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Mad Max: Fury Road SPOILERCAST – 5/26/2015

This week, Adam, Norm, and Will discuss Mad Max: Fury Road. Due to popular request, we isolated the non-spoiler part of the conversation up front and note when we shift to discussing potential spoilers. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER!

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36 thoughts on “Mad Max: Fury Road SPOILERCAST – 5/26/2015

  1. So, could this movie have been made with Charlize as the *title* character, or does it need a man’s name and the Mad Max brand to get financing?

  2. I’d edit my “no Video” comment, but it doesn’t appear to be working (if someone wants to delete it, so be it)

    Great episode, video or not! Bravo

    I’ve also never had a toothache…. 45 years old and my mouth is all original parts (minus my wisdom teeth) Let’s hear it for water fluoridation!

    I have to agree with Red Letter Media… Fury Road is probably the best action movie of the last 5-10 years…. I might even agree, it is probably the best movie of 2015. If the sequels are HALF this good, I’ll be very happy. Personally, I’d love to see two more with Hardy as Max, and then the third can take a jump forward in time, to where Max is settled, when adventure comes to him… Played once again by Mel Gibson. I think that would be an awesome bookend to the franchise.

    Excellent point about the lack of abuse of the women before achieving the redemption at the end! I had not really noticed it, but yes, a thousand times YES!!

  3. Its a glorious film.

    What *really* made it for me was the lack of exposition, its been so long since I saw a new movie that actually trusted its audience’s intelligence enough to *not* have a shit-ton of flat dialogue or a whole separate prologue to establish the universe. It makes for a universe that feels so. much. more. real.

    No real person knows how everything around them came to be the way it is, not even when the events that shaped our society are as recent as a couple of decades.

  4. George Miller did not direct “Babe’…that was Chris Noonan. George was the producer. However, he did direct the sequel.

    And yes, Will you MUST see “Babe” as soon as possible.

  5. For a settled mad max story, try the Old Man Logan trade paperback from Marvel. It is what came to mind when you guys were talking about sequel.
    Also I thought the speakermobile was my favorite illustration of decadence in a movie ever.

    “I mean it is a given that the warlord would have all the food, milk, water, fuel, etc, but how do we show that he is in the top 1%? Really show him flaunting his “riches” ? I know, let’s have him have his own theme music played on a semi truck with 120 speakers with flames shooting out!”

  6. Yes, it says private. Also, I don’t think you can edit comments anymore, unless it’s the latest.

  7. Ex Machina had good ideas. It was not a good movie. I actually found it way more stressful than Fury Road.

    [Edited by will on 05/28/15]

  8. I really loved the universe they built in the film. The cult mentality of the War Boys is maybe my favorite part. Really loved hearing Tested’s thoughts on the film

  9. How do you rate the Lara Croft movies? Action, female lead, take-no-prisoners mindset, etc.

    Adam– I think you’re either eating Ramen noodles or chicken noodle soup… I had 1 wisdom tooth extracted– it had been filled once upon a time, but it shattered when they tried to lift it out. Thank heavens for anesthetic!

    I used a squeeze-bulb-type solder-sucker to squirt water into the socket when food got stuck in there! A jolt of >pain<, then relief!

    –Paul E Musselman

  10. The timing of this worked out really well for me… having seen the film last night it was a great listen while wandering around the Mission (on holiday) today.

    I actually came away from the film somewhat disappointed, with the caveat that I too was ‘forced’ to see it in 3D and noticeably didn’t enjoy that fact . Yes, the opening action scene before the cut to calm keeps you on the edge of your seat and yes the effects are amazing but I felt the story really suffered because of it. Maybe because the action sequences were so impressive the parts between them really didn’t grip me. I came away with the impression that those scenes were just there to link the car chases together which was really disappointing when the acting was excellent… it felt more like an effects reel than a full film.

    Oh and from a professional standpoint about painkillers and to point out something to those listening: while ibuprofen has been suggested by one study to be the ‘most effective’ painkiller (800mg based on no. needed to treat) you should be careful taking it everyday (alone without a PPI) due to the risk of NSAID associated gastric ulcers. BUT then again go and ask your pharmacist/(non-ER) doctor as I’m just a random from the internet.

  11. I have yet to see this, but the “One man one bullet” line sound a lot like the “One Boer one bullet” catch phrase of the ANC back in the Bad old Apartheid days.

  12. You guys really need to find a new name for these Spoilercast shows. You really never actually spoil anything.

  13. The end of the movie reminded me of WaterWorld. The cast finally find what they are looking for in the end, while the wanderlust male character quietly wonders back into the desolate world. It’s such a small part of both movies but has a huge impact.

  14. The back half of the “One man one bullet” dialogue is perhaps my favorite moment in the movie. She’s talking about the heritage plant seeds and the “old world” and how back during that time of plenty, there was “…no need to snap anybody.” Such a great commentary on all the stupid things people have killed each other over for thousands of years.

    Have to also pile on that Ex Machina is wonderful and should be seen on the big screen if you still can.

  15. Excuse me as I head off to the RPF to look at prop building… I’m excited to see what Adam makes from this.

  16. Well, I got up to the spoiler part while I was driving home. I was so excited I decided I had to see this movie, and turned the show off. I’m in the parking lot of a movie theater right now and I’m going to see the 3:45 showing.

  17. I had to rewind several times because the LED-cube in the top left corner kept distracting me…

  18. I watched it on sunday. I loved it in 3d,. but I guess we might have better 3d theatres,. pluss I sat right in the middle.

    Originally I weren’t that interested in this movie, remake and rehash moneygrab of mad max? no thank you. but that first trailer got me good. Now we just need another,. and another,.

  19. RE you dont have to show an extended abuse sequence to justify the revenge. I.E.

    David Fincher’s “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”

  20. I think it’s an amazing movie, however the feminist /MRA narrative is completely overblown. Except the feminist being called to consult on it, one who has a less than stellar reputation concerning child molestation.

  21. Shit, this is embarrassing to listen to. Men are the disposable ones in media, not women. Have you seen a movie ever?

  22. Quite liked the film. Especially the worldbuiling and physical props/stunts.

    I do not get the whole Furiosa hype though. Charlize Theron is awesome in it (as usual) but Hardy is still very much the main character. You don’t have to talk the most to be the main character of a film.

    3-4 points of criticism:

    1: Sped up action scenes. Fitting for the fever dream opening, not as much for the fight scene when Max meets the brides for the first time.

    2: The crashing shot near the end at the pass where the steering wheel and guitar fly at the screen looks fake/crappy/cheaply made specifically for 3D.

    3: The film is so action packed that the final action scene isn’t much of a crescendo compared to the other scenes. (Good bad guy death scene though.)

    4: (minor point) Gore and gruesome violence suspiciously off-screen. Remnants of the possible PG-13 rating?

  23. I was unfortunate enough two years ago to have a toothache from an infected root that had me on my knees praying for death. I can’t imagine pain worse than what I had, but I’m sure there is.

  24. Slight correction. Thunderdome did not start with Max being feral. At the start of Thunderdome he was something of a trader with a fully stocked vehicle.

    Also, the conspicuous consumption of the Mad Max universe is an intentional commentary. Miller based it off of two major events in his life.

    1) The oil crisis in Australia, in which he saw people fighting and killing over gasoline at the pumps when it wasn’t economically or realistically feasible to get gasoline.

    2) His time as an ER doctor during the time where he saw the aftermath of many vehicle accidents in a time where these people shouldn’t be able to getting gas in the first place, much less be racing one another or speeding around the city.

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