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Daredevil – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 5/12/2015

Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the first five episodes of Netflix’s Daredevil series in relatively spoiler-free fashion on this week’s podcast. Enjoy!

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32 thoughts on “Daredevil – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 5/12/2015

  1. Special thanks to Will for convincing me to keep watching after eps 3! 4/5 are the game changer as he said in the video. Kingpin makes the show!

    I wonder if Cloak and Dagger will make an appearance later in the series!

  2. If you are over 18, I think you should watch 8MM too.
    Its a good movie, just not a happy happy joy joy movie.

  3. There was an episode of Jon Favreau’s Dinner for Five that had both JJ Abrams and Mark Hamill as guests. You should totally watch that. It’s on YouTube.

  4. Loved Daredevil, binged it over 2 nights, anything that was wrong with it was small, (I can’t stand young Matt, Kingpin get’s a bit giant bug in an Edgar suit at some points, Foggy).

    Don’t want to get excited about Star Wars, been burned before, I’ll just watch it when it comes out like any other film.

  5. Kingpin gives Loki a run for his MCU-Villain money, and he’s not even a shapeshifting demigod from outer space!

  6. Is that a custom leather notebook with a Tested logo stamped on it? That is awesome! You guys should do a Show and Tell about it. Or do a small run and sell them in the (slightly lacking) shop. I’d buy a couple in a heartbeat.

  7. Norm, Fraction never wrote Daredevil or Elektra… You’re probably thinking of Brubaker, who wrote Daredevil after Bendis and co-wrote Iron Fist with Fraction. He also did the Captain America stuff that influenced Winter Soldier and gets rave reviews (though I haven’t read any of it).

  8. Hooray, love for Chicago! I know some makers here, but you probably already know more than I do and don’t need my help. 🙂 I’d love to see Tested pieces on the cool stuff going down around here. Do it!

  9. They are not going to let this be a total suck-fest like ‘The Prequels’. Everyone involved in these movies are making sure that doesn’t happen..

  10. The show gets a little slow in the middle as characters just kind of meander around and Matt spends his time brooding or conversing with the priest but it picks up again towards the end. My only issues are;

    The gore – it seems like they added it just because they could. It almost comes off as childish at times. Oh, lets see what gruesome thing we can do!

    King Pin – he came off too quiet and insecure at times. He rarely felt like a vicious criminal mastermind to me.

    Some of it felt too long. Without the time constraints of TV – there was a lot of unfocused more drawn out dialog.

    Most everything else was great and I can’t wait for more.

  11. Adam,

    You once stated that “learning to use a TIG welder was on your bucket list”, are you still planning on doing a series on that subject? I have a new Miller Syncrowave 200 TIG in the garage waiting for me to learn the art of tungsten inert welding, I know you have been busy with other projects but I thought I would request for a status on you TIG welding experiences.

    Keep up the good work, you are my number one source for technology updates and a new found multicopter addiction. This is how we roll when not watching Tested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVjBgv6Tymg

  12. It’s only happening in the YT video. Not the audio version. I’m not sure what the cause of it is either. I certainly haven’t changed any settings since the last time I’ve watched a Still Untitled or This Is Only A Test.

  13. I was really hoping Netflix Daredevil didn’t suck. That series blew me away. I loved it.

    Can’t wait for a Still Untitled episode where they discus the entire first season.

  14. Jetlag, yes, very. Look up “Frank Miller Daredevil” on Amazon and the first three or four books are great. Or pick up Bendis’ run (who wrote Alias at the same time, which is also being made into a Netflix show). Or pick up Mark Waid’s run, which puts the “fun” back into “Daredevil” (yeah, that doesn’t work).

    All of that should also be on comiXology if you prefer digital. And I think it’s on Marvel Unlimited if you just want to pay for a couple months service and binge.

  15. I think I might start a drinking game: one shot for every time someone interrupts Norm, two shots and one loud “Sorry Norm” for every time Will says “Sorry Norm”. Or is it just something I’m disproportionately noticing?

    Definitely going to watch the rest of Daredevil now. Saw the first episode and decided that it wasn’t worth it, but since you guys are so stoked about it, and are going to talk about it some more, I definitely want to be in on the whole thing 🙂

  16. Special thanks to Will for convincing me to keep watching after eps 3! 4/5 are the game changer as he said in the video. Kingpin makes the show!

    I wonder if Cloak and Dagger will make an appearance later in the series!

    I hope they do it here and not on some network TV show. They need to be above a G rating IMO.

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