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The 2015 Academy Awards – 2/24/2015

This week, Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the Oscars. Mild spoilers for Birdman and Boyhood are included.

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  1. You could make a baymax costume out of a fan inflated suit and some lights

    Norm was gabbling away at the beginning like his head was too full.

  2. I just think of Lady Gaga in cosplay all the time and it keeps my mind at ease… and considering the fan+maker aspects of Adam and Norm, maybe that context will help them too. 🙂

  3. Directors guild, producers guild, sag awards, wga, afi, spirit, Saturn, bafta, kids choice, teen choice, people’s choice, critics’ choice, MTV movie awards, etc., etc., and etc.

    Guess who’s not watching rich people pat themselves on the back……..again. 😀

    Besides Competitions and Awards give the presenter credibility and power not the recipient. Thats why they exist and it’s total B.S. anyway.

  4. After I had about a year with limited to no internet connection. I came back to the land of the living online and binged all my favourite podcasts. And now I can say for sure, that this is my favourite podcast. Even beating out Stuff you should know. Good work boys, always interested to hear what you have to say.

  5. I watched Jupiter Ascending without having seen The Theory of Everything and I was exceedingly impressed with Redmayne as the antagonist. He seemed to be the only real character in the entire movie. I’m not normally a big drama/biopic film watcher, but I have to see The Theory of Everything to see how great he can be surrounded by a superior film as well.

  6. A couple of corrections on how the Academy nominates and votes for the Oscars. For the nominations, every member gets a ballot to nominate for Best Picture. The rest of the nominations are made by the individual Academy branches; actors nominate actors, directors nominate directors, visual effects members nominate for visual effects, etc. For the final voting every member gets to vote in every category, regardless of whether or not they’ve seen all the films (although having seen all the films is encouraged). Prior to last year, in order to vote on the Animated, Live Action and Documentary short films, as well as the feature length and Foreign Language films, members had to attend special Academy screenings and see all the nominees before being able to vote. But since so many members live in cities other than Los Angeles and could not attend the screenings, starting last year the Academy sent out special screening DVDs of these films to us members and opened up the final voting to everyone.

  7. Ok, nothing to do with this weeks podcast but this is the only place I know that Adam might read.

    Anyway, I read the Motor Trend article on Adam this week and in it he says he will likely have to sell his Toyota because he doesn’t have the time or space for it anymore. I also remember him talking about it on the podcast a while ago about how much he loved it and had always wanted one.

    Well I might have a solution for his problem that could even be a great build project for the site. A company called RC4WD has just released a highly detailed scale RC Land Cruiser kit (http://store.rc4wd.com/Gelande-II-Truck-Kit-wCruiser-Body-Set_p_4348.html). The level of realism and customization in scale RC trail trucks these days astounding. For example take a look at this build thread of this very truck on URC by a guy named Pardonmyn00b: http://www.ultimaterc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=219214

    I would love to see Adam’s take on something like this. With his skills I’m sure it would be amazing. Plus, you get a fun driveable Toyota that doesn’t really take up much time or space.

  8. Disgusted that Princess Kaguya didn’t win best animated. It was by far the best of the nominated films and added to that, Isao Takahata probably will not make another film before he dies and Studio Ghibli probably won’t make another film either. On top of that Hayao Miyazaki received his lifetime achievement statue and I very much doubt Takahata is going to receive one of those.

    I have to admit I didn’t “get” Birdman. I thought it was made very well and acted well but what the ending and what Iñárritu was trying to tell me I have no idea. I caught some theatre vs film and criticism on the current trend of CGI-heavy comic book films but other than that… The ending felt overlay drawn out as well.

    Watched Kingsman today and thought it was kind of disappointing. The way the fight scenes were shot did not do the choreography any favours. In typical Millar fashion things gets turned up to 11 near the end and that was pretty funny but overall I left the theatre kind of let down. Kick-Ass 1 was much better.

  9. I read somewhere, that the ending of Birdman would have been Johnny Depp taking off his Captain Jack Sparrow costume in his changing room saying ” How did we end up here…” making an infinite loop of the movie. What do you guys think about that? Would have been a better ending in your opinion?

  10. Sorry, but aside from the opening number, I thought that Neil did a mediocre job as host of The Oscars. Whether that was the crappy jokes, his parlor trick, or the audience that laughed at very little of his jokes. He is better at hosting things like The Tony’s with all of their elaborate musical numbers scattered throughout that show..

  11. Holy crap, someone needs to pull out the audio clip of Will saying “the pecker guy” at 24:13 and put that in an intro.

  12. Guys, do you watch the Tony awards? NPH has hosted quite a few times and does absolutely wonderful opening numbers for them.

  13. And add to it the start of him talking about Birdman “The pecker guy… agh agh, I was a wreck by the end”… :p

  14. NPH on Mythbusters. Him and Adam breaking into a song and dance number. Jamie just sits in the background shaking his head.

  15. Studio Ghibli is still making films, even Miyazaki. He said he’d do animation until he died. Ghibli has closed its animation offices. This is because it couldn’t afford to pay workers in between projects. The studio will still hire them on as freelancers when Miyazaki or another director has an idea.

  16. Even if the studio does, the chance of Isao Takahata making another film, let alone getting another shot at an Academy Award is tiny small.

    But even ignoring all that, Kaguya was still snubbed.

  17. Kingsman is amazing, even the parts that Norm was hinting at. Go see it.

    Also, glad Birdman won over Boyhood. I’m probably the only one on the other side on that movie.

  18. I really couldn’t pay attention to what they were talking about. My eyes were fixed on the terminator with the alien-baby on its face… Just imagine that mash-up!

  19. The only reason the oscars are such a big deal is that they are in America. Looking at American sporting events and the show they put on it is easy to see where the Oscars fit into the razzmatazz. There are countless award shows for the entertainment industry. Do they publish a list of criteria they look for in a best film/actor/s score etc.. Or is it down to the opinion of a few?

  20. Is it possible for y’all to talk about something without the obligatory white male guilt. I mean, NPH is a white male, and I’m okay with that. Michael Keaton is a white male, and I’m cool with that. J.K. Simmons is a white male, and that doesn’t bother me a bit. I mean should we enforce affirmative action at the Oscars and make sure that some percentage of non-white males receive nominations and awards every year? I mean, what is the belly-aching intending to accomplish? Awareness that there are white men in the world?

    I mean, oddly enough, the whole cast of Mythbusters are white men (especially since the 1 female and 1 Asian left). With the exception of Norm (stay strong my Asian brother), practically all of Tested.com are white men. Who knew? Hell, even the majority of the guests on the “This is Only a Test” podcast are white men. I mean, you could even re-name Octoberkast to “White Men-tober-kast.”

    And you know, I actually don’t care. Shocking, I know. It’s your podcast. I figure you’ll invite whoever the heck you want to be on it. Makes sense to me.

    I mean, I don’t watch the Academy Awards (I don’t think I’ve watched them since I was in High School), but when 12 Years a Slave was awarded Best Picture last year and Selma was in the running for best picture this year (and Mr. Ejiofor was nominated for best actor last year) I have a hard time seeing the “Oh the Oscars are so racist” angle. So what was the answer? Someone non-white needs to be nominated in every single category? Every year? Regardless? Color me confused.

    So please, next time you talk about some sort of major (or even minor) event, consider skipping the “White Male” spiel? We get it. You guys don’t like White Males. That’s cool, but enough already.

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