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On Touring and Reality TV – 01/06/2015

Adam, Norm, and Will are joined by Frank Ippolito to discuss high school reunions, Adam’s recently completed Behind the Myths tour, and reality TV shows. Enjoy!

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42 thoughts on “On Touring and Reality TV – 01/06/2015

  1. Great episode. really enjoyed insights on Face Off. While I’m not a huge fan of competitive reality shows, I really enjoyed watching Face Off for the cool effects and builds.

  2. I also really enjoyed hearing Frank’s thoughts on his Face/Off experiences. I had the opportunity to chat with Frank about it briefly at the meet & greet at the Castro Theater after the live Tested Show back in October. The way they edited that first season of Face/Off unfairly painted him in a bad light and I am so glad that we have gotten to learn way more about what an awesome talent Frank is from his many contributions to Tested.com

  3. When mentioned the pictures of the Dodo he took, it reminded me of a question: how do you go about storing and organizing your photos?

    Do you have a single massive library on your computer? Do you spread it across various external storage areas (external drives, NAS, etc.)? I ask because I started shooting in RAW and my photo library is ballooning in size.

  4. If anyone is interested in dinosaurs in Alberta, the place to go is the Royal Tyrell museum in Drumheller, Alberta. It’s about an hour to 90 minute drive from Calgary, the collection is incredible, there are outdoor exhibits as much as indoor… Very fascinating museum. http://www.tyrrellmuseum.com

  5. Great podcast yet again! Really like it when Frank is on the podcast, even when it’s a tad bit TMI. 😉

    Ow and please do bring the show to Europe, especially the Netherlands. 😉 Even better, combine it with Tested going through Europe, that would be awesome!

  6. Please come visit Norway. Prettyplease. With sugar on top.

    Finally got chromecast working properly this week, and I have to say, it was almost like sitting at the table with the podcast displayed on my livingroom wall.

  7. Having heard so much about the Behind the Myths show, it would be fab for you guys to travel Europe and show it off. Good excuse for various Tested reader meet-ups as well.

    If museums were more open to volunteers helping clean and prep items in their archives, I would adore helping them out. Getting to uncover and help preserve or replicate actual dinosaur bones would be fantastic!

  8. Great episode guys, and I hope the prediction of 50 shows in 2015 comes true 🙂 Tuesday just isn’t the same without Still Untitled.

  9. When mentioned the pictures of the Dodo he took, it reminded me of a question: how do you go about storing and organizing your photos?

    Do you have a single massive library on your computer? Do you spread it across various external storage areas (external drives, NAS, etc.)? I ask because I started shooting in RAW and my photo library is ballooning in size.

    A discussion about how Adam organises his creative projects folders would be a great Still Untitled podcast episode! I want to know if he uses a cloud system or what to organise his mind after seeing the way he is passionate about organising his workspace!

  10. I wonder if Adam and the gang have seen “Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge”? I hate reality shows but this one was pretty good.

  11. What a great podcast… I love hearing about Adams Dodo again… hope to see both the final Dodo projects completed (a dead Dodo, that’s so great).

  12. absolutely +1 on having adam (and will and norm and everyone else, really) share their expertise on project management/data organisation. the more the better. maybe that would even be enough for a series of articles.

    if it’s any consolation, re the editing of reality tv and its effect on perception: i only saw you on tested and would be hard pressed to imagine a more approachable and generous professional.

  13. re: museums and casting bones-

    I hope they’re switching to 3D printing– no more problems with undercuts and 5-part molds to get the bone out of the mold and still have a mold! Plus, they’d then have a digital 3D model suitable for making creatures for more Jurassic Park movies!

    –Paul E Musselman

  14. re: disk space– Repeat after me: “Disk space is cheap!” Whether you have internal or external disk drives, never re-save anything at lower resolution to save space! And never re-save a JPG because you flipped it or cropped it– you’ll always lose bits. Re-save in a lossless format (ie photoshop or paintshop).

    And always make a 2nd copy on a different disk drive! And store that 2nd copy off-line!

