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Questions From the Past – 3/17/2015

Adam, Norm, and Will take your questions in a previously lost episode of Still Untitled, recorded on October 26, 2014. Sorry about the blank video.

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24 thoughts on “Questions From the Past – 3/17/2015

  1. Perfect moment to use the hand puppets.. haha. Although I guess recording a 40 minute episode with them is never going to happen.. hehe

  2. We could not have slow motion corgis or random extra quadrocopter things or cosplay slide show from photos that Norm has taken in the past?

  3. I wanted to add an answer to the last question as a maker myself. I have at the moment around 7 projects in my line up but besides being a maker like you guys, I have a normal job that makes me money, so that I can make things. So for my I work around my job and my social life of course.

    But the tipping point for me is usually do I have the time and the space, like my TearDrop Trailer I built this winter. I decided about a year ago that I needed a camping trailer but I did not wanna spend the money on one, so I was going to build my own. Once I got my garage cleared enough I just went into “go mode”. What I wanted to be a winter long project I ended up plowing through in 5 weeks. But then again, I have other projects that have been sitting half done that just need to be finished.

    BTW here is a photo of my Winter Project just to share. This was a from scratch build with a lot of reused materials including the boat trailer frame I started from. All total this build cost me $735. It has a 6’3″ X 46″ sleeping quarter and a kitchenette in the rear.

  4. Spoiler Alert, your explanation of mixing plaster contains revealing a plot point to the season 4 finale of Lost. (‘Eventually the island will disappear”)

  5. Theres quite a bit more to making stuff from metal than just securing the form, 3d printed metals would have all the same issues as 3d printed plastic in terms of anisotropic behaviour(like wood grain), which we don’t generally encounter with metals. Plus the thermal behaviour of plastic as it transits from liquid to solid is waaaay more simple than for an alloy, like steel – it is an alloy, honest – which can have entirely different material properties depending on the rate of cooling… which for FDM is a) hard to control and b) not the same for different layers.

    that said, casting has it’s own issues in terms of material properties too :-s

  6. One of the things that the best things ever heard was to take free online courses to find what you really like to study, That if you have to drive to finish a class that is free and do well that you probably like it enough to continue on. EdX is a fantastic source for free classes.

  7. They should crowd source it. Next time this happens split it into 1 minute segments and give those 1 minute clips to the users to film, animate, puppeteer, etc.

  8. I totally agree. 3d metal printing still has its limitations but also offers many opportunities. As for weaknesses of the print it may be leveled in the design. Note that already 3d metal printing parts are used in aerospace industry (mainly with the use of titanium)

  9. They could do some basic animatronics with servos in each puppet, then use software that analyses each persons audio channel and moves when there is noise.

  10. Is it possible to maybe roll video sometime on the plaster mixing technique? I’m one of the few people in the world who likes Ikea instructions because they are wonderfully visual …

  11. You guys mentioned community college as an option to get the 100 and 200 level classes out of the way. As someone who did this I would caution against it. I found that the path through community college much more difficult to navigate than a four year school where everyone is marching toward graduation.

    The students in a community college are there for many reasons and it seemed like a lot of them had no interest in actually getting a degree and moving on to something else. Many were there so they could stay on their parents health care, others didn’t know what they wanted and bounced in and out of classes and semesters, others were adults who would take a class here and there because it was interesting. It is not like you come in with a class and 4 or 5 years later everyone is moving on to something else. It was very easy to lose your way in the community college I had multiple fights with the counselors to try and figure out what courses I needed to take because they did not seem to care about helping me. Staying focused on graduating was by far the hardest part of the community college experience. Also, the community college I went to had guaranteed admission into most 4 year schools in the state and the guy whose sole job (as far as I could tell) it was to sign the form to make that happened didn’t know about the program. That experience was fairly typical of everyone from the registrars office to the counselors.

    I also found the quality of the teachers to be highly variable. I had one of the best biology teachers I have ever had (I am now almost done with a PhD in biology) and one of the worst history teachers I have ever had (she said that black people voted mostly for the democratic party because after the civil war when free slaves were moving out of the south they would get to whatever city and the city bosses would tell them that they had to vote for the democrats). The teachers were either fantastic or hot garbage and about in a 1:1 ratio.

  12. If you want to have a cheap college experience (and don’t mind moving) consider studying in Sweden, they only take a token charge since all the colleges are driven by the government. Also everyone speaks English and most if not all classes are available in English.

    Other than that, when it comes to jobs the degree itself is usually more important than the actual type of degree. The magical paper proves that to some level you are a person that can learn, find and process information.

    I took a masters degree in mechanical engineering and while I am working with designing a lot of industrial machines and equipment there was SO much i had only a brief idea about. I need to learn every day to do my job right, and so does my 60 year old colleagues.

    So study something your interested in and after a year or two you start figuring out how to puzzle that into a degree.

  13. Actually, as of a couple of years ago the goverment has changed the rules around tuition. Now the yearly fee for international students is somewhere around 80000-140000 sek. For swedes its still free.

    EU members dont pay tuition fees either. ‘

    The rules were sadly changed in 2011.

  14. Yeah, but you can drop classes early if you figure out the teacher doesn’t know what they are doing. Using a CC for what you can get out of it on the cheap like getting generals out of the way or figuring out what you really want to do, or don’t want to do for that matter.

  15. Adam, don’t be shy , please post any progress , stages of your falcon build as you progress throughout the process, lots of falcon nuts currently building 32inch falcons over on rpf , while ours are based on hasbro’s toy they require a lot of scratchbuilding to make accurate, it would be brilliant to tag along with your build . Cannot wait to see your problem solving on it !

  16. My solution for storage is to use stackable milk crates of different colors. I’ve mounted casters on the bottom so that the entire stacking unit can travel easily. The advantages are that it is inexpensive, mobile, durable, color coded, can be used as a step when step stools are not around. Follow the link for more info:


  17. Lazy….should have had a show this week and then offered this as Audio Only, lost footage. Ahh, my first disappointment of Tested.

  18. One thing I want to comment on about the college thing – be careful about how many hours you wind up with. I took classes from 4 different colleges while getting two degrees in Music, Thankfully no one caught the fact that I had 220+ hours until I graduated, but most state colleges have a maximum number of hours after which you have to pay out of state tuition.

    And when it comes to going to college – know what you want to get out of it. I got a bachelors in Jazz not because I’m a huge jazz fan, but because if you’ve got the chops to deal with jazz, then you can play anything.

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