park comparatively speaking.

    The end result was a battered and bruised mouth and face, with ten stitches in my gums. But that sucker was out, and that moment was the happiest moment in recent memory – instant relief.

    It took a bit to stop the bleeding, and I wasn’t allowed to leave straight away. Then later the same night I accidentally knocked the clot out but was able to get the bleeding under control myself. Lost a bit of blood that day lol.

    Thinking of it to this day still makes my skin crawl, and I can guarantee you that I’m now rigid in my oral hygiene routine.

    I’ll never go through that again, ever.

  8. It’s Jupiter Ascending not Jupiter Rising.

    I know the trend is to have “Rise” or “Dawn” in all movie titles these days, but they are trying to mix it up with words like “Awakens” and “Ascending” now, and you have to respect that. I think.

  9. I’ve been wondering about Adam’s Landcruiser for years and always wanted to know if he still had it great podcast guys

  10. Good stuff! Waiting for that feature tour on the Landcruiser. Meanwhile check out my kitted our Zombie Apocalypse proof Landrover that im so proud of 🙂

  11. the two fuel tanks is likely because in 1982 there were two types of diesel in New Zealand. There was normal diesel, and blue diesel that didn’t include tax for road usage. Two tanks made sense for farmers who already have a supply of duty free diesel for their tractors.

  12. Land Cruisers are nice, but I prefer a Jeep more. Far more aftermarket support, and if you do happen to break a part off-roading, you can go into pretty much any auto parts store and buy a replacement.

  13. I’ve always wondered how it’s come to pass that countries that drive on the right side of the road have the driver’s position on the left side of the vehicle and countries that drive on the left side of the road have the driver’s position on the right side of the vehicle. High speed head on collisions seem to have the highest chance to cause fatality and defaulting to this arrangement always puts the seat that’s guaranteed to be occupied in the worst position possible. Is this some kind of “captain goes down with the ship” logic?

    Does anyone have any insight on how this arrangement became the standard?

  14. It’s likely because of visibility, It’s better to have the least blind spots on the side where oncoming traffic is.

    There still are here in Finland, but i don’t think you can get around the law by having two tanks.

  15. Will – skinny jeans – just say “No.”

    Also, the Honest Trailer for Jupiter Ascending pretty much says it all.

  16. Completely agree about the joy of driving an older car. You don’t drive new cars, you steer them; and while I get the advances in safety I will always love driving my ’96 mx5. I pop the hood and can work out where everything is and I don’t have to plug it into a computer to fix it. And on the road I can feel the road in the steering and peddles. The drive is so much part of the journey.
    Hope the teeths is sorted soon.

  17. You did have to be able to buy diesel wholesale, and the two tanks was to avoid getting caught with untaxed diesel in the fuel tank. It was entirely legal to use the untaxed diesel in vehicles when off public roads. This meant that farmers could skirt the law easily. New Zealand was very backwards back then, the economic, social, political reforms came a few years later.

  18. Adam, I have had a lot of dental issues even though I brushed twice a day and flossed every day. Went to five dentists and two periodontists and they couldn’t help. I started researching on the internet and found a lot of help info.

    I would suggest you rinse after every meal with 1 tbsp of warm water and 1/4-1/2 tsp of baking soda; this helps control the bad bacteria in the mouths because it reduces acid. The india dental association recommends oil pulling. Also once to twice a week rinse with 1/2 tbsp almond oil and 2 drops of pepermint oil, 2 drops of clove oil and 2 drops of spearmint oil. You could use a different oil if you prefer. You can get the oils at any health food store. Also you can try water irrigation using a waterpik.

    Doing the above I was able to control the infection in my mouth that the dentists and periodontists could not. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more info.

  19. Jupiter Ascending hypnotized me into wasting that time out of my life, The audio recording of everyone fixing stuff was the best, and love the discussion of the land cruisers!

  20. I loved this episode. I myself am also in love with a slightly unrealistic vehicle. I own a 1979 ex USDA Forest Service truck. Every once and a while I start thinking about selling it, because I feel guilty owning something so wildly unpractical. But then I roll all four windows down, pop the wing windows out, and go for a spin. I could take my Discovery with heated leather seats, climate control and a stereo. But there is something so nice about rowing gears in a truck that has the turn radius of the Queen Mary.

    Here is a picture of her in all her glory.


  21. Here it’s been the same way for as long as I can remember, but having two tanks wouldn’t solve the problem. Just having the untaxed diesel in a vehicle on a public road would get you in trouble, even if you said you were using the other tank.

  22. Aaaand now I’m looking for used Land Cruisers online :P, Thanks Adam. I’ve been looking at 4×4’s lately; Jeep Wranglers (YJ’s specifically, I really want a Jurassic Park Jeep), Mercedes Geländewagens and of course Landrover Defenders, but I completely forgot about Land Cruisers. Turns out that FJ40/BJ40’s are fairly decently priced over here, so I might just make a very irresponsible decision soon :P.

    On Jupiter Ascending, I liked it in most of the same was as Will & Norm, visually very impressive (I liked the spaceship design), but a bit confused story wise.

  23. I would give my left kidney just for the chance to own a brand new, world market Toyota LandCruiser FJ79 pickup. Damn ISIS is giving these awesome vehicles a bad reputation! 😈😈

  24. I agree with driving an older vehicle. Nothing like the feeling that you’re part of the machine, rather than just guiding it. Granted, mines not a 4×4. Though I’d love a FJ40 myself. My flavour for old school motoring is a VW kit car, called a Purvis Eureka here in Oz, but has cousins in the US called Sterling and in the UK called the Nova.

    Looking forward to seeing more on Adams Land Cruiser. 8]

  25.   its also much safer and easier to overtake cars when you can see oncoming traffic when seated on the inside compared to having the driver on the outside

  26. Wicked looking rig there!

    I’m in the process of maybe buying an old troopy (FJ75) and then dropping coin on it to make it awesome. Really wondering about Adam’s secret sauce mods, as I have some ideas of my own, Mostly I just want a big roof panel full of flippy switches like the Serenity!

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