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Catching Up – 5/19/2015

Will and Norm catch Adam up on their adventures at America’s Test Kitchen and Star Wars Celebration, while Adam was away on tour.

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  1. Yeah, directed by Ridley Scott and with Matt Damon as Mark Watney! Comes out on 25 Nov. 2015.

    And yeah you might want to cut the thing at 18:27!

  2. Can the already subscribed members get the previous membership perk, that mecha-hand poster! PLEASE 🙂

  3. Star Wars Celebration London Tested Meetup!! 😀

    And am I the only one who would LOVE commentaries for all 6 (yes 6) Star Wars films? I would love to hear Adam’s opinions and thoughts on the whole series, and behind the scenes knowledge 🙂

  4. One has to assume the “You’ll have to cut that out” bit wasn’t serious?

    I will stick to Randal’s assessment of Jedi in “Clerks”…. Star Wars, for me, is 1 and 4/5ths of a great movie…. I hope “Awakens” makes it 2 & 4/5ths.


  5. Ha! America’s Test Kitchen just did a recipe for sweet potato fries involving blanching the potatoes in water with baking soda, covering them with a corn starch mixture before frying at 325 degrees.

  6. Remember thethe imfamous Austin episode? Adam doing Doughnuts in Tom Sax’s tricked out police cruiser and being stopped by Austins finest. Will cut out a key turn of the story and came back in on a huge laugh. It still angers me 😉

  7. If you watch the video’s you’ll see sips all over the place, Will cut’s quite a bit out of these episodes, never sure if he cuts pieces of conversations or just dead air out but he definitely cuts stuff out.

  8. Hehe. Not saying he doesn’t cut stuff. Just whenever he mentions he is going to he keeps “forgetting”. (Though to be fair he probably also cuts his mentions about cutting. And yes I did see the little snips.)

    Also, nice to see them not mentioning the segway after the fact (interestingly also near a cut)

  9. I´m going to celebration next year, so yeah, I agree with ; a Tested celebration meet up would be fun.

    Commentaries on all 6 movies? That would make my day 🙂 Just one would be epic. That´s why I have the premium. 🙂

  10. So I googled the thing you didn’t cut . . . and didn’t find anything about it so I’m guessing it’s still not public knowledge. Props to all the guys here for not writing it in the comments either.

  11. So nothing interesting, I figured. But it always makes me really curious what happened when I see all three of you guys jump to a different position in the corner of my eye (I have you guys on my second monitor while I work). 😛

  12. Hello guys. Why was the video removed? Something went wrong? Just looking to see this week episode and…well it appears that it wont be the case…

  13. Well, guess we’re all going to London then next year. 😉
    Ow, and as you can see in previous comments, Will forgot to snip a certain bit out of the podcast, so think he might be doing that now and that it will be up again after that. But don’t know for sure, maybe Will knows more. 🙂

  14. I’m sure everything is under control, as usual. I always see the video, so i’m expecting that every week. Keep up the good work guys, it’s always a pleasure to see this podcast.

  15. Can the already subscribed members get the previous membership perk, that mecha-hand poster! PLEASE 🙂


  16. Adam makes and excellent point about Lucasfilm being very open with their copyrights, and has always been supportive of fan-based costumes and the like. However, Lucasfilm is now owned by Disney — and Disney is the antithesis of this open-mindedness when it comes to copyright infringement. Will this change with Lucasfilm’s new ownership? Any comments anyone….?

  17. “My wife, the first time I whipped it out, was immediately skeptical.” I bet.

    Also, reheating pizza?! Eat it straight out of the fridge!

  18. That depends greatly on the pizza.

    (holds up hands to stop the lynch mob) I know, I know, I speak of heresy to most, but some pizzas are better reheated than cold. It took me years to figure this out.

  19. I actually knew that, my Bond trivia used to be insanely good. Its decayed a bit over the years, though 🙂

  20. Their recent behavior, such as providing builders with original drawings for vehicles and set-pieces, would suggest that LucasFilm of today is, if anything, even more open to working with fans and allowing fan-creations to exist.

    And AFAIK Disney has been fine with all the Marvel props that have been made in the 7 years since Iron Man became the single-most-popular thing on the RPF. I don’t remember any CNDs for suits, helmets, shields, hammers etc.

    Its the honor-system, don’t try to compete with the licensed items and you’ll most likely be fine.

  21. Watch the star wars celebration video about the Episode 7 Speeder build. Seeing how forthcoming they were with information for a prop rebuild from a not yet released movie bodes well for the future. Not to mention the officially sanctioned stormtrooper armour kits.

