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Stunts – 3/31/2015

On this week’s episode of Still Untitled, we discuss linguistic differences between Australia and America, Adam’s experience learning to do stunts for Mythbusters, and our favorite stunts from films. Enjoy!

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  1. “Brought to you by tested premium members”

    Best. Ad. Ever.

    Great episode, guys

    On the subject of “Front Bottom Slang”, In Glasgow cunnilingus is referred to as “Growling at the badger”

    F. T. W. ,-)

  2. What is the trailer site Norm mentions? Art of the Trailer? I’m not sure if I’m finding the correct place that he’s talking about.

  3. While not Australian slang, this is about the differences in country’s vernacular. My Dad was a printer by trade, and when in England (where he was born) the procedure of “jogging” (making a ream of paper all level and even) is called “knocking up”. So, my Dad comes to Canada and his first day on the job he asks the foreman, “where the knocking-up table was”….. Laughter ensued.

  4. Curiosity question–what was the reflection of blinking lights in the upper left hand corner of the video during the podcast?

  5. On the subject of Bourne stunts, I once submitted through the DiscoChan website that the ‘busters should test whether landing on a corpse can significantly cushion a fall (stairway escape scene). A bad day for a pig corpse = a good day for Mythbusting!

  6. It looks to be an LED Hypnocube like the one that Will and Norm built a few months back during the “Month of Builds”

  7. Here’s my tangential connection to the Podcast – I have been bungee jumping AND I did it in Australia! It was 25 years ago when I was much, much more daring than I am now and I did it on a total lark – I was in Kuranda, just north of Cairns and I had taken a steam train up to Kuranda Falls and there was a Genie lift in the parking lot with a big sign that said “Kuranda Bungee – $25” and I went for it! It was a total adrenaline rush and I’ll never do it again but I’m glad I did it back then 🙂

  8. LOL. Yes, and there are many words and phrases
    different here from there. A convenience
    store is an “off-license”, chips are crisps, fries are chips, a line is a
    queue, a cell phone is a mobile, the movies is (are) the cinema, a flashlight
    is a torch, etc.

  9. the only thing i really retained from one semester of arabic at uni was that the difference in arabic between a highly affectionate appelation (qalbī, my heart) and a very very very bad profanity (kalbī, my dog), is that one of them features a consonant that requires a good bit of practise for non native speakers.

    of course, the fail state is that you call your beloved a dog, not the other way round.

  10. You can light up a fag without offending the LGBT community!

    And don’t skip to the loo unless it’s not urgent…

    –Paul E Musselman

  11. I enjoyed the podcast as always. The 8 year old inside me is jumping up and down about the object on the floor in front of Chewbacca. It looks like the control panel from the briefing room of the original Star Trek. I hope you’ll do a bit on it some time.

  12. Even as an Australian, I hadn’t heard of Coit before now. So that’s why there’s a character “Russell Coight” the outback explorer. For over the top Strine, check out Star Wars Down Under.

  13. Born and raised in Australia, lived here my entire life (31 years). Never heard any of these euphemisms before. Maybe it’s a regional thing?

  14. Speaking of Australia , can you please have Adam comment on the Danger 5 series. As a hilarious spoof of action t.v shows from the 60’s and 70’s it features loads of models, practical effects, great props, even a little stop motion. That show is a goldmine of talent and creativity.

  15. As pointed out by other viewers, the reflection of the lights in the top left corner as well as the “switch panel” in the bottom right are interesting. I love the content in these podcasts, but can’t help but to focus on the random stuff in Adam’s shop!

  16. Just a little mention, giving up watching trailers is one of the best things I have ever done! I enjoy films so much more and I can honestly sit and watch every movie with virgin eyes…

  17. I was just in the middle of watching this playlist (on-and-off over a few days) – think y’all will enjoy it, considering the topic of this podcast: Top 10 Movie Fights

    Hope that link works, this editor is kinda weird in my browser… no embedding etc.

    Also, I’d just like to second the sentiment that the Bourne movies have great stunt work – holy crap, they set a standard for in-your-face style action that I find few other movies can match. Even the “Taken” movies, better known as “Liam Neeson punches everything and shoots the rest” though they are, are bland by comparison. The Mini street chase in Paris in “The Bourne Identity” is utterly brilliant…. “- tires felt a little splashy on the way over…” VROOOOM!

    Bee-tee-dubs, I’ve heard that some people think Zoe Bell did the motorcycle stunt work for Carrie-Ann Moss in “Reloaded” – and I bet she could but that was, of course, Debbie Evans.

  18. My one problem with the Bourne movies is that Parisian car chase!
    The audio is dreadful to the point of utterly destroying the willing suspension of disbelief, sounds like they used a Hayabusa tricked out bike engine revving to about 15,000 rpm for the audio, but in a bog standard mini the crankshaft would get out and walk at about 6,000, and anyone who ever been in an Issigonis mini would know there is an utterly characteristic sound to the exhaust – which is nothing at all like a Japanese crotch rocket.

    Also having owned a few minis, I’m pretty sure it has a standard 4 speed box, not the 27-odd speed box fitted to the bourne car judging by the number of change ups – actually change downs, but hollywood never learned the difference – it’s making more noise, so it must be going faster.