    –Paul E Musselman

  15. Not sure if it interests Adam but a number of years ago I was a volunteer at Melbourne Museum (Australia) and they actually asked a number of us to help in an exhibit they set up which was people cleaning fossils, or more accurately, sorting through material brought back from a dig in order to hopefully find some (I believe it was) marsupial fossils along with I think it was crocodile fossils. Essentially we were helping in some research to find out if certain animals would show up where they expected them to. Prior to that as a “Friend of the Zoo” (a membership program for the three main zoos of Melbourne) we had an opportunity to help on a Fossil dig. So occasionally crowd sourcing for fossil hunting/cleaning does occur.

  16. Loved the mention of the southern people topic. And yes, even though I’m more a fan of tested than of mythbusters, I’d definitely come over if you come to Europe. Maybe the community can then organize a tested meetup somewhere easy for everyone 🙂

  17. Thinking about Adam’s Dodo, this is one of my favorite talks about birds and skeletons. This talk is from Zoologist Mike Dickison, ” when I was in the early stages of my PhD, I gave a joke presentation at a graduate student conference on the taxonomy and evolution of Big Bird.”

    What, if Anything, is Big Bird

  18. Found it interesting Masterchef was mentioned. Were I live we get both Masterchef Australia and Masterchef USA. For those of you who haven’t seen both they are poles apart. I saw the Australian version first which is fun, jokey and supportive despite being a serious competition. I was then shocked when I saw the USA version. It was snarky, cruel and aggressive. I could only watch 2 episodes until I felt too bad to watch the way these people were behaving. (I have enjoyed some other of Gorden Ramsey’s shows). I have no idea if you can get Masterchef Australia in the US but try to watch a couple of episodes if you can. The difference is amazing. From what was described in the podcast the Adult version in Australia is similar to the Junior Masterchef in the USA.

  19. For anyone who enjoys reality show with less stress and negativity like Junior Masterchef, I implore you to watch Masterchef Australia and Junior Masterchef Australia! It is the same underlying theme of comradery. The competitors want to do their best, while also wanting their peers to succeed in a way that is foreign to North American television.

  20. I am from Nebraska and I am glad that you liked Omaha. I would have came to the show, but I was in Omaha for State Mock Trial. Hopefully I will get an opportunity to see the show or have a chance to meet you someday. Great podcast by the way. The conversation was very intriguing. Always looking forward to hearing more!

  21. Hey guys, I loved the discussion about cleaning the dinosaur bones and doing that really really fine work like scraping off all the casting and what not. I just wanted to add that a lot of natural science museums will use volunteers to do this work. I volunteer at the Philadelphia Museum of Natural Science in the Paleolab. I have no background in paleontology but I’ve always love dinosaurs and after talking to another volunteer during a visit, I signed up. I spend my free Saturdays carefully scrapping away the cast that they cover the bones in order to transport. If your local museum doesn’t offer this kind of hands on work, its also wonderfully fun to stand amongst the exhibit to answer questions that the visitors may have.


  22. A wonderful reality show that has zero drama edited into it is StripSearch by Penny Arcade. It’s a show about web cartoonists trying to win a year plugged into the Penny Arcade webcomic empire. I highly suggest watching it!

  23. Yes! Come to Sweden. 🙂

    And while you’re so close, drive your trucks onto a ferry and do a show in Finland too!

  24. I listen all the time. I love it. It’s fascinating to learn about different things. The Ultimate Toolbox episode was one of my favorites.

  25. I have two Late Archaic stone axes that I am going to cast in the coming weeks. They were found stacked in a shovel test on a archaeological survey in East Texas last fall. Any ideas on how not to damage them with a release spray? I do not really want to put clear spray on them because I am not sure I can get all of it off.

  26. For the people who like the Masterchef junior series, but dislike the regular show. Just watch the Australian version of Masterchef, it’s a complete different experience. Minimal tv-drama and all about the cooking, with some good tips for the amateur chef. For me the perfect show in the cooking/entertainment genre.

  27. A video where you guys would do dinosaur bone casting stuff with dinosaur bone dudes would be awesome.

    Please bring the tour to Europe!

  28. i love that version of kitchen nightmares been a fan for a very long time over 5+ years of the BBC version. the vegetarian restaurant episode with the girl she actually went on to be an award winning chef in the UK and is now renowned for her skills and i think may have won a Micheline Star and now has her own restaurant and is making killer food

    the episode is called Piccolo Teatro and the girl or may i say lady or chef’s name that Gordon took back to London is India Innes she will be 29 this year

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