  22. At last myth busters are going to bust the very rare myth that it is possible to juggle chainsaws while blindfolded and wearing a chewy costume

  23. In for star wars celebration London! Not the biggest star wars fans but would love a Europeside Tested meet up, plus I ordered the Anovos Stormtrooper so might as well 😉

  24. Bond used his watch 2x in GoldenEye– once on the train (later in the movie) and near the beginning to gain access to the Soviet installation.

    –Paul E Musselman

  25. Some general comments:

    re: the ‘enthusiastic discussions’ that don’t get personal: “Jane, you ignorant slut!” Also, I tend to whimper when people comment negatively on things I’ve done (“MY BABY!”).

    re: IP for all– didn’t/doesn’t The Grateful Dead allow recordings to be made in the audience? And their albums still sell!

    re: frying – the oil has to be piping hot – at the hot dog stand we used to crank up the fryer to “high” for a minute or so before plunging in the french-fries. That >KSSSSHHHHHHH< as they hit the oil was the confirmation that they'd come out hot'n'crispy instead of sopping with oil. The Kssssh sealed the pores almost instantly, then they rest of the time they just cooked.

    re: CnD letters– the Far Side ran a cartoon with an ape couple. Mrs. plucked a hair off of Mr., then said “A blond hair! Hanging out with that Goodall tramp again” (or something like that). The lawyers sent a CnD letter; but when National Geographic wanted to use the cartoon in a special issue, they were told about the CnD. NG contacted the Jane Goodall Institute. Jane had loved the cartoon; the lawyers were self-propelled and determined to protect the reputation of Ms. Goodall. The lawyers were put back on their leash!

    –Paul E Musselman

  26. Yup, one of my favourite gadgets.

    As an aside, I always felt the laser watch was painfully underused in the N64 game, only being issued for one level (the train) and not even being necessary to complete the level. In the game you don’t actually cut a hole in the floor, instead you’re meant to use the watch to remove the locks on a hatch. Sadly, I suspect Rareware didn’t trust those who hadn’t seen the film to figure this out, as the locks can be removed using any weapon.

  27. Please don’t talk about food. I didn’t sign up to listen to a bunch of goddamn foodies. Get to the cool stuff already!

  28. UK Star Wars meet up!! I’m in!! Just bought tickets last night.

    I think Disney knows to leave it alone. I think they’re just in it for the money, and Star Wars makes money by keeping the fans happy. Everything still feels very Lucas-y, imo and I suspect the biggest difference will be the Disney logo at the start of the movie (that, and an even bigger crap load of merch)

    Where I live pizza needs a reheat – but I prefer reheated pizza to be all soft and squishy from the microwave

  29. I live in London and always feel a little left out so……… Tested party in London next year. YES PLEASE! 🙂 and if not London is still awesome, you’ll love it.

  30. I can agree with disliking a movie but It always gets me that they dismiss the pre-quels so much ease. I dont think they are great but there is still a lot of good stuff to take from them.

    I would expect better but sure enough, every time Star Wars is mentioned, they immediately bad mouth some of the films. Its well past 2002 to jump on that bandwagon.

  31. The unauthorized commentaries are great. Please do more. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, whatever.

    Remember thethe imfamous Austin episode? Adam doing Doughnuts in Tom Sax’s tricked out police cruiser and being stopped by Austins finest. Will cut out a key turn of the story and came back in on a huge laugh. It still angers me 😉

    I think I cursed audibly when that happened.

  32. So if you are going to star wars celebration will you go for all three days or just one ? I would very much like to visit this, but at the same time meet all of you like a lot of people have said so it would be good to know what day I should go if possible.

  33. I hope some of the internal monologue survives the screenplay process, stuff like

    ” It runs on a lithium thyanol chloride non-rechargeable battery, I figured that out from some subtle clues, the thickness of the wire, the shape of the connectors and the fact that it had LITHIUM THYANOL CHLORIDE NON-RECHARGEABLE written on it” it was not only humorous, clever and it showed his personality and the fact that his personality is what saved him, not just his science and space training. If they try to make it an awe fest non-humorous graphics showcase, I dont think it will work matt damon is a better serious with little jokes here and there type actor. Paul Ruud or a cynical type comic would work but it would be hard to take them serious so I think its easier to make a serious actor funny with editing instead of a funny actor serious. This is the problem I think Ant-Man will have.

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