    I know this is pretty standard practice for hollywood, but it seemed exceptionally heinous in this example. not least as jason bourne asked if it was well maintained and the tyres were good before setting off on the chase, why not ask if it had a 500+ horses under the bonnet and a 27 speed dog box?

    You may have guessed this is one of my pet peeves, sound fx guys do some absolutely fantastic work in films, but seems they always get over-ruled on car chases.
    Apart from that I thought the series was pretty spot on.

  19. My favorite stunts are from silent comedies – Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Roscoe Arbuckle, Charlie Chaplin. I think that most of the stunts were done without safety harnesses and bags.

  20. Oh, you’re totally right about the sound – friend of mine had a Mini Cooper, which did not, in fact, rev at a hundred million, nor did it have a 20-speed gear box. The reason this particular case of sound mismatch doesn’t cramp my suspension of belief too hard is that the soundtrack during it is also awesome. Don’t know the track name but I love how it works with the chase.

    Sound design is a category onto itself, and yes, bad sound design can definitely challenge (or even ruin) a good stunt or other scene. My pet peeve is probably gunfire sounds – though not because I demand they always be fully realistic, just that they fit.

    For example, dubbing the report of a minigun over The Joker’s swedish K in “Dark Knight” works super-well, as does the twin-cannon sound of Arnold’s 10-gauge from “Terminator II”. On the other hand I cringe every time a “silenced” weapon goes “pfft” or chink”, which the Bourne series is also guilty of. Or when they use the same sound effect for assault rifles and submachine guns, even though one may fire almost twice as fast in real life (“it’s a machine gun, it goes ra-ta-ta-ta-ta..!”).

    – oh, and it irks me whenever someone says “I know what a gunshot sounds like”, because no, you do not; a gunshot sounds like a loud bang, and so does a whole lot of other things.

  21. I think it’s from Star Trek’s version of Heinlein’s “Puppet Masters.”

    –Paul E Musselman

  22. Did Adam work on Weebo for Flubber or did he just love the animatronics/model? I noticed it in the cabinet. It took me quite a while to figure out where I knew it from. I loved that movie as a kid. I believe it is part of the reason I am a maker and became a mechanical engineer.

    Also did Adam build his own LED cube or buy a pre-built one? I noticed it in the reflection in the cabinet glass. I could see him loving the challenge of the build and the attention to detail and precision required to build it.

  23. Movie trailers have begun using what I would call a duplicitous method to attract viewers: they show footage in the trailer that IS NOT IN THE FINAL CUT OF THE MOVIE! The one example I can think of, off the top of my head (it will make me seem perverted) was from that movie with Paul Rudd and Jen Aniston, Wanderlust; where they end up at a commune, of sorts. In the trailer, they show what appears to be the end of an all girl three-some, featuring Jen Aniston! That scene was not in the movie!! I’m sure others out there have witnessed similar things in other trailers!

    Speaking of Dar Robinson: I’ll never forget the episode of That’s Incredible, where Dar goes off the top of the CN Tower in Toronto, with nothing but a wire rig strapped to him; that was insane! It’s too bad that his life wad cut short by an untimely motorcycle accident, that had nothing to do with a stunt ;(

  24. I think it’s from Star Trek’s version of Heinlein’s “Puppet Masters.”

    –Paul E Musselman

    Actually, according to this site, http://tosgraphics.yuku.com/topic/371/TOS-Computer-props-REVISED-and-in-HD#.VR3w5-G6s4R, this is a “Computer Type 4A, model Gamma.” Adam’s is a Type 4A, model Beta. There were 3 type 4A computers used in the series, and one 4B, model Alpha (later reconfigured as model Beta). They appeared in various episodes.

    –Paul E Musselman

  25. Listening in the car to Adam and Will’s “Australianisms”. As a 48 year old Australian, I’ve never heard a single one of them. Ever. Maybe they’re highly regional, but I doubt it. Furthermore, although we have our fair share of morons, a guy who called out something like that to a woman in the street would be utterly shunned as a social pariah.

    As for Will’s subsequent line about all Australians being descended from convicts…

    The British sent convicts to Australia between 1788 and 1868. Most of these people didn’t commit acts which would even be misdemeanors in modern times: the British were terrified about the “lower classes” uprising, as they perceived had happened in France. Deportation was about social control, not criminal “justice”.

    If you actually apply critical thinking, Australia is second only to Antarctica for the 19th century British to send people to in sailing ships. So why did they send them here?

    Simple: because between 1610 and 1770 they send them to North America. Apparently you had some minor disagreement with them, and they couldn’t send convicts there anymore, even though it was much more convenient to do so.

    Simply by the laws of probability, the chance of a US citizen having an ancestor sent from the British Isles to the North American Colonies as a convict is significantly higher than in Australia.

    So Will, I know it’s a word association game for “Australia” and “convicts”, and a throw-away comment. You were born in rural USA: should I make comments about plucking banjos and marrying cousins? Of course not: it would be offensive. But so was what you said.

  26. I always think it’s hilarious when I see the Mythbusters go to MR. S Leather – like the time Kari bought a rubber fisting dildo to make a hand for a robot.

  27. Hard Target is such an incredible film…

    It’s literally incredible. It’s not credible.

    And I love it.

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