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Robots From the Future – 06/08/2015

Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the DARPA Robotics Challenge, the first trailer for The Martian, and touch on Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves. Enjoy!

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40 thoughts on “Robots From the Future – 06/08/2015

  1. i (although i dont remember how/why) had a team and tried to compete in a darpa thing when darpa did the social challenge where they put large red balloons out in different cities and you had to identify as many as possible in as little time as possible… we weren’t even close to winning but it was neat to try

  2. If there’s one thing Ridley Scott is most definitely not, it’s good at story. He’s a great cinematographer, art director, and fantastic at casting and directing actors, but when it comes to storytelling he completely muffs it every time.

  3. Guys… It always takes a little while for the video to make it to the users. We should all KNOW this by know. Give the boys a little time, at least more then a hour before giving them crap.

  4. You guys could add a touch of the DARPA challenge to your next Bricked competition.

    • Lego bags located in another room
    • RC car/tank with a robot arm and camera attached
    • FPV through an obstacle course to retrieve Lego bags
    • It can be fully remote controlled, so no programming is necessary
  5. The only thing missing from The Martian is 3D printing.

    I guess it wasn’t big thing when Andy Weir wrote the book.

    The gag reel of the DARPA robots falling down in hilarious.

  6. “As somebody who has a name that is worth commenting on every time you introduce yourself to someone, I assure you he’s used to it.”

    I concur.

    EDIT- Ha! I didn’t realize I didn’t register with my real name, Zebulon Pike

  7. “As somebody who has a name that is worth commenting on every time you introduce yourself to someone, I assure you he’s used to it.”

    I concur.

    EDIT- Ha! I didn’t realize I didn’t register with my real name, Zebulon Pike

    Love your mountain, great discovery. you’ll be glad it getting use as one of the last hill climb venues. I’ve always thought that name would be great for an alien overloard, your parent were had great foresight.

  8. Scotsman_201 you need to go sit in the “PUNishment” corner and think about what you said.

    Talking room with Andy Weir!?!?!?!? GREAT SCOTT!

  9. Truthfully my dad did, My mom was new to the country and thought it was a normal name for boys living here.

  10. Giraffes have the two right legs two left legs gait when they walk, not sure if it’s an exact match to Spot’s though.

  11. When Adam started talking about the Exii Hackberry hand and the Robugtix spider all i could imagine was a hand with 8 spider legs coming out of it…

  12. Maybe this is a detail from the book that I’ve forgotten, but does anyone else think it’s weird that the suits worn by the astronauts in “The Martian” film are orange in colour? I’d have thought that for safety reasons they’d go for white, blue or green to make sure that there was decent contrast vs. the landscape. It’s not a military mission, after all.

  13. Gosh, I usually don’t watch and actively stay away from movie trailers, but I had to watch the trailer for The Martian. It looks so good and I’m really excited for it to come out.

  14. Also, I’m really disappointed I missed the DARPA Robotics Challenge. I don’t live too terribly far from Pomona, but I woke up late Saturday so I had to settle for watching the live stream online.

  15. About the Martian promotional video, I wonder if they are going to do a series of Aries 3 videos in “real time”, leading up to the movie. The movie opens on Nov 25, 2015 which is 169 days away, In the meet the crew video Rick Martinez says it’ll take them 150 days to get to Mars. Coincidence? I sure hope not.

  16. Children of Men was one of my go to movies when I had a new girl over. Scanner Darkly was another one from that time period.

  17. I would argue that there is one other leap in “The Martian”: Namely, that the initial dust-storm was as powerful as it was given how thin the atmosphere on Mars is. I believe I saw a video where Andy Weir says just as much. (It was something I had wondered, given how long it takes for the protagonist to realize that he is in the midst of a major dust storm in the latter half of the book…) But yes, absolutely fantastic book! I am stoked about the upcoming film (and the talking room!).

  18. +1 for Seveneves. I had problems with some plot points, but nevertheless, a pleasure to read. Someone needs to make TV series based on Stephenson’s books already.

  19. Supposedly camels have a 2 right, 2 left gait… also supposedly that’s why they’re called “the ships of the desert–” riding on top of one you tend to sway left/right/left/right (in counterpoint?) to the camel’s movements.

    –Paul E Musselman

  20. The other leap they made was that Mars has enough of an atmosphere to actually create the opening storm, which it doesn’t. (He admitted this on FaceBook)

  21. Chiwetel Ejiofor is amazing, the two roles that mostly comes to mind when i see him/his name is his amazing performance in 12 years a slave, but also his role as The Operative in Serenity, that suave and calm “bad guy” with oldschool values like his sword and the whole “this is a noble death” routine

  22. I’m in the middle of Seveneves myself…and things are horrible! It’s cutting into my sleep!!!! I can’t put it down at night, and I am already behind in my sleep! 🙂

    I have to admit, with the exception of Patricia Keneally-Morrison’s Keltiad books, Anathem‘s universe I would most want to live in. To do nothing but science in a monk-like existence is super appealing to me!

    As well, The Martian was great, too.

  23. Hey Adam,

    In regards to Sandra Bullock’s character ascending from the capsule at the end without breathing out, it should not cause lung over-expansion injuries if we assume the capsule was at, or close to 1 atm of pressure. If the capsule is at 1 atm of pressure, then it would be the equivalent of her doing a breath-hold dive from the surface to that depth and back again which will not cause lung over-expansion injury. It is possible to have decompression-illness issues from doing multiple breath-hold dives to depth without sufficient recovery time in between, but this is a different issue. The only issue would be if her capsule was pressurised to more than 1 atm, in which case it would be equivalent to breathing compressed air at depth and then breath-holding while ascending, which could cause lung overexpansion issues.



  24. Went to get a hold of Neal Stephenson – Seveneves (audible) geoblocked!

    This is the worst part of the internet today. Drives me crazy!

  25. A couple of corrections:

    -DARPA purchased robots from Boston Dynamics and provided them to Track 1 teams.

    -Boston Dynamics came out of the MIT Leg Lab, not MIT Media Lab.